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Antiquing in the Attic, and other adventures

1.My brother has recently developed an interest in helping clean out the basement, which to some extent has involved also reorganizing the attics as things get shifted around to various new storage spaces, and yes: it is basically like excavating pyramid tombs, as far as riches go.  Metaphorical riches, mostly.  Here is a not-all-inclusive list of things we have discovered:

* Two miniature and two standard-sized sleepy-eye dolls my mom had in the 50's.

* And the 60s Barbie & Skipper carrying case (hers has more drawers, as well as a bunch of old clothes inside)

* New-in-package figurines of Pee Wee Herman, Chairry, and Bart Simpson - apparently Dad snagged them on $1.98 clearance thinking that they might appreciate in value. Not entirely untrue.

* Mom's box of college papers. MY FAVORITE PIECE: a collection of juvenile book reviews written for an education course.  "I've read like half of these!" I crow, flipping through the pages at the likes of "The Moffats" and "Call it Courage," and then die of laughter when I see "A Girl Like Me." Otherwise known as one of the hilarious-in-retrospect late 60's cautionary tales about teen pregnancy (or "unwed mothers") that I bought a copy of for a dime at a garage sale a few years ago.  XD

* Also in said box: a federation dinar from Yugoslavia, 1965

* And a slew of cute achievement awards from grade school for reading "16 or more books" during various academic years.

* 1950s/60s Disney comics

* 1950s Disneyland souvenirs: Donald Duck flipbook, charcoal sketch, two Pluto statues, and a miniature camera

* A pair of my grandmother's "Dutch boy and girl" salt-and-pepper shakers from the Ceramic Art Studio, which was only in business from 1940-1955.

* A wooden Hummel wall plaque my mom bought in Austria, early 1970s

* 1916 game: "Hearts," but something featuring letter dice rather than cards

* 48 Games: the biggest collection of fun ever stored in one box (okay, I've played with this one a fair amount, but wanted to mention it)

* A box of Christmas ornaments that mysteriously parted ways with the other boxes some years back ("Oh, so that's where this ornament was...").  Fact: we probably have enough ornaments to trim three 7-foot trees.  They're all just so cool!  This box had several neat ones dating to the 20's & 30's, though.

More Recently/Relevant to Me
* A whole box of books I didn't even know I still had - Boxcar Children!  Babysitters Club!  Goosebumps/Fear Street!  Meet Samantha & Addy!  Plus a couple of my mom's books that for some reason I put into storage, even though they are AWESOME and better than the ones I left on my shelf.

* The My Little Ponies I haven't seen in 5 years!  Mostly okay.  A couple of them got squished under the weight of the others, though, and I'm not sure they'll ever fully bounce back - their bodies seem out of alignment with their forelegs.  :(  But I repacked them so the adults are all standing up and there's just one layer of babies lying across their backs.  Also found the pony boutique!  Did not find the pony stable.  Pony carrying-case/stable was secondhand when I got it, and might have fallen apart too much until it got scrapped.

* The Barbies I haven't seen in closer to 10 years!  My, their hair gets snarly.  Can't find my cool newer roller skating/gymnast Barbies, though, which were the only ones of mine that had bendable elbows/knees.  I think I might have gone all stupid and sold those three.

Still, most of them are around, including my first: Western Barbie, complete with horse...neither of which look anywhere near that good anymore.  And a decent smattering of accessories.  Also, I love how like half my collection is clad in a swimsuit.  I guess I was into beach-themed dolls.  Maybe to go along with the Hawaiian playset? (god, I have lost like 80% of those accessories).  You have no idea how much my mom hated using the pineapple ice crusher I was always begging for help with.

* The Puppy in my Pocket hotel!  I DIDN'T get rid of it!!  (although I lost all the accessories)  I even still have the box, minus the top flap and looking a bit worse for the wear.

* The Polly Pockets!  I didn't get rid of them either!  The exclamation points have probably lost all meaning by now!

* Ooh, Toy Story 2 soundtrack on cassette tape.  Yeah, that's right, we still bought tapes in '99.

2. Proud/Exciting Moment of the Day: I MADE AWESOME CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long.  We suspect the secret is that, when I ran out of flour at the end, we substituted 1/4 cup of ground oats (unless it was the Splenda.  Or the slightly softer than usual margarine - but I've been comparing recipes lately, and seen a few people swear by a flour-and-oat mixture).  Anyway, the end result is that instead of spreading out and getting crispy, they stayed mostly in place and puffed up to the softest little domes I've ever tasted.  They're like morsels of heaven.  I made 40, and at this rate suspect they will be gone in under 48 hours.

3. Dear Glee tie-in novel #1: remember how I was hoping you wouldn't suck?  I'm still hoping, but based on the excerpts published in Entertainment Weekly, I am not sure I can admit you as canon, either.

Now Rachel's section I like; that one definitely sounds good so far (this just in, I LOVE HER), and I might even be marginally willing to accept the theory that Puck's all stupid in secret love with Quinn, but I am not taking Finn & Quinn's perspectives at all.  Power couples are power couples for a reason.  They don't happen overnight, and generally they involve people being in love.

Quinn did not spend her time before bed daydreaming about Puck's "warm, strong hands on her hips" and Finn did not get a funny feeling every time he saw that the girl he thinks is named Rachel Berry in the hall.  Things were not on the verge of changing prior to glee club's formation, at least not on Finn's end.  Pre-series is like the one place you can fully embrace their relationship.  Why would you take that away from me?

New fandom-wide fanfic challenge: write the prequel better.  Actually, I still think this fic - despite being a very brief series of vignettes rather than novel length - is already the best preseries stuff ever.

P.S. Community, why/how so great? I don't review it, I barely remember to watch it, I still haven't seen half the episodes, there are no attractive guys*, and all of my ships center around Jeff despite the fact that I am still adjusting to the notion of not hating Joel McHale's face.  And yet, it's just always there, in the background, being SUPER AWESOME whenever I check it out.  It's like the unicorn of TV.   An enchanting, mythical creature so wonderful and breathtaking at every turn, it can't possibly exist.  And yet it does, in a way where I can't even imagine NBC Thursday without it.

* Please focus on other aspects of this paragraph.  I just had to say it, because attractive male characters are an important part of how I judge quality TV
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