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Sweeps are supposed to make me *happy*.

DEWD!  WHAT IS UP WITH THESE DEPRESSING ENDINGS?!  Counting last night, that makes four in a row that are really sad!  CSIM, NCIS, House, SVU, they're all downers!!  More detailed, full-episode thoughts later, but COME ON.  Look at these ending scenes:

NCIS: Tony strikes up a friendship with a cop helping them work the case...and then said cop gets shot to death at the end and bleeds out under Tony's hands.

House: Cuddy spending another night alone in her bed.  Because House scared her potential love interest off.  This had better be remedied soon.  Sadly, the previews made me throw up in my mouth a little.  I will have more on this in my detailed review.  House ships are a tricky platter to balance.

SVU: *sighs reluctantly, then promptly smashes Elliot/Olivia ship on the rocks* Look at his eyes!  Look at his face!  KATHY, TAKE HIM BACK IMMEDIATELY.  This is depressing because I'm afraid she won't.

I swear at the rate this is going, Hodgins & Angela will break up on Bones and then maybe Kate will kiss Jack on LOST.  Just to keep this theme rolling through the week.

(CSI: Miami: is coming.  Really.  Seriously.  Next post, I swear.)
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