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Whoops, my bad.  For some reason I thought the Compass Killer arc didn't wrap up until later in the year - see what happens when you rely on fandom osmosis?  I would have waited on the last post a little longer if I'd known the conclusion was waiting just around the bend.

6x09, "Manhattanhenge"
Wow, that really pulled out of its lackluster introduction and turned into my new favorite serial killer arc, didn't it?  I suspect it is my all-time favorite in the series, and my favorite in the franchise since Natalie was running around building miniature crime scenes in Vegas.  As soon as they revealed even the barest details on that drawing, I knew he was going to make himself the fourth victim, which took away some of the urgency involved in finding him.  But that's okay!  They also gave me more of my favorite thing, Undeground New York, and dressed it up with a 1960's flair to boot.

+ And then, in a drop-the-gun staredown, Mac brings up Claire again (it must be my birthday!).  "I lost my wife, too.  But she never really left me."

+ Oh, and forget schizophrenic delusions; Calliope was totally a ghost.  Maybe that's why they chose this to pair with Medium next season?  Hey, she was entirely too logical to be a figment of his broken mind, nobody will ever convince me otherwise.  I am sticking with ghost!  I am always willing to inject a different plane into even the straightest of procedurals.  Keeps things interesting.

+ The title phenomenon, kinda the coolest thing ever.

+ Is that the sound of Lindsay making a play for my heart by reacting to the thought of going through what happened to Hollis & his wife?  "Imagine losing somebody you loved like that." Yeah, the daydream playground and I should talk about how she might express those feelings post-case and after sleeping for the first time in like 3 days.  Poke the warmly glowing embers that are my feelings for this ship and see if you can get a little flame going again.

+ Team dinner at the end!  Random D/L kiss, hey, not going to argue it even if Danny still looks all scraggly and unwashed most of the time.  Themes of family and success and HELL NO, ADAM IS NOT THERE, AND HE CERTAINLY IS NOT MAKING EYE CONTACT WITH STELLA.  I love when everybody's happy and Flack is on the mend.  Cannot stop brimming over with happy feelings.

+ No Sid!  HAPPY DANCE OF HAPPINESS, which makes up for my being crushed that apparently Haylen just randomly never comes back.  You know, the way my luck on this show goes, she will return next year as a body on Sid's table.

-Two drawbacks: the first quarter did not have nearly enough dialogue (fast forwarding, fast forwarding, bored, bored), and I wish the show would stop flashing back to things that happened last episode, or sometimes even earlier in the current one.  To recap: footage from last season, good; footage from this season, no-no.

"Death House"
The internet needs to take its cranky pants off and start appreciating how great this is, right now.  Note to self, STOP READING OTHER BLOGS.  Just isolate yourself in your happy out-of-time bubble.

First, mummified corpse!  (I like how Stella claims that it's "extremely rare" in New York despite the fact that this is their second one of the series)  Second, 1920's victim!  (I would ask why it didn't get kicked to the cold case squad, but then they solved it in half a day and continued on to the current case.  Although, the Cold Case crew down in Philly would never just assume the apartment owner was the murderer.  No, they'd log 500 miles on the road and interview 27 people, most of whom were alive back then, in addition to running all the same tests before they were satisfied beyond a shadow of a doubt) 

Third, gorgeous penthouse full of antiques!  Like a museum!  I will just be over here, positively drooling at the set design (can I live there?  Hollis Eckhart lived in a set decoration!).  I find it hard to believe that was just the top of a high rise, because that looked bigger than a lot of houses.  How many rooms did it have, not counting the secret compartments?  How is this possible?!  Probably my ignorance of apartment life is showing through, but I just find it so hard to believe you can have luxury without acreage, even if you're filthy rich.

Fourth, the writing featuring all the riddles and puzzles was amazing.  Is Liam Murphy solely responsible, or was it more of a group effort?  My eyes: dazzled and sparkling with delight, trying and failing to figure out the clues before Mac did, but only because I was too impatient for the explanation to try working on them myself.  I bet I could have gotten at least one. And yet, they were all so much fun!  By the time they climbed up the dresser-staircase, I was practically pitching a fit of hysterical joy. 

[Though I do wish they'd explained how the woman got into the water chamber in the first place; also, it seems like exceptionally poor planning to have the release switch break down a wall and flood your living quarters.  Was another revolving door too repetitive?]

Fifth, Mac/Stella investigative partnership forever!  "I'll shoot you if you say ladies first."

Sixth, WAUUUUUGH, DEATH AXE!  I jerked back so hard I almost fell off the chair.  Watched it 3 times and still do not see how she had enough reaction time to avoid being impaled.

