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While I am on the theme of epic finales:

[edit: Wow, this got way longer than expected.  See what happens when I don't go into exhaustive detail?  I just spend the extra space/time babbling.  The tl;dr version is "Every crazy hope my brain has ever had just came true.  I thought that only happened on Glee."]

CSI: NY, 6x23, "Vacation Getaway"
Were there massive plot holes?  Yes.  Do I feel strongly that neither Anna nor Carmine are great actors, especially when it comes to personal stuff?  Yes.  Does any of this matter?  No.  I choose to embrace this episode for the script, which was a heady cocktail of Potentially Tragic Scenarios mixed with domesticity.  You swirl enough of those elements together, plot becomes irrelevant in the face of theme.

I'm relishing the story's elements and ideas as a spectacular fanfic.  My imagination can embellish and smooth away any awkward wording or stiff interaction; all I need are the raw ingredients.  Getting to have video on top of my imagination suddenly becomes two layers of icing on the cake.

Quick detour for plot overview: exciting and intriguing, I treasured every second of Stella like I'd never see her again (OH WAIT), Flack is love, so is Mac speaking Latin, and -- oh, screw this, the plot was most exciting because it kept cutting over to the side plot.

Monsieur, Madame, et Mademoiselle Messer
DANNY/LINDSAY/LUCY, HEY THERE, HI, HELLO.  FYI, your regular RS has been replaced by Past Me from 2007, thus ensuring that instead of the crankypants fan who complains about their lack of chemistry (just once, can Danny say "I love you" and sound sincere?), you will have Sunny Hat of Optimism Girl flush with excitement about how much she gets to see of her favorite ship.  This is everything I ever wanted them to be, and more.  And it just kept coming!  Surely not 100% of the family scenes were necessary for plot advancement.  You could have cut it all down by half and still gotten the point across, but no!  You dawdled in their personal life, fluffed it up and extended scenes left and right for maximum cute effect.  I love you.  Sincerely.

I mean, aside from Lindsay's truly disturbing murder fantasy (which I like to imagine she first concocted back in '08, right after she suspected him of cheating) - though I'll grant you "I'm genuinely frightened.  I don't want to go on this vacation," was almost worth it - we have Lucy being an adorable scrunch-face, both of them being amazing parents, too much vacation cuteness for words, and somehow they even find time in there for a couple of kisses. 

Mostly it's the vacation cuteness that gets to me.  I don't know which of my internal organs exploded in there, but I do know that Lindsay was more playful and adorable and WONDERFUL than anything in recent history.  I think it was the sandcastle role-playing for Lucy.  Or maybe it was her imitation of Danny's crabby 60-year-old voice.  No, definitely the sandcastle.  Cutest mom ever!  Plus I am still reeling over this new world in which I acknowledge that Danny is really a dad.

(pause for half an hour in order to reminisce about how amazing it was, and I am still not even at the lighthouse)

Hey, remember a year ago when I was all, "What would make me ship D/L again?  Any sort of threat, immediate or sustained, to Lindsay and/or Lucy that would bring out Danny's Protective Alpha Male Syndrome."  I checked that off in the premiere; who knew it would come back for another round?  While slightly indirect, having a gun pointed at you while you're with your family counts as a brief threat against them.  Especially if you are holding your daughter at the time.  See also, Wildly Improbable Scenarios I Am Always Trying To Make Happen in Canon.  Success!  "Babe, take her and go.  Please."

(Meanwhile my brain is going to run with the fact that there is no reason at all Danny is still alive.  It was barely sunset when they went up, but by the time the team arrived, it was completely dark.  Shane Casey could have done a 20-minute Evil Overlord monologue before killing him and still had time to spare.)

