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Neeeeearly over, all of a sudden.

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale
That can only be Numb3rs, "The Janus List," a/k/a "OMGWTF GRANGER" a/k/a "COLBY IS A SPY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

The internet actually blew up from shock that day, as we were told that a friendly, affable character who'd been part of the FBI team for two years had secretly been a double agent for the Chinese all along.  We rent.  We despaired.  Eventually the creators came along and went "chillax, he's still signed on for season 4, don't kill yourselves," but nobody saw it coming ahead of time (spoiler alert: he was actually a triple agent, so no harm, no foul, except a temporary period of hurt feelings and maybe a little shunning)

Although I suppose the aptly named season 3 finale of Bones, "The Pain in the Heart," accomplished the same thing, as our youngest and most innocent scientist was revealed as a serial killer's assistant.  And that did not get handwaved (well, later they decided he hadn't actually killed anyone, but he was still involved in it.  He's not coming out of the psychiatric facility, much less getting his job back).  Sore spot forever.

Day 27 - Best pilot episode
Pushing Daisies' "Pie-lette." 

Starting with the adorable title and a diner shaped like a pie, this series hit its stride immediately and never quit.  Nothing wrong with it - even the parts of the episode I didn't like upon initial viewing (Olive) are adorable in retrospect.  It has everything, from a dog in a featured role, to Chi McBride being his default hilarious self ("It's a random proximity thing..." "Bitch, I was in proximity!"), to a pretty girl and a cute guy being established as instant soulmates.  REFRESHINGLY SWIFT! 

Sure, there's that pesky inability to have skin-to-skin contact lest she die in a more permanent manner, but on the heirarchy of romantic obstacles, that is much lower than love triangles or refusing to cross the friendship line for 7 years.  Plus I do not have to deal with unsavory scenes, which is always a +10 in my book.

Then there are the impossibly vibrant colors and fairytale-esque cinematography, aided by the charming British narrator. I realize I've devolved into more of an overview of why the show is great, but there is a point to that: the pilot established all of these things immediately, so even though it was clearly the beginning of a story, it also felt like you'd known them all forever.  Pilots are in better shape overall than series finales, but I recall this one being an especially magical experience.

Day 28 - First TV show obsession
Yeah, if we reach way back, then technically the answer is...Power Rangers.  Daydreaming, looking up stuff online, writing an entry or two about crushes in my kid diary and maybe some fanfic in a notebook.  From Mighty Morphin' to Zeo until the passing of the torch on Turbo, I was there, drawn in first by Kimberly and then Tommy.  In a lot of ways, it parallels Doctor Who - never mind the alien stuff; Rose reeled me in, Ten made it perfect.  Kim left but I loved her replacement with equal fervor, so with both Kat and Tommy gone, I immediately flounced, never to look back.  The linking factor of Justin wasn't enough anymore than the constant of "The Doctor" was enough.

(apparently, shortly thereafter they got rid of Justin too, along with Zordon & Alpha and began retooling the series into the unrecognizable monster it is today.  More Doctor Who parallels!)

Um, anyway.  Introduced to it only because my brother watched the show after school, I quickly fell in love with the characters, avoiding monsters and fighting when I could and skipping the morphed ranger nonsense almost entirely (although...Wind Chaser, ready to howl!  And the Zords weren't too bad when they were animals), but head-over-heels for the group of friends and any love stories featuring Tommy Oliver.  Kim/Kat/Tommy are untouchable favorites, but I was quite lovestruck with Adam when he took over for Zack, and honestly liked everybody until "The Passing of the Torch." 

Sometimes, like yesterday, I bounce through clips on YouTube hoping the normal scenes will finally look as silly and juvenile as the fighting ones, but no.  I only grow fonder of this cast over time.  Okay, the dialogue does make me giggle, but with love.

Point of note: I distinctly remember not admitting to this obsession while it was happening.  By the time my brother started watching I was already 10, a/k/a way too old for it, and therefore I denounced it loudly at every turn, made up alternative lyrics for the theme songs, and otherwise generally exemplified "the lady doth protest too much."  Officially, I had nothing but contempt for it.

Present-day fandom on LJ is much more fun.

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