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Memes: all this LJ has become.

From aries11 : Comment and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your Livejournal with your favorite films of theirs.

Imma be IMDB-ing this sucker all over the place, naturally, as I am at a complete loss for titles with some of these people.  Your challenge now is to figure out whether I picked my favorites because they're truly my favorites, or because I had very few options to choose from.

Orlando Bloom: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.  

Freddie Prinze, Jr.: I might have seen I Know What You Did Last Summer once upon a time?  My memory is very fuzzy.  That's it, though.  He's best known to me for TV work and being Sarah Michelle Gellar's husband of a shockingly long time.  

Pierce Brosnan: Mrs. Doubtfire or Dante's Peak.  

Robert Downey, Jr.: I have never seen one of his movies!  *shock* Apparently all my love comes straight from his time on Ally McBeal.

Gary Sinise: Forrest Gump

Samuel L. Jackson: Jurassic Park

Kurt Russell: The Fox and the Hound.  Apparently he was the voice of Adult Copper, and apparently, I have not seen anything else - although Dreamer is on my to-watch list!

Morgan Freeman: ...Evan Almighty.  You can revoke my good-taste license any time now.  Um, also, I saw the first 25 minutes of Driving Miss Daisy once?  If I had finished it, that would probably be my #1 pick.

Mike Myers: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.  Now I feel unclean.

Ewan McGregor: never seen him

Minnie Driver: never seen her

Meryl Streep: ...what the hell, how I have never seen a Meryl Streep movie?!  Apparently I just have a long queue of Streep movies I would *like* to see.

Anna Paquin: Fly Away Home

Scarlett Johansson: The Nanny Diaries.  I hate the fact that she stars in all these amazing movies when I can't stand her.

Kirsten Dunst: Jumanji.  Bring it On.  Mona Lisa Smile.  UGH, I like her face even less than ScarJo's, but she's in twice as many great films.  Unfair.

Isla Fischer: Definitely, Maybe (!!!!)

Rachel Leigh Cook: The Babysitters Club, both by default and because it was fun. 

Maggie Smith: In a head to head between Harry Potter (take your pick) and Sister Act, there is no winning.  

Emmy Rossum: never seen her

Amanda Bynes: What a Girl Wants.  But I adore her and all her work, so what is this BS news about her quitting acting?

This meme made me feel inadequate.  I am starting to think I have only seen about 200 movies in my life.  To my credit, at least I know who everyone is?  Kurt Russell threw me for a loop, but I just hadn't connected the name the face.  And maybe I am incapable of remembering what Ewan McGregor looks like and always think he is the dad from Everwood.  But mostly, I know my celebrities... 

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show
Terrible "reality" shows on VH1; specifically, pretty much anything that spun off Flavor of Love (except Rock of Love).  Starting with Flavor of Love 2, if I flipped on the TV and it was there, I'd follow I Love New York, Charm School, I Love Money, Real Chance of Love...  There's something mesmerizing about that concentrated level of trashiness + stupidity.  Fortunately I no longer have cable so I don't know what's going on these days, but for a couple years of college in there, I was addicted to that liquid crack.

As for shows that are actually available to me, despite the very loud noises of protest I have made against it lately, I habitually watch Two and a Half Men in syndication.  Yes, it's terrible!  Yes, I wish it would die and go away forever!  But there were a couple of years I watched it during prime time, and I guess it does sort of make me laugh.  Or at the very least, provides mindless entertainment when nothing else is on.
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