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Day 21 - Favorite ship
"Jim/Pam," she (and her entire flist) says without hesitation.  Shiny as others may be (*cough* Charlie/Amita, Ten/Rose), I keep coming back to them.  I mean, I clung to Mulder & Scully as the reigning OTP for like 7 years - even when one has a fleet of approximately 14 million, it is not easy to switch one's foundation ship, so nobody is budging these two for a good long while.  Alas, I have run out of ways to explain that they are soulmates and merely thinking about them releases mysterious bliss-coma-inducing chemicals in the brain.
So in lieu of repeating what I said in my Top 5 Ships post , I am going to leave you with my latest favorite compilation video to illustrate my feelings.  You may wish to mute the first 30 seconds or so, but bring the volume back after that, because then it both adds dialogue and shifts into the prettiest instrumental background music you have ever heard ("Love Story Meets Viva La Vida").  Bonus, yesterday's featured kiss shows up at the 40-second mark.

Back in the land of CSI: NY, I have determined that the crossover trilogy better get amazing when it wraps up in Vegas, because so far it's been insufferably boring (at least the Miami one felt like an episode of Miami, just with Langston guest-starring - this felt like a cut-and-paste procedural, plus Ray randomly zooming around on a scooter with captions reading "Don't all these angles make me seem dynamic?").  Fortunately, that boredom is followed by "Cuckoo's Nest."

Oh, episode, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!

1. Compass Killer arc.  The direction is still really irritating when we focus on the man himself, but the bodies he leaves behind and the general intensity of the case are fascinating.  Also, nailed it!  I knew his wife wasn't real.  Hey, look, "ghost" and "schizophrenic delusion" are on the same plane of non-reality in my book - even if I specifically hinted "ghost", the idea was that she seemed more like something he'd manifested in his head.  The flashback scene was a nice change of pace too; I like non-crazy Hollis so much better.

2. SPOTLIGHT: FLACK.  Randomly missing work, wandering about the city in a drunken daze, getting rather violently beaten up (full-body bruising, kicked in the head - speaking of which, really, nobody felt he should maybe get checked out at the hospital after that?), nearly getting knifed, hitting rock bottom...really, though, the subway attack alone is enough to keep me going for like a year.  TV has just been all about granting my improbable wishlist items this year!

3. Terrence is not only not annoying me, but I actually forgot he was Nelly.  Progress!  I not only like that he saved Flack's life, but am kinda fond of the almost-friendly rapport they've struck.

4. Angry!Mac, who might have been tired and routine if he hadn't kicked his usual angry self up a few notches, to the point of shoving Flack to emphasize a point and make him listen (I find it amusing how Mac orders him around, despite how the latter towers over the former).  I particularly like the extra sharp reminder that Danny's been scouring hospitals to see if he was dead.

. I wish there had been some indicator of why he picked today to go AWOL, though.  He was just fine last week, and hasn't he been shaving recently?  It seemed like, if he hadn't been getting better, he had at least plateaued, despite whatever evidence Danny found about not paying bills and whatnot.  I was sure there had to be some kind of trigger that set him off and erased all that progress.

This is the nutshell version of my favorite episode since...well, Yahrzeit wasn't that long ago, I guess, but still.  SERIES HIGHLIGHT.  Unless Adam or Sid was talking, there was nothing I didn't adore.
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