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Blow in, blow out, roll on with my life.

Wow - even accounting for the episodes I skipped/skimmed, this may be the fastest I have ever gotten through a season of anything since The Office. 

CSI finale: Doctor Who/Meat Jekyll
* Boss!Catherine for the win.  "I'm diagnosing you.  You've got the Whatever virus.  Take a sick day."  Langston has finally, at least temporarily, returned to the fallible newbie he is, and getting called on his pigheadedness and flaunting of rules/guidelines.  Good-good.

* Sara & Greg showed up with bagels.  Yeah, I read things into it.  Hey, I keep forgetting to look, did Sara wear a ring this year?  Because if not, my personal canon says someone definitely complimented them on being a cute couple.  Invent a context for that remark.

"He might be planning something special for you."  Speaks Sara from personal experience, and I relish that allusion.

* Nate Haskell is a creepy serial killer.  The improperly named Jekyll, not so much.

* I honestly had no memory of the whole Angel of Death thing they referenced all season.  See, that's the sort of thing that falls under "Ray backstory, meh" and thus gets wiped out of my head.

* I'm worried about how badly I wanted Langston to be evil.  I suddenly understood all those people who wanted Sara to be the MCSK.

* I'm also worried by how badly I want Langston to bleed out on the floor beside a cell.  Injury doesn't work the same for all characters, show!  I feel nothing for Dr. Ray (incidentally: I see Horatio managed to imprint his nickname after all.  Curious).

* Needless to say, I really liked the five minutes in which the team banded together in the locker room and was briefly suspicious of his lack of trust

* Still, I loved the whole homicide (unofficial term for a group of CSIs, courtesy of Stellaluna) poking around the dusty restaurant.  You never get to see them all at one scene, absent of Brass or squad cars or other cops milling around outside the scene.

*  Suddenly Nick is a BAMF.  Nice.  I also like that everyone has paid their injury dues, and now we get to come back for seconds.  Any time you can simultaneously make Nick a crafty serial-killer-killing hero and put him in the hospital with a mild GSW, I'm there.  Bonus moment: Sara offers to drive him home, despite his insistence that she is a terrible driver.  Hah!

* All things considered, that was a whole lot more fun than last year's finale, wasn't it?  And on the bright side, I only have to wait 2 months to close this completely unsuspenseful cliffhanger.

Season Overall: Yeah, that handily clobbered season 6 right out of the "worst year ever" title.  It just took so long to get going.  I still can't figure out how that was possible in a year full of Sara and no extraneous blonde women, but it was.  Hell, even 6 has "Gum Drops" to stand out as a series highlight.  There aren't really any I'm going to remember as noteworthy here. 

Which means I'm going to attempt a ranked episode list, but it's a confusing blur of details and I don't feel confident about any of their placements except #1.  All I know is that the ones before the line were watchable, and the ones after the line all mushed together in boredom, something that normally only describes 2-4 episodes per season.

1. Lost & Found
2. Appendicitement
3. Family Affair
4. World's End
5. Field Mice
6. Ghost Town
7. The Lost Girls
8. Irradiator (upon considering replay value, this just takes quite a tumble, doesn't it?)
9. Meat Jekyll
10. Doctor Who
11. Bloodsport
12. Lover's Lanes
13. Unshockable
14. Neverland
15. Internal Combustion
16. Coup de Grace
17. Working Stiffs
18. Take My Life, Please!
19. Death and the Maiden
20. Better Off Dead
21. Sin City Blue
22. Long Ball
23. That unmentionable 10x16

Meant to finish up CSI: NY now too, except then I read this summary:
While Mac recuperates at home after being injured, he witnesses a mysterious briefcase exchange that leads to a murder, and unexpectedly brings him in contact with his former girlfriend, Peyton Driscoll

SORRY, BRAIN JUST ASPLODED, CANNOT DEAL.  (How was I not aware of this!  How!)

*3 hours of mental processing time + 40 minutes of viewing time later*
AND I'M OFFICIALLY DEAD.  I thought 21 took a lot out of me?  Pshh.  Nope.  22 is where it's at.  22 laid me flat out on the floor in overwhelming shock and awe and, and, geeze.  Record-breaking streak of home runs this year, wasn't it?  (or, 'guess which show isn't getting banished to storage this fall')
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