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Season 10, Episodes 12-18

Yesterday's chore continues.  Things finally seem to pick up at episode 17.

12. Long Ball: Skipped, but very much enjoyed Greg wondering whether Grissom enjoys golf, and then further prying into how that whole 6,000-miles-apart long distance marriage works (I try not to think about it, on account of my general hatred for long-distance relationships.  Am starting to regret my desire for Sara to return.  The whole point of them leaving was they'd at least be off-screen together!).  Still convinced Greg's intentions are not 100% platonic, even if only on a subconscious level.  (FINE)  Hey, how soon until we can injure/jeopardize Sara again?  Because I'm pretty sure what my brain is looking for is a reason to have these two in danger together.

13. Internal Combustion: High school drag racing.  Skipped, will watch on TV and most likely never bother mentioning again.

14. Unshockable: CIA spies (relatively interesting plot), that obnoxious country band (not so much at all), and "Grissom and I take canoe trips.  We went looking for bugs on our honeymoon."  YAY!  But I wish they'd stop pairing Langston & Sara up.  They have no working chemistry and apparently nothing in common.

15. Neverland: You'd think a case relating to one of Sara's old cases, especially with a title like that, would be interesting.  Despite a mention of what drove her to some brochures about Costa Rica, another mention of her drinking as an adolescent and the general focus on her role in the investigation, it was not. 

16. Yeah, no.  I've had absolutely all the fetish cases I can take from this series and it's going the Lady Heather route of "never again."  But I did YouTube the Cath/Vartann clips out of apparent desperation for romance in any form, though, and decided I liked it.  Random hall kiss, really lovely conversation about kids (who knew Vartann is the kind of guy who misses having someone to come home to?), and eventual damsel in distress rescue.  Speaking of which, I'm almost sorry I couldn't watch this, because: Harper's Island buddy alum #2!  Hey there, Sully.

17. ***Irradiator***: Oh!  THIS is what a good episode of CSI is like!  Now, there are rumors that immediately prior to watching this episode, I had been on YouTube, longingly spinning through a reel of clips from recent-ish episodes like: Dead Doll, all the season 7 GSR, Fannysmackin', a detour for Play With Fire, and back to Gum Drops, For Warrick and The Happy Place, so possibly that affected my mood.  But no, I'm sure it was really great, like best-of-the-season great since I think the case in the premiere was pretty thin.  I swear it was not all due to Nick finding/holding/comforting a terrified little girl (BUT THAT WAS A LOT OF IT.  WOW.  NEW FAVORITE MOMENT OF YEAR).

And on top of all that, a generally fascinating case - seriously, cannot remember last time this season I was interested in the mystery - and the most compelling use of Jekyll since he was introduced.  Home invasion murders: secretly the way to my heart!  P.S. Who's got the hate for German Shepherds all of a sudden?  Quit shooting them.

18. Field Mice: Are we in some sort of quality uptick? 
That was pretty good; I like the little crime cadets (despite Guillermo's pretentiousness.  He will probably grow up to be more insufferable than Hodges, as he will not be socially awkward with the ladies).  I'm not so fond of Hodges/Wendy.  More to the point, you were just given the option of HENRY, and you chose HODGES?  *quiet tremors of grossed-out rage*

Awww, did somebody just earn their firing from the show??  Yes they did!  Up until the ki THING WHICH TOTALLY NEVER HAPPENED, I've been quietly sad that Liz Vassey isn't coming back (even though I still thought she suffered a bit from overexposure this year) but now I could not be happier to see Wendy exit.  Several years of good will: burninated in an instant after 40 minutes spent gathering fuel. 

Seriously, as amusing as Henry is when played for comic relief (and I giggled a fair amount, yes. "Maybe you should stay out of parking garages.  Bad things seem to happen to you there."), I am not amused by this hammering-in of "nice guys finish last."  I'll date you, Henry!  In one episode you went from just sort of being there to being adorably earnest and my favorite lab tech after Archie!  Besides, I love a good snitch and was delighted to find him tattling to Catherine, getting Hodges a well-deserved mark on his record (deserve for all the other times he's been insufferable and caused me anguish), and only reluctantly canceling his & Wendy's date so that his FACE COULD HEAL.

Some of the off-the-wall personalities were fun, like Super Dave suggesting that Doc Robbins giggles at cat videos all day and then chases David out of the room when the CSIs come down so he can take all the credit (HAHAHA, BEST).  Drunk!Brass, not so much.  Langston-as-Hodges, go ahead and shoot me now to escape the crippling embarrassment.

As for the B case, um...I am not really clear how some unpleasant but easily-treated food poisoning constitutes a possible class B felony.  Really? How could you POSSIBLY prove malicious intent on that one?  And more to the point, even if you could imply it beyond reasonable doubt, how is that even punishable by law at all?  I am reasonably certain it did no more damage than gluing Henry's face to his locker did.

Incidentally, I'm also not clear on how the CSI crew failed to find the victim's passport amidst the rubble.  Really?  I'm all for field mouse glory, especially when Mandy is involved, but that seems like an obvious honkin' piece of evidence.  Are you sure this wasn't a day shift case?
I should probably take a break now. 
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