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A little bit late and a little bit early

Day 17 - Favorite mini series: Only one will ever have my heart: Lost in Austen.

Yes, on paper, it is a self-insert fanfic of Pride and Prejudice, but in practice, it becomes an astounding AU in ways that should not be possible.  Alex Kingston as Mrs. Bennett makes it fantastic on principle, but then I find I'm quite enamored of our Mary Sue (here known as "Amanda").  If you got the chance to literally walk into your favorite novel, wouldn't you jump at the chance?  That's probably why I like it so much, it is a daydream downloaded from my brain and made available for viewing.  Plus, the costumes and scenery are magnificent, which is like par for the course on anything Austen-related, but still puts it a cut above your average TV production.

Day 18 - Favorite title sequence
You just know that as soon as I post this I will remember a dozen or so I really love, but right now and partially in the name of show diversity...Ghost Whisperer.  You might remember me saying that if I had seen the theme song earlier, I would have felt more favorable to to the series overall?  It's just such a perfect blend of eeriness and old-fashioned images, I never get tired of watching it.


Oh, and just for fun: old-school Mystery!  This is something I would come running to watch, even though the series itself was unspeakably boring.  They've updated it recently, taking away all the cool Edward Gorey animation, but we'll always have YouTube.  (Apparently all my favorite theme songs involve violins, who knew?)

I'm done embedding things, but while I was digging through my brain for older stuff I looked up Ally McBeal. Holy crap, I had forgotten how that was like wall-to-wall stardom.  I was just going to make a comment about the original days of Peter MacNicol, but then suddenly - Jane Krakowski!  Lucy Liu!  Portia de Rossi!  I knew I loved them all in spite of 30 Rock and Charlie's Angels and Arrested Development, but I had completely forgotten why. know what, after the meme ends, remind me to revisit the theme song topic.  It begs for further discussion.
Tags: ghost whisperer, lost in austen, memes: recurring

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