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Comedy Fix

Oh great.  Considering I went to bed right after I last posted, it appears I'm going to deal with Man Down in much the same way I dealt with Rampage, which means hide in turtle mode and run away from writing about it for as long as I can.  And do other things instead.  For example, discuss comedies.   Ultra-quickly.

How I Met Your Mother: "Lucky Penny."  Um, not so great.  I don't like the plot type which essentially boils down to a backwards version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."  We're late for this flight.  Because I had to go to court.  Because I jumped the subway turnstile trying to rescue Barney.  Because he ran a marathon with no training.  Because he was running it in place of Marshall, who broke his toe the day before.  Because...
Yeah.  Gets old. 

The Class: Snowed in on Valentine's!  Aww.  Some thoughts:
-Okay, so first of all, I have discovered my problem with Ben: he has a large bulky head quite disproportionate to his body.  And he looks like Dr. Chase.  He's like an anorexic Dr. Chase, and it's very off-putting.
-Did we previously know that Ethan had a dog?  ETHAN HAS A DOG!  A big old beautiful Golden Retriever.  ETHAN IS PERFECT.  *hugs him*
-Perry without Holly.  Um.  How about no more of that. 
-Kat & Kyle are slowly working towards a cute friendship chemistry.  The comforting arm-around-the-shoulders?  I expected her to pull away or fix him with a death glare or something, but she just leaned against him.  "Thank you."  AW.
-Show thinks it's being clever by switching up stereotypes and showing monogamous gay couple while Kat busily whores herself around.
-Richie was kind of adorable when he showed up frozen at Lina's door.
-Lot of hilarious sight gags where Ethan would hesitate about being rude to his friends, Palmer would hint at doing something kinky if he got rid of them, and then he'd storm through the door with renewed fortitude to get them out of the way.
-But really, REALLY did not need to see her naked in bed with him, feeding him fondue.
-Same goes for Richie's creepy "ooh, naughty boy!" grin while he's wrapped in a blanket and Lina's using a hair dryer to warm him up.
-And as much as I love Ethan, my starry-eyed crush is on dopey Duncan, because he's just the most lovable sweetheart ever.  I mean, he's like this generic tough, manly guy, but he's also soft and squishy on the inside and his emotions show on his sleeve more often than not.  He has the most wounded puppy dog eyes ever.  Plus there was an almost-kiss with Nicole!

"All I want to do is go back.  I want to go back to that stupid 18-year-old kid and I want to shake him.  I want to tell him 'you don't know what you're doing.  You don't know what you're giving up. I want to tell him that ten years from now you're gonna be in a room, and there's gonna be candles, and wine.  And it's gonna be so...freakin' romantic that you're gonna wanna cry.  You're gonna be there with the woman you love. But you are not gonna be able to kiss her, because of what you did ten years ago, you stupid, dumb kid."

And on that sobering note, Funny Quote Time!
Duncan: They're still saying it's not gonna snow.
Richie: So I guess I just slipped and fell in the irony.
Richie: Hey, can I borrow your truck?
Duncan: *snorts* Are you kidding me? You behind the wheel in a blizzard.  What *won't* you hit?
Kyle: If it makes you feel any better, my boyfriend's in Chile, so...I'm kind of in the same boat.
Kat: Really.  Is your boyfriend coming BACK?
Kyle: ...yeah.
Kat: Does he think you're a deranged STALKER?
Kat: Get the hell out of my boat.
Kat: UH,  I was just dumped and his boyfriend's in South America, and you just want us to sit down here while you go upstairs and have sex with your girlfriend?
Ethan: Yes.

Now I am off to go practice driving.  Once I have my daily terror out of the way, I can focus on Eric & Horatio and the rest of the gang. 
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