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(this post just kind of grew all day, sorry)

Sooo...I went to the mall today because it's my turn to spend the $10 Kohl's card (scored 2 pretty T-shirts; out of pocket cost: $3.99), and while I was there, I strolled around Barnes and Noble.  And it seduced me.I was only expecting to browse a bit and laugh at the cost, but instead I wandered about in a daze going "BARGAIN BOOKS!  Brand new shiny hardcover books, so many for the reasonable new-book price of $5-10!"  I feel dangerously as though, were I the kind of person with a steady income, I might actually shop there.

Since when I am into shiny new things?  Since now, apparently.  Not that I don't still plan to buy 90% of my books secondhand and/or from libraries, I'm just saying, there was an awful lot to tempt me.  Even the gross coffee shop seems to have confined itself to such a small section of the store that I could almost ignore it.  I couldn't believe how much floor space it devoted strictly to books, all of them so glossy and appealing...

The YA section was still broken, though.  Do you know how hard I had to look to find a normal dramatic and/or coming-of-age novel?  Really hard.  It has actually gotten worse since 2008; previously bombarded by nauseating juvenile chick lit, now even that is shoved aside (or transformed into series books) in favor of sci-fi, fantasy/magic & paranormal.  EVERYWHERE.  I had to actually hunt title by title to pick out the ordinary stories, lucky to find a copy or two mixed in between a dozen of some non-Twilight vampire book and another dozen of Michael Grant's miniseries.  A lot of what didn't fit strictly into one of those genres at least had an element of magic running through it.  Young teenagers: why so stupid and unsatisfied by the real world these days?

While we're on the topic: does anyone else keep a list of books they plan to buy?  I know a lot of people have lists of books they plan to read, but I always find that stuff just by browsing library shelves.  Instead I have a list of really good books - mostly ones I've already read - that I keep an eye out for at every sale or used bookstore I visit so I can add gems to my collection*.
*Yes, the collection where half of it lives in boxes because I still believe that one day, I will have my own apartment I can fill with bookcases

And now, for no particular reason other than "I found it on my computer," I'm sharing that document with you.  Most of the list is already hardwired into my brain, but I keep a physical digital copy because it's fun to cross off things knowing you got them all by pure chance.

Note: titles separated by a slash indicate sequels, kept on one line for simplicity.  Authors generally not included, because that was unnecessary work.

EDIT: Titles in blue represent books purchased after this post was published.E
EDIT #2: Titles in grey represent books no longer on my want list by 2015.]

A Certain Slant of Light [and since sold! lol]
A Girl of the Limberlost
A Horse for XYZ
And Condors Danced
Angus and the Cat (picture book. applies to all Angus books.)
Ark, The / Rowan Farm
Bandoola - J.H. Williams
Before Green Gables
Bel Ria: Dog of War
Best Little Girl in the World
Comanche of the 7th
Doctor Who: The Stone Rose (or any other 9th/10th Doctor book)
Dr. Dolittle
Every Crooked Pot
Everything Beautiful in the World
Final Grades
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
Fox and the Hound
Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Hunger Scream, the
Just Horses
Last Unicorn, the
Le Petit Prince & The Little Prince
Lord God Made Them All, the
Mansfield Park
Movies in Fifteen Minutes
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books
Multiple Choice
Mystery of Pony Hollow / Mystery of Pony Hollow Panda
Nop’s Trials
Peter and Wendy (vintage only)
Pig Out Blues, the
Return to Gone-Away
Riding Lessons (& maybe better copy of Flying Changes)
Sabine's Notebook / The Golden Mean
Savage Sam
Scarlet Letter, the
Shadow Horse
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1-3 (hardcover)
Stealing Thunder
Tales of Beedle the Bard
Teach Me
Thirteenth Tale, the
Tiger Roan
Tomorrow, When the War Began/sequels (Marsden)
Touching Spirit Bear
Unicorns in the Rain

Waiting for Normal
Whatever Happened to Lani Garver?
Whinny of the Wild Horses
Witch Child / Sorceress
You Know Where to Find Me

*Any By These Authors:

  • Austen, Jane

  • Block, Francesca Lia

  • Bronte, Charlotte/Emily/Anne

  • Dahl, Roald

  • Doty, Jean Slaughter

  • Henry, Marguerite (vintage hardcovers with color illustrations)

  • Kjelgaard, Jim

  • Lyons, Dorothy

  • Terhune, Albert Payson

(*A general guideline.  Most of these authors are prolific enough that I'm still missing at least half their collection, but for others - namely the classics - I have copies in some form but am looking to upgrade to either more vintage books or newer and fancier-looking shelf copies)

Last, having worked myself into a bargain-hunting tizzy, I popped by a couple of garage sales.

What did I buy at the first one?  Um, well, despite the disparaging remarks I made about the Glee tie-in novels just last night, I maybe bought a pair of The O.C. tie-in novels for a quarter apiece.  I'm weak like that.  Well, one's a tie-in novel ("Spring Break"); the other appears to be an abridged novelization of the early part of season 1 ("The Outsider").  But from what I've flipped through in the latter, bearing in mind I haven't seen the show in over 3 years, it's doing a pretty great job.  I love having my TV shows condensed into convenient, portable, electricity-free book form!

Also, haha, I try not to see slash anywhere, much less everywhere, but there is a nice little tidbit about 5 pages into the spring break one in which mild airplane turbulence has Ryan terrified and convinced they are about to crash, which or may or may not involve him emitting an "agonized little shriek" and holding onto Seth's wrist with a white-knuckled death grip.  What.  XD

Sale 2
And oh, I am so very glad I made one last-ditch effort to get on my bike 45 minutes before the other sale closed, because I found...

PONIES!  Original My Little Ponies, to be exact, 3 of them, for 25 cents each.  One (fuzzy pegasus) adult and two babies.  Of course they're in played-with condition and one of the babies has had her forelock snipped, but that is as cheap as any vintage pony can possibly come.  You may or may not be aware that when I go out to garage sales, I check out a wide variety, but I am always seeking two holy grails: books from the above list, and old-school My Little Ponies.  TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY.  $5.25 for two paperbacks, 3 ponies and a pair of shirts.
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