...and now I kind of want to imagine a morbid side world where everyone who has been threatened with death since Angell actually dies.  Danny goes down for good in that haze of bullets (or his head gets taken off by the car last week), Flack gets stabbed on a subway, Stella takes a swinging club of knives to the back, and Hawkes might still avoid being squished to death only to have something hit him on a later case.  Who will survive - Mac, because he doesn't believe in curses, or Lindsay, left to pack her bags amidst a wave of funerals and find a third place to start over? 

...just realized I am playing Harper's Island with the detectives.  Whoops?  I still think this would make for interesting fic.  Brief and word-arty would be best.

Okay, to recap: century-old luxury suite full of antiques and puzzle-riddles, now with lethal booby traps.  This is my favorite day! 

Seventh: the FBI wants Haylen Becall, good for her!  I would rather the FBI take Boa Vista back out of Miami, and then maybe Adam can get transferred down to that cesspool of suck and let Haylen stay put, but at least this is better than "random disappearance." Though I am still not clear why she was hired at all.  Was it just to rub my nose in the fact that Adam will never, ever, under any circumstances leave? 

Regardless, I wish good things for my earnest chickadee, and will perhaps imagine her helping out the Without a Trace team now. 

Eighth, nothing new, just wanted to reiterate that this was flippin' amazing in every way.

6x11, "Second Chances"
I'm pretty much going to echo eleigh's sentiments -- forget the case, "this episode was made by the beginning and the end."  Beginning: Mac & Stella trudging along the street carrying the most massive Christmas tree they can find.  The former pipes up about Taylor family traditions that involve finding the biggest Christmas tree in the neighborhood (Mac/Claire canon, I am filling it in) and the latter brags about hauling trees up 10 flights of stairs (Mac: Uphill both ways, in the snow, with no shoes?  Stella: As a matter of fact, yes), and it is SPARKLY.  Anyone who didn't know better would totally think they were a couple until they drop the tree off for someone else.  Hell, I think they are a couple until forced to believe otherwise.

Plus, Stella tosses off a contented sigh about "Christmas in New York, there's nothing like it" and despite my general dislike of cities, I must agree that they do get especially pretty during the holiday season.  December is a good month.

End: Holiday spirit!  Handing out presents to kids!  Elf costumes!  (costumes I notice neither Mac nor Stella deigned to wear, despite the fact that they're the ones who roped everybody into it) Danny/Lindsay being adorable!  My life is complete!  OH NO WAIT, Mac pulled Stella into a hug, now my life is complete.  I wish it hadn't faded to black as soon as she got close to him, but fine.

Case in the middle: Eh, good idea, and after struggling to determine whether that was in fact Kim Kardashian* (I've only seen her in pictures and briefly on HIMYM), decided she played her relatively undemanding role well.  Mostly I just kept being mesmerized by her exotic beauty.  It's probably all due to makeup, but it works.
*a/k/a, to Marshall, "Super hot lady who my wife keeps telling me why you're famous but I keep forgetting."

It was just dragged down a lot by Train.  Hey, I like "Meet Virginia."  I love "Drops of Jupiter."  I passionately despise "Hey, Soul Sister" (it reminds me of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours"; the lesson is, ban the ukulele from music).  I am also anti-"Calling All Angels," whose dragging noise makes me want to rip out my hair so much that I had to mute the end, so if there was any dialogue I missed it.

P.S. You can't give me a Christmas present involving Danny being forbidden to say "boom" ever again, and then have him turn around and say it five seconds later.  Is it out of his system now, or was that promise just a lie?

I feel like season 6 is really great so far...but I also feel, in retrospect, like a chunk of season 5 was pretty great whereas my reviews complain all over the place, so maybe this is just how I always react when I mainline a show I like and don't have time to nitpick.
Day 22 - Favorite series finale
This question forced me to realize how comparatively few series finales I've seen, and more to the point, how less-than-stellar most of them were.  That's kinda depressing.  So, seeing as I probably shouldn't mention Numb3rs again (BUT WHY NOT.  Nobody died, and I got a marriage and an engagement in the same family!), let's say...oh, let's say Lost.  Spoiler-free summary:

I know there were parts of it that bored me, because it's Lost, but according to my reviews Lost always turns into a better show than I think it is, so I'll rely on my testimony rather than my gut.  I don't want anyone to get ideas about planning shows to run for a predetermined amount of time, but they rounded out their season's epic good vs. evil battle in a more satisfying way than Harry Potter did, managed to tie together at least 90% of even their farthest-flung plot strands, left more than one of my favorite characters alive (truly, this was not a guarantee) and brought the final scene to a bittersweetly beautiful full-circle close.  Perhaps most importantly, they kicked their side universe into high gear and reunited almost all of the beloved ships I'd lost to death along the way; HELLO, ECSTATIC JOY. 

Bonus, I now comfort myself with the idea of said side-universe anytime half of a couple dies on one of my other shows, which should make watching crime drama a little bit easier.
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