Seriously, though.  This happened!  And now I have a detailed context to apply to all kinds of other 'ships in my arsenal, expanding my daydream playground.  It's the gift pack that keeps on giving.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE.  Stella with a supportive arm around Lindsay (God I'm going to miss their dynamic), and post-danger reunion hugs.  Nobody's ever going to do it as well as Numb3rs or ER, but then neither of those had an adorable 1-year-old on the scene, either - don't tell anyone, but kissing Lucy might have been the bigger highlight of that scene for me.  The music was really gorgeous, too.  That's helpful when you plan to repeat a scene 1100 times in a row until every note is burned into your brain.  Oh!  And off to the side, Flack's slipped an arm around Stella as they look on.  This is like the magic of Snow Day all over again!

BONUS SCENE: cuddling in bed.  With approximately every component I could ask for.  I could walk us through every second, but at this point I'm in a shipper's daze.

BONUS BONUS SCENE (my god, it just doesn't end!), featuring yet more gun face-offs* and potential for Lucy in danger.  With a helping of my other favorite trope, home invasion.  And a cliffhanger that had me howling until I remembered that I could look up spoilers, which promptly took the edge off my tightly-wound self, while still offering tantalizing tidbits of things to come.  Perfect!

*This time there is officially no excuse for Shane not pulling the trigger immediately.  The ten second delay he spent chuckling was way too long.

Other Running Commentary Notes I Want to Save
"This guy's insane!"
"You have no idea!"
Cannot decide if Flack's wild Casey-nabbing heroics were cool, or just misguided and foolish risk-taking. 

"You know what tomorrow's headline is going to be?  Woman allegedly kills her husband for not helping with the laundry."

"Self-defense.  She's going with self defense!"  Lucy's face is the most adorable thing ever.  (Who am I?  Clearly I've reprogrammed my anti-child button to allow exemptions for the offspring of fictional couples, as an extended branch of shipping)

Hey look, flashbacks to when Danny was still mildly attractive.

Stella takes Adam's keyboard.  "Seriously?"  Heh.

"But Danny's more like me that way, rather pay cash than bills."  I like the tidbit about Flack as much as I like the fact that he knows this.

Wait, so the team is just going to charge in and rifle through their apartment?  Yes, I understand why, but that also seems like an unsettling thing to have happen without your knowledge.

"Get out of here."
"Go to hell."

So much love for Flack being the first one up there with Danny, even if their interaction was minimal and understated.  I'm clinging to the hand on the shoulder.  On a related note, I have a sudden and desperate need for him to spend more time with this family.  Can you even imagine the priceless interaction of Flack + Lucy?  Go ahead, I'll wait for your organs to reshape themselves. 

Cliffhanger: SERIOUSLY?!  Also, when the spoilers reported Melina wouldn't be returning, do you think maybe it was an elaborate long con that will result in Carmine leaving instead?  I dream big.

P.S. Since my new hobby is thinking of things we'll lose out on without Stella, here's another one: that's one less proxy aunt Lucy will have!  Barring a swift cancellation or change of plans, when she grows up with an extended lab family, Stella won't be among the people she knows.  :(

ConclusionIf Pam Veasey suddenly makes all one's dreams come true, does it excuse her from previously sledgehammering all your dreams out of existence for 2+ years?

1. Cuckoo's Nest
2. Point of View
3. Death House
4. Manhattanhenge (and no, I still do not know this got separated so far from CN, except that the differences among the top tier are measured in, like, tenths of a point)
5. Unusual Suspects
6. Vacation Getaway
7. Epilogue (debating flipping its position with the finale.  Don't remember details well enough)
8. Pot of Gold
9. Lat/Long
10. Rest in Peace, Marina Garito
11. Dead Reckoning
12. Second Chances [Christmas]
13. Redemptio
14. Battle Scars
15. It Happened to Me
16. Sanguine Love
17. Uncertainty Rules (cinematography/casting eclipses story, apparently)
18. Hammer Down
19. Blacklist
20. Criminal Justice
21. The Formula (does it shock you to learn that one Mac/Stella scene beats out a Danny subplot, all main plots being equally terrible?)
22. Flag on the Play
23. Notes from the Undercard
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