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I think I need a supplemental icon for this show.

Busy week ahead.  Kicking this out while I have a minute (although that minute is between midnight and 5 AM, which means only rambling insanity can come of this) --

CSI: NY, 6x22, "Point of View"
You know how sometimes, an entire episode is so great that you just go SQUEEEEEE! and never find a way to say anything else about it?

I was tempted to do that again, because words seemed quite impossible, but I have always been deeply disappointed by my lack of a review for 'Silent Night.'  I wanted proper commentary for this masterpiece.  
Oh look!  The last piece of my morbid Harper's Island-style AU is complete: Mac takes a fatal header over a railing, leaving Lindsay* to pack her bags with Lucy and start over in a third new place.  Maybe this time she'll go south.  Someplace it's always warm, and the sunlight gives the illusion that nothing bad ever happens.
*Assuming the finale does not give me an opening for a plausible, non-Danny-centric way in which Shane Casey could still bust out of jail and hunt her down.  Then there's just no point at all and I'll have to let somebody else live.  Possibly in a way where Danny just keeps miraculously escaping everything that should have killed him several times over. 

And now, explosively flaily ways in which I love this episode:

1. Mac gets hurt.  Sorry, always going to be my favorite part of crime dramas; it's a thing!  Unconsciousness *and* broken ribs plus arm cast and definitive proof that he was banished from work for a whole week?  Enjoying this.  Oh, and then with Flack on the immediate scene, I flashed back to a juxtaposed Charge of this Post place, and it was lovely - there weren't even any Marine flashbacks to mess it up.

2. Claire Forlanai, live and in the flesh!  Even after the summary, I figured we'd just get an e-mail or maybe a phone call.  When I saw her name in the guest credits, I fell over.  By the time she actually appeared on screen, I just exploded with love and remembered why I adore her/how she helped clobber D/L out of their #1 NY ship rank even before season 3 ended. But I'll get to that.

3. OH GOSH, I LOVE STELLA.  And her friendship with Mac is currently my favorite thing about this show (why is she leaving, why!), so having a whole segment in which she brings over Chinese takeout to lessen the pain of the 1353542 forms that need signing ("You need all this stuff by tonight?  You show me no mercy."), and is all, "Mac Taylor!  You're spying on your neighbors!" and otherwise checking in on his laid-up self, generally makes this the best day ever. 

3a. Who wrote this magical episode, anyway?  Pam Veasey?  Hmm.  She's got a fair number of misses in her arsenal, but she's also responsible for a lot of the best character interaction, so I guess this isn't unusual.  

4. Seriously, this is my favorite day.  Mac Taylor really is spying on his neighbors.  With binoculars!  Enjoying the soap opera of his apartment complex!  I will ignore the ludicrous way in which of course he finds himself embroiled in srs crime bsns, because I love everything about how they set it up.

(Remind me to always keep my blinds shut if I live in a high rise, k?)

5. Mac's apartment.  <3  A shelf full of old books.    Little to no patience for Adam's mancrushing and gawking.  ("No way.  Is this really Namath's signature?" / "Yes.  Put the football down, Adam.") All kinds of lovely curios and decorative ojects, including a 'rare and fragile' ball chain machine which I have never heard of before but am now obsessed with.  You know that list of TV boyfriends I keep meaning to update?  Uh, Mac needs to go higher on it.  Like maybe even kick Flack down a notch.  On a related note, whoever designed this set is my hero.

6. Approximate English-language translation of noise made upon seeing Peyton: Flllllllllllllllsjadlfjasldf sdfburbuerasdud. You figure out how to pronounce it.  What I find most curious is that Mac never deleted her number.  I will assume that was an oversight, but I don't know...let's call it subconscious hope.  Wait, crap, Aubrey exists now. 

7. That was actually the worst part of this whole thing - trying to agonizingly straddle the two ships I sail with equal fervor.  You know, because Mac/Peyton wasn't already strained in season 3 by my persistently nagging ache for Mac/Claire despite her notable handicap of being dead.  Um, can we throw some of these pretty ladies out the Vegas way?  Nick & Greg could use some love.  Even if it is too late to combat the massive slash faction that has grown around them as a direct consequence of TPTB's slacking in that department.

8. Flashbacks!  They actually gave me a whirling montage of real Mac/Peyton clips!  Could this episode be any better?  Surprisingly, yes.

9. They have not lost their dazzling chemistry at all!  My brain's just a giddy blur over them sharing a screen again.  I even like them taking good-natured jabs about one another's hypothetical new love interests.  But mostly I like their spirited competition from opposite sides of the case before, per usual, Mac proved to be right  (although not without throwing out some creepily stalkerish-sounding things like "Took me a while to tack down your number. . . you look great," & some paranoid-sounding ravings along the way, both of which were entertaining in their own right)

"I can make this all much easier -- I could just ask Kevin over dinner if he happened to kill his bird and his friend."
"And ruin all the fun?"

