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I'm getting more efficient at this.

I feel like season 6 is pretty great so far
I had to say it, didn't I.  Without even knocking on wood.

6x12, Criminal Justice: Incredibly dull, except it whipped a 2-prong Danny/Lindsay storyline out of nowhere for which I have to give it credit.  Back pain!  (So THAT'S what that one blog meant by 'spoilery bag of ice!' back in #9) Concern!  Little moments!  Talk of how Lucy likes him better! Danny randomly trying acupuncture, which to my surprise Lindsay even knows about!  And then Danny's badge gets stolen along with his wallet & apparently sets off quite the chain reaction, but to my continued surprise, Lindsay knows about this too. Didn't he used to be all about secrets and lies?  Did he actually learn something from Rikkigate? 

Despite my excessive use of exclamation points, I am pleased more out of a sense of duty than actual shippy feelings of joy, as they've grown so...what's that word I hate to apply to couples...bland/boring.  *angrily fans embers*  Ignite, damn you, ignite!

"Flag on the Play"
is airing on TV tomorrow, so I figured I'd watch it then and meanwhile, flick through the CSI Files review to make sure I didn't miss any major connecting arcs.  Result: "WAIT WHAT."  Luckily YouTube has all the Danny & Lindsay scenes handily compiled for me, but I see nothing noteworthy except the Shane Casey reveal (and did that storyline leave an impression on me? Nope) and one cute quick kiss, so that's clunker #2.  I don't know why I expect things from January episodes.

"Sanguine Love"
Despite my general hatred of all things remotely vampiric, the music in this one was incredibly pretty (you go, Bill Brown!), and the artistic direction (especially in the teaser) was too gorgeous for words, as was everything about the snowy Central Park setting.  I hadn't realized how few of my shows both have snowy winters and spend a lot of time outside.  I do wish that our pretty victim and her father had been saved for an episode less creepy than vampire cults, though.  Way too many times I had to wince and look away from either necks or inner wrists.  SPECIAL SQUICK. 

And while I love episodes free of Adam...really, REALLY, he doesn't know how to develop a roll of film?  I am younger than Adam, and I would hope anybody at least 18 years of age is well aware of how actual photos are processed in dark rooms. 
Stella: I hope you hit him.
Danny: Oh, I did.

"The Formula": Oh my word, things can get duller - racecars!  RACECARS.

And everyone has something to say about racing (mostly, they think it's impressive.  Idiots).  You know what, from now on, whenever I get tired, or angry, or bored with this show, I'm just going to look for the Flack scenes and appreciate how hot the new casual look is on him.  Black leather jacket?  Ahhh, that's the ticket. 

-Oh, hell, New York picked up one of Miami's machines that instantly sucks the pictures out of a cell phone.  Does that mean it's real?  I hate that thing, as I hate anything that looks creepy and futuristic,  which includes any and all touch-screen technology (THAT AIN'T RIGHT).

-Lone point of win: Mac reminiscing about his childhood experience with the soapbox derby, later followed by Mac and Stella randomly driving expensive pro racecars around the track like toys.  I don't know whether to laugh, or just bask in how much eleigh  has indirectly converted me into loving them best. 

-Oh, and there was a scene where Hawkes was in the morgue while Sid was not and bless me, it was like waking up in season 1.  You have no idea how often I dream of the way things were in season 1, M.E.-wise.

Uncertainty Rules
I liked that!  Whole bunches!  If only for the moral that if you party like a moron, you might well get hacked to death by an ax murderer.

Nah, I'm kidding.  I thought the hallucinations combined with the way they pieced together the timeline of the night was really interesting, the clown masks scared me half to death, loved Flack's furious interogation (+ his & Danny's slack-jawed staring when the bodyguard opened the door), and I will always be a sucker for Mac connecting with college kids approximately Reed's age.  Every time I thought their conversations were over, bam, another one popped out of the woodwork.  I felt very spoiled.  This is going to hit high on the list.
And aw, I popped over to YouTube to find the promo for the next episode, and instead I found a posted-March-3rd interview with Carmine & Anna.  Awww.  It would be even cuter if it would not force the brain-scarring parts of "Snow Day" on me (STILL  GROSS.  STILL SO GROSS, FOREVER), but then again, this part saved it:

"I kind of thought that the story was sweeter, in a way? [ME TOO]  But in real life, that is often how the tension of two people in the work place, they see each other every day, it's going to take a major move on somebody's part to have some sort of mature encounter for the first time."

The first sentence in there is the important one.  The second is more of an attempt to rationalize it, and she does a good job at that, but it sounds to me like Anna would have written it in a way that came off as less sleazy/trashy/skanky/cheap/casual/hook-up-y; I can go on, I have a thesaurus.
On  a different note, Day 23 - Most annoying character
The Office: Erin Hannon

While tempted to compose a brief song about my hatred for her to the tune of "Cox's Rant," I sadly don't have time for that today because I seem to have successfully driven knowledge of her existence out of my brain for the summer, which is why until 5 minutes ago, today's entry looked more like this:

"Despite the cutesy nicknames I have bestowed upon them, Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice doctors like McSleazy, McSleazy Jr., and the Wicked Witch of the South [Mark, Alex, Charlotte] shoot right past "annoying" and into the realm of absolute contempt and all-consuming loathing and disgust.  Someone who just plain aggravates me on a low-grade needling basis, on the other hand..."

In a nutshell, Adam (CSI: NY) is a twitchy, insecure*, neurotic little spazz giving science geeks everywhere a bad name.  And after Greg Sanders brought them so far, too!   (*except when he's confident in his skills and gets all proud of himself - then he's insufferable)

My one consolation is that CSI: NY seems to have applied to the Numb3rs rule of disappearing agents this season, cutting down the supporting characters' appearances by maybe 25%?  This has been a godsend.
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