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Well, that sucks.

Dear SYTYCD-voting portion of America: I assume most of you are tweenage girls, so I don't know if it's jealousy going on in your head or what, but why did you only vote for guys this year?  Do you not realize that keeping girls in the competition = LOTS OF HOT PREVIOUS MALE CONTESTANTS GET DANCE TIME?  I haven't even seen Twitch yet, and I was deprived of Pasha this week because...let's explore irony.

I kinda hate all the contestants who are left, except for Ashley. 
--> BAM, INJURY, HOSPITALIZED, and she's probably done for now because I don't remember the last time a contestant came back from the hospital to continue dancing (Allison managed it this week, which is good since I love her, but she is also not a contestant).  Boo!  I love Ashley!  She somehow reminds me of Vanessa Carlton, but with this adorably vivacious and giggly personality. 

  * Courtney's showgirl costume was fabulous.  I hate her so much less now that she's not a contestant. 

* Every time Cat announces "Lauren!", I get all excited until I realize she means this year's Lauren.  Stupid blonde Fake Lauren, not the Lauren Gottlieb I love and cherish.  At least Gottlieb was the assistant choreographer for Neil's dance this week, though!  WHY IS THERE NO CAMERA FOOTAGE OF THIS REUNION O' BEAUTY.

* Jose is ugly and pervy.  I don't know why the judges love him, but it's grossing me out.

* My favorite dance was the one with Allison and somebody unimportant, to "Fix You."  First because I got to see Travis as choreographer and second because I just apparently get all choked up at that song no matter what, even if it's cut together in the most bizarrely choppy way possible (seriously, every couple of bars, it jumped to a new section!).  It had nothing to do with Mia's flood of tears, I just thought the flowing lyrical movements were a gorgeous complement.

* Neil and That Other Little Kid's Broadway was a close second.  Not because I actually liked the dance, but because my brain just shuts off to gaze in rapture whenever Neil is on the screen.

In other news, I cannot possibly be reading this correctly, because it looks like some very official court just canceled the FCC regulations, and I am presently nauseated and having a hyperventilating panic attack in response.

I cannot even begin to comprehend the horror of a world where the entire TV & radio landscape is allowed to say the S-word and whatever other unsavory bad words Britain and cable networks use.  I don't everhear swearing in my day-to-day life (except from my brother); I even have a hard time watching movies these days because of the language.  I see no reason I can't keep my life in this pristine state forever.  TV is my entertainment sanctuary, a rather large one at that, and I will not be able to bear every last corner of it suddenly being contaminated by NO COMMON DECENCY RULES.  I don't care about "the children," this is about ME.  MY EARS.  And my annoyance that adults, instead of complaining that everybody swears and TV is so gosh darn unrealistic that way, continually reject the notion that perhaps they should clean up the language in their own lives instead.

I am going to go to bed before I start crying.  Someone tell me it's not what it looks like.  Do not repeat rhetoric that network TV won't suddenly turn into a bedlam of profanity overnight, because I know it won't.  But if I hear an S-word once on any of my shows, that is too many. 

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