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"Where the hell are we, the end of the rainbow?"

All right, finally, time to get back to a little more CSI: NY magic!

6x17, Pot of Gold: That was fun!  Not enthralling, but decent - they brought in my favorite frequent-flyer guest star, Erin Cahill (the woman at the bank), and I fell head-over-heels for much of the music, especially the wild Irish pennywhistle flair during autopsy, which was like aural ambrosia given the horrible crap they generally spew for those scenes.  

More to the point, this was worth the price of admission just for Reed, whose hair has grown into a floppy mop that makes him twelve hundred times cuter than ever before (even if he does have a tendency to skip out on his dining bills).  And there was even scar continuity!  FLACK doesn't get scar continuity.  Man, I love Mac & Reed.  And the only reason I am not distraught over their failure to go grab a green beer together at the end is because something much shinier, a/k/a What Makes This Episode So Great, was waiting in the wings.

Mac/Random Pretty Brunette in Green: oh my god, I am head over heels.  I spent all of their scenes giggling like a giddy loon and clapping my hands like a toy monkey with cymbals on hyperdrive.  I have not been this instantly charmed by a potential love interest in, like, ever.  Their game of letter tag was too sweet for words.  Am smitten with the notion of straight-laced Mac taking such a chance on a random encounter - momentarily considering a tie for the diner date, too precious.  Bashful!Mac is my new favorite.

All righty, show, I'm officially closing the door on Peyton and embracing this.  How long before you jerk the rug out from under me?
6x18, Rest in Peace, Marina Garito: That a was a little surreal, between Stella's dream and Marina's weird soliloquy, but I was feeling it until they revealed the missing-persons case could have been solved ages ago if not for a stupidly repressed memory.  No sympathy, I have no sympathy!  I'm sure it happens to people, but this is my fictional entertainment and that is a boring waste of time.  And I'm still unclear why Stella's hunch was enough to open a case when the evidence *overwhelmingly* said suicide.  Surely there were more clear-cut cases in need of investigation?  Fortunately, the rest of it made up for the irritating parts.

I'm going to cling to visuals of Stella getting in a car accident, which my brain will of course warp and play with out of context, and embrace the canon of Stella getting whapped on the head and knocked unconscious in a pool, leaving Flack to rescue her.  "All Access" is largely responsible for warming me up to the series, so any time you hurt/hospitalize Stella with Mac & Flack hovering nearby, we are in for good times.  And awwww, so much love for Mac tucking a blanket around her on the sofa in the last scene .

I really liked everything about Flack trying to gently break probable reality to Stella, and sharing his own experience with grieving relatives from unsolved cases, too, especially how they followed it up at the end.

So, uh, Mac/Aubrey: I'M SHIPPIN' IT.  I liked it better before she was a doctor & a veteran, when I couldn't quite tell how old she was and wanted to believe she was around 30 or just shy of it, working an average sort of office job in marketing or something whom the cold city largely snubbed or ignored - honestly, being a doctor gives you status anywhere; it's kind of hard to sympathize with your tales of woe that nobody shows a shred of kindness - but fine. 

Medicine + law enforcement is my favorite career combination anyway, and it took about five minutes for me to switch gears and decide it is AWESOME that a chance encounter found them with so much in common, instead of fizzling out on a superficial looks-based connection.  They still make me do the stupid-happy grinning thing every time they share a scene.
6x19, Redemptio: Prison riot!  That is definitely how Hawkes goes down in the morbid side AU I described after Death House.

That was a little better than I thought it would be, if only because I super enjoyed Hawkes' acting bluff as a fellow inmate and because Harold Perrineau was less annoying than he's been in years, but it was also all about Hawkes.  Ergo, pass**.  The best part about it was Danny & Linday's super-conspicuous "WE'RE BUSTED" glance, followed by Danny's ass getting thrown in hot water.  (Oh wait, only one of those things happened)  Or maybe it was the part where DANNY ACKNOWLEDGED THAT HE HAD A BROTHER, WHAT-WHAT?  I'm still going to assume Louie's dead now, but that has been a long time coming.  I liked everyone's contribution to what

I lied, the best part was honestly "Lindsay Messer!"  That made me happy.  For a second I flashed back to season 3, and suddenly I loved them again. Apparently a name change can work magic now.

The Shane Casey story is starting to come back to me now, but I keep expecting him to randomly flick his tongue out like Barty Crouch Jr, so I'm not real invested in his resurfacing yet.  Still too intent on kicking Danny's ass.

**I'm telling you, I DON'T DISLIKE HIM.  I have exactly no problems with him, and he's an objectively handsome man to boot.  He just has this continually confounding ability to not be interesting at all, no matter where he is or what he's doing in any context.  Based on interviews I've read I even admire Hill Harper as a person, but Hawkes is just, nothing going on.

6x20, Tales from the Undercard: a/k/a, "nothing important happened today."  Can there be a moratorium on crimes that center around a fighting ring?  Lindsay's purple top was really pretty.  That's what I got out of it. 
P.S. Oh my God, insanity multiplies on Secret Life of the American Teenager like crackrabbits. Every time I check back, it's five times crazier!  They're in season 3 now, and apparently, Ben just got Adrian pregnant.  WTF WTF WTF I DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON.  Like, I read the 1-paragraph episode summaries on Wikipedia, and my eyes start spinning in my head trying to keep track of who's hooked up with who.  But to recap, that's Ben (the guy who once attempted to marry his already-pregnant girlfriend Amy), impregnating Adrian (most frequently seen dating the father of Amy's baby).  Ugh, just join a free love commune and quit wangsting about it.  [Edit: Best summary/review ever.]

[Edit 2: Lol, Bristol Palin.  I generally think anyone can pull off one minute of acting in front of the camera; trained/talented or not, everyone is at least passable...but based on the clip I saw -- holy crap, she is truly terrible.  Just mind-bogglingly bad in a way I've never seen.  It's like she's some sort of drone, or perhaps an alien behind a cloaking shield acclimating to human culture for the first time.]
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