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Ooh, what is THIS strange development?

Surprise, I am deviating from my summer watchlist schedule!  Last night I got quite bogged down in my Glee review and threw in the towel to watch TV (New-to-me Community: Adorable & hilarious, as always!  First meeting with 100 Questions: amazing concept, sadly staffed with 100% boring people.). 

When the interesting stuff ran out and I needed more, I found the second episode of CSI: NY hanging out on my computer.  Which led to watching 5 episodes.  Sorry, hypothetical viewing plan!  I miss my Big Apple detectives.  It's easy to get sucked into the rush, especially with the giddy realization that I can watch the entire season as fast as I want to, no waiting for plot arcs to gradually unfold!

You know the drill - anybody have nicely tagged reviews (i.e., "any sort of episode-related thoughts") of this show that I could go back and read as I go along?  Don't make me rely on CSI Files; Huntley won't stop bringing up that THING WHICH TOTALLY NEVER HAPPENED between Stella and somebody I cannot remember in the premiere.  Does stellaluna_ still cover the episodes? 

6x02, "Blacklist": I hate when we backstory slide into Mac's soldier past.  It's such an awkward visual.  I apparently hate it even when we talk about lovely Claire all over the place and then hatpin-stab me with never-quite-Grandpa's "when the babies start coming."  Also: I have seen Greg Germann made up as horrifically wasted cancer patient on death's door, and am scarred for life.  Other than that, though, totally on board with terrifying remote-access takeover.

6x03, I'm shortening it to Lat/Long: Scruff is not a good look on Flack, so I like that Stella pointed out "you know, he used to shave every day."  Angst and prolonged grief, however, definitely are, especially when they finally delivered on what they teased the previous episode before diverting us to Mac.  The flashbacks are wonderful (recycled footage: always acceptable when it concerns characters I love!) - I don't think the magnitude of losing Angell fully hit me until just this minute because, yeah, totally crying again.  Maybe imagining some Lost-style side universes in which they find each other again, in the manner of James & Juliet.

I'm also somehow shipping them harder with each passing episode, which...not good. I mean, if you had asked me in March 2009 whether I saw them ever getting married, I would have been skeptical.  Now watching him stare through the window before driving away, it's like he's giving up family.

+ Skeet Ulrich was poised to be the scariest serial killer ever, except that it took about two scenes to get utterly sick of the dizzying camera work and hissed whispers combined with his general dirtiness.  Doesn't anyone on this show shower anymore?

+ Growing fonder of Haylen. Anybody is better than Adam, for starters, and while she hasn't tipped herself into the the arena of love and adoration yet, I did enjoy how boldly she approached Mac for experience that wouldn't cost him a dime (resourceful!), while still being appropriately grateful and not cocky about it.  I was positively giggly when Adam got his insecure jealousy on.  Haha, Mac has a new protegee, sucks to be you!

+ Lucy is 10 months already?  Really?  Wasn't her birth episode in May? I cannot keep track of the timeline concerning that baby (btw, Danny & Lindsay are not proving quite as shiny as hoped, but at least they are not specifically aggravating.  They've been eclipsed by Flack's grief, as it should be). 
6x04, "Dead Reckoning": Well that just had everything!  Aside from the waaaaay overdone "man has secret 2nd wife!" plot, there was more of Flack's spiral, Adam replaced by a starring role for Haylen (love and adoration, accomplished!  I think it is her fabulously long, shiny-smooth hair), Hawks verbally kicking Danny's ass out of chair, D/L moments...even if I am calling foul on Danny suddenly being able to walk & stand fine and dandy again after spending the first half of the episode struggling to move; seriously, does this show have a timeline for anything anymore?

But as always, mostly the Flack angst, talking of being haunted by the unchangeable past, freezing up when faced with a potentially fatal trigger situation, having his ass saved by Lindsay (that?  was kinda awesome, watching her tackle Catalina - I mean, Marcia Vasquez), and brushing off Mac's concerns only to wind up drinking alone.  I wondered last fall, when I heard you whispering behind cut-links, whether the fallout from Angell was going to be emotional gold or just depressing, but so far it's very much on the "emotional gold" side of things. Thank you!  If the pattern continues to be about him withdrawing from the world, rather than, say, hooking up with various one-night-stands, then I'm content.

Random aside: I'm pretty sure when he was dashing through traffic, I saw some hood-surfing tricks last perfected by one Miss Angell.   
6x05, "Battle Scars": The girl playing Brooke**, I'm sure I've seen  -- her before, but I can't recall her name, and I could not stop thinking how *very* much she looks like Lea Michele.  To a degree even eerier than Lea & Idina Menzel, just a little bit older (SURPRISE COUSIN, Y/Y?).  Sounded like her, too.  You combine that with her saying "Jesse" a lot and being in New York, well, my brain was dancing all over this flashforward/AU version of Glee, visualizing Rachel a few years in the future.  Highly entertaining way to spend an hour. 

[**Raquel Alessi!  We should all feel free to smack me upside the head now, because she was only, what's that, a major character on Standoff?  (Lia) God, I'm stupid.]

P.S. It took exactly 3.5 seconds to feel like backhanding Adam's stupid face and express longing sighs as to the whereabouts of Haylen today.  I've been officially converted!  Still not clear what her larger purpose is, but am loving it.  ...traditionally it has not gone well for me when I fall in love with minor/recurring female characters on this series.  Crap? 

6x06, "It Happened to Me": Oh look, it's time for the annual Hawkes Special Feature.  This one's more depressing than usual, since apparently he's broke and homeless, so I'm going to reject that canon right back out of my brain and otherwise generally ignore this episode, like I usually do with #6. "Boo" aside, it tends to be where they run out of steam  before they revitalize themselves for November sweeps. 

+ Symptom of depression or not, I'm kinda liking this new, dressed-down Flack since he started shaving again. 

+ "Sploshing."  Could we please stop introducing me to gross things I don't want to know about, and go back to the days of cuddle parties?

+ I also never need to see any of the murder victims talk back to the CSIs again.  Not only did I jump about ten feet in the air the first time, but it sends me to a jarring Medium place where I start wondering if I should expect psychic interventions at all times now. And I'm already dubious about the corporeal nature of Compass Killer's wife/girlfriend/lady companion...

And lest we forget, Day 19 - Best TV show cast:
Oh, whatever; after much headache in an attempt to diversify, Numb3rs is getting this one all on its own.  I like every single main character, which is so rare that I am not sure any other show has ever managed it (Cold Case, maybe, but that's more "not disliking" rather than love in every case).  Okay, that agent in season 1 I have indifferent feelings about (as far as my vague memory allows), but they've brought on two additional agents (Liz & Nikki) whom I did not particularly like at first, and convinced me they were awesome - that's tough.  Meanwhile, the actors themselves are so much fun to have on camera, always with the random video diaries and enthusiastic interviews about their characters.  Which makes it all the more frustrating that, due to the ever-present threat of "budget," everybody except Rob Morrow & David Krumholtz took turns sitting 4 or 5 episodes out per season.
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