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TV Meme Update: Favorite characters with almost nothing in common

Day 14 - Favorite male character: Jim Halpert, no contest.  Which is particularly impressive given that I latch onto male characters in general much more than female characters. 

(look, I'm even using season 2 Jim so you can't get your hate on!)

He is the ideal guy in every possible way, starting with the part where he lives in Scranton.  And bought his childhood home.  And has been connected to flea markets/yard sales/estate sales on at least three separate occasions (also apple-picking, and other joyful pursuits).  He's personable and makes friends with everybody (unless given even mild authority, which activates Everybody Hates Jim mode and merely causes him to embarrass himself).  And he spent years pining quietly, before making Grand Romantic Gestures.  Oh!  His hair is also ideal.  Bonus: if you have a really annoying coworker or two, he'll put their things in Jello, throw their cell phone up into the ceiling panels, and mess with their desk in every possible way (hiding it in the bathroom, replacing it with a cardboard-under-wrapping-paper version, stealing it for use in MegaDesk...)

But generally speaking, as a character, he appeals to me with a combination of charm, general hilarity most often expressed through smirking and/or eyebrow lifts, and mostly the fact that Pam (and I suppose Cecilia now, too) is his entire world.  As fond as I am of various Hotly Protective guys in law enforcement or otherwise, I like that he's an ordinary person with an ordinary life. 

Day 15 - Favorite female character
Thanks to that 100 Awesome Female Characters list I made, this was a much harder choice.  There are a good 7-10 strong contenders for this position, yet none of them overwhelmingly lead the pack.  After a complicated mathematical formula and a healthy dose of gut instinct, I'm going with...
Rachel Berry (Glee)

I know, she's new - barely a year on the scene - and you'd think I'd have more loyalty than that (Amita!  Rose Tyler!), but I keep coming back to her.  I know people dislike her, but I absolutely cannot fathom such a thing.  Other than voluntarily spending one-on-one time with Puck, I cannot think of one single thing she's done that truly annoyed me.  Bright-eyed and of vivacious personality, her presence on my screen mostly adds an ethereal glow which I have determined is visible, tangible joy. 

Besides being gorgeous, with fabulous hair and a singing voice to match, she has all these insecurities and self-esteem issues that her confidence in her musical talent can't begin to cover.  She's manic about being a star, but driving that dream is a desire to be liked and accepted, which makes her incredibly sympathetic and endearing.  Especially when everybody turns on her, as they frequently do.  Pretty sure I identify with her so much because she's essentially a prettier and more outgoing version of me.  How can I not love that?

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