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On second thought, this has been a pretty great July, garage-sale-wise

Spectacular luck today.  I biked to a few sales that didn't have much to look at, but on the way home, I had to make two different route choices.  In both cases, I turned correctly and happened upon sales that weren't advertised online/in the paper, but contained treasure!

Sale 1: $1.00: My Little Pony.  The really exciting part was that I found her amidst five newer ponies.  It was like, glance, pan, HELLO OLD SCHOOL!  Per usual, she is in a rough shape, as specifically she is a Brush-n-Grow pony (whose tail doesn't grow), and her name was once "Ringlets," but that's now a misnomer since her mane is stick-straight.  Still.  Pony!  Ponies can be made prettier via cleaning.

Sale 2: 35 cents: 4 vintage children's books

-Mystery on Echo Ridge - Mary C. Jane (1959).  Slim Scholastic paperback and the back is stained, but seriously, it was a nickel.

-The Happy Hollisters and the Cuckoo Clock Mystery / Trading Post Mystery (1963) - Jerry West.  I've actually never heard of these, but they reminded me of Bobbsey Twins, and I'll take anything old.  Even though I'm not really that fond of mystery or series books, and since they're just plain red covers I probably would have left them behind if they'd been any more expensive.  But bargains and old things -- oh, damn.  I just opened one up and the back cover peeled away from the spine, exposing the netting.  %(*&%#!   

-Hunt the Mountain Lion (1960) - Gus Tavo.  PRESTO!  Ranch/horse/wildlife story!  Eternally tough library binding!  But best of all, the guy said he'd had this book since he was about 8 years old, and that he'd even put it in the last garage sale but nobody wanted it.  Hahaha!  YOUR LOSS, EVERYBODY WHO DIDN'T BUY IT. This is exactly the type of book I go to sales hoping to find - bonus points for being a story I haven't read, because this is about the only genre I can trust to be good 99% of the time.
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