10. Investigative teamwork via phone contact & picture windows!  This is almost like Mulder and Scully.  Makeshift fingerprint-lifting kit, adorable!  ("Oh, now you're showing off.") 

11. Peyton & Stella are my new favorite buddyship.  Warm hugs, the eye-rolly look they share when Mac stubbornly brushes aside Peyton's brief triumph to insist it could still be poison...awesome.

"I'm so sorry for the way I ended everything.  You deserved so much better than that."  I didn't even realize how much I needed to hear this until she was saying it. 
"I understand the choice you made.  I just don't understand how you handled it.  You gave me no chance."

"I missed you."
*bliss coma*  I'm, uh, just going to replay that a few times and then maybe go think hard about the first couple of season 4 episodes.

13. Me watching the awkward almost-kiss: "No.  Yes.  No?  I don't knooooow.  No, no, no, why are you torturing me; man, I have not been this tempted to let one of my ships cheat since the days of hating Addison on GA.  Don't do it, think of Aubrey!  // I don't care, THEY ARE SO PRETTY AND I NEED ONE MORE."  As near as I can tell from my surprising disappointment when his lack of encouragement stopped her, the latter feeling won my brain's battle.

14. You can imagine my feelings about "Dr. Hunter?  We're just friends."  (If you can't imagine it, they were along the lines of 'what!  Then why did you just deprive me of a kiss?  Rawwwwr keyboardy-smash')

And this part.  I love all of this.
"We started out as friends."  Insights, I like them.
"You jealous?"
"Good."  He is smirking.  Favorite day, take 25
*scandalized gasp* *punches him*
"Ow!  I'm stil wounded here, you know."

15. Almost making up for #13: HUG.  REALLY LONG CHEEK KISS.  CONTINUED CLINGING.  Um.  Bluh.  *cross-eyed with happiness*  I'm just going to...stare at her holding onto him for a while, maybe take it out of context & back to a season 3 place.  Eventually I'll round up the rest of the my we are.

16. In the middle of all this frenzied intensity -- small note of sadness that there was no room for Aubrey.  However, I like that the orchid/note provided a convenient way for Peyton to find out about her existence, and that since her name's on the prescription I feel free to assume that if she wasn't working when they brought him in, her connection to the ER grapevine at least brought her over in time to catch him in recovery.  Maybe there was some teasing about how he didn't need to prove how tough he was to get her attention.

17. Plot.  Um.  Was there a plot?  Right, the whole Peyton's-former-colleague-decides-to-show-how-easy-bioterrorism-is-via-actual-act-of-terrorism.  I actually don't mind that plot device so much, even though it's been used before, because this story was relatively clever and entertaining. 

18. Just, one thing -- CNSRVTO is "all" you got?  Anyone who coundn't figure that out with half those letters should be punched.

19. Also, wasps are the most terrifying body-detection tool ever used.  The only redeeming factor was the unholy gleam in Mac's eye upon assigning Adam to be the wasp-walker.

20. Lindsay had a really pretty reddish floral-pattern...tunic?  Shirt dress?  I am in love with her outfits lately. 

21. I appreciated that, despite how Mac blustered his way onto the case despite claiming the day before that it even hurt to inhale, his limited mobility still confined him to grabbing Peyton & then going on screen-watch duty, rather than taking out Kevin himself.  Minor realism!

22. Oh!  The knocking around isn't even limited to Mac; I almost forgot that Flack & Danny had a joint roof takedown after good old Professor Scott attempted to blind the former (this is just not a good week for the detectives vs. armed suspects).

23. Also -- is Danny really just letting Shane run all over town spending his money?  I mean...sure, it's helpful to keep tabs on the guy, but shouldn't he have had the debit card canceled approximately the second it got stolen? 

24. Anyway, overwhelming feeling: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. 

And a bit frazzled: I thought had my gold, silver & bronze for this season was all locked up with episodes 8-10, plus "Unusual Suspects" pushing a very close yet comfortable fourth, but then this came along and now I don't know what to do.  Is it my favorite of the season?  Maybe!  But surely nothing could be better than Cuckoo's Nest!  But then Death House was such fun too - and surely I can't push Manhattanhenge any farther away from Cuckoo's Nest... WHY SO FANTASTIC, SEASON 6?  This finale better be a step down in the awesome department, is all I can say, or my head will explode.

Speaking of which, just in case the finale does go to pot, I'm going to state for the record that season 6 is the most fun I've had since the third year.  New season ranking goes 3, 6, 2, 5, 4, and then I haven't seen 1 recently enough to know where it belongs.

Now I'm just babbling because I don't want to move on to the last episode and then have to wait 2 whole months for the next.

P.S. Every time I look through Animalia, I manage to discover something new.  Every single time - sometimes it's a literally new image, other times a matter of vocabulary I didn't have last time I looked.  Today's discovery?  D is for Dalek!!  And now that I think about it, I bet that man standing beside it is the Doctor, Tom Baker style.  *is pleased*  
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