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NCIS: Friends and Lovers

It's really not good when you spend a generous portion of the episode with your head tucked under your arms, moaning "Make it stop!  Make it stop!!"

First of all, maggots?  MAGGOTS CRAWLING AROUND ON BODIES?  Show, you don't need to compete with CSI to see who can be the grossest.  It's okay.  Really, I'll still love you.  So let's not ever do that again, okay?  I. Hate.  Squirmy things.

Second of all, I'm not kidding - watching Tony's dates with Jeanne has become the equivalent of torture.  I lost track of how many minutes of it we had to sit through, but it was way more than should ever be spent with an outside character on a crime drama.  I am tired of this whole silly business about Tony falling in love.  And it is honestly not because of my Tiva predilection-bordering-on-obsession, it is because Tony and Jeanne _have_no_chemistry.  Once upon a time I thought they did, but that was back when I thought she was maybe a 3-episode character.  Not sticking around the whole season being a plot device.  When Tony gets his stupid-in-love look on, it just looks fake. 

When I first saw this show, I recognized Michael Weatherly as Eyes Only from Dark Angel.  It was such a contrast from the soft-spoken, quiet character I knew that it took literally almost five episodes for me to believe that was how the character of DiNozzo really was, as opposed to Eyes (I forget his real name) pretending to be an obnoxious jerk.   That's what I feel like here - like it's all pretend.  This feeling is slowly but surely driving me insane.

I still don't get why Jeanne wouldn't let Tony help her out with her ex-boyfriend STALKER.  Was she worried about some kind of immunity granted among law enforcement agents?  I also don't get she wouldn't tell her STALKER she was seeing someone else.  Those were some pretty lame excuses she gave to Tony. 

I also continue to hate Lee and her dirty Jimmy-molesting ways.  Having her nearly put out one of Gibbs' pretty eyes with a throwing knife, accidentally or not, did not win her any points in my favor.  Though I was amused by him whining to Jenny that "this...LEGAL person!" wouldn't get him a warrant.  Don't even try to look cute and innocent, Michelle.  Gibbs only had one biological daughter; he only needs one substitute daughter.  Her name is Abby.  (So, I think in my furious pursuit of Gibbs/Dear Jenny tidbits, I might have weaned myself off GAbby as a romantic pairing.  After that comment, at least, one would HOPE I had)

Interesting things:
The MO of the case was pretty interesting. But out of curiosity, doesn't that make about three in a row where they've investigated a death due to poison?

when the other agent asked him if he was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and Tony said something about "not wanting to live a lie."  Speculation on boards has cautiously renewed my optimism that this whole relationship is or at least started out as a mission.  That doesn't sound quite right in my head, but my initial reaction was simply that he was worried about being involved in undercover missions and having to keep them secret from her, so what do I know.  Le Grand Season Finale is still very much in play and she has to be connected to them one way or another.  Which reminds me, I am still waiting for an answer about who is photographing Tony and why.

And the ending...well, kiss my grits!  Detective [John] is her stalker ex!   I never saw that coming - really, I didn't - I thought maybe her ex would turn out to be one of the people connected with La Grenouille.   I have le frog on the brain.  And frankly, I'm a little disappointed...John didn't seem at all crazy to me, and no matter how much you love and miss someone, leaving them eleventy billion voice messages and e-mails after they've told you to stop crosses the line of crazy.

There were *some* good things about this episode.  #1, Ziva leading a mini class (composed of Tony, McGee and Lee - huh? Isn't she in the legal deparment now?  Abby probably sees more field action than her) on deadly knife throwing.  For real.  As ordered by Gibbs, despite my (and McGee's) prolonged skepticism over this fact - because NCIS issues them handguns for this purpose.  Ziva: "In Moussad, we have a saying: knives don't run out of bullets."  I'm a little disappointed that Tony yawned his way through her lecture and still threw it perfectly - because he went to a good summer camp.  Isn't that the kind of skill you'd need to practice to maintain, though? 

McGee (without results to give to Gibbs): I have to tell him something.
Abby: Tell him you love him, McGee.  It works for me.
"Not all the time, Abbs," Gibbs intercuts briskly, breezing into the lab - and what I love about this is that after he hands her her drink, he has this little hidden smile just for her, one that lingers and he looks like he has to work to to erase before the rest of the team crowds in.

Plus the next day, Abby was super-cute decked out in Valentine's Day attire, decorating the lab to match.  And I nearly exploded from delight when he handed her the usual Caff-Pow, with a fuzzy heart reading "I love you" stuck on the straw.  Aww.  Her smile was adorable.

Oh!  Ziva imitating Shakira's hip-shaking!  I'm having one of those days where I'm considering sending my heterosexuality on a brief vacation...well, not really.  But it's a shame that Tony was so engrossed in booking his girlfriend's damn Valentine's getaway that he couldn't even be bothered to look up.  She wasn't half bad.   And yes, I got a chuckle out of her curiously coming around the desk to see what he was doing, leaning in close over his shoulder with exaggerated breathlessness.  "Oooh, where are we going?"
Tony (annoyed): We aren't going anywhere.
Ziva: Where are you taking me? 
Tony: *impatiently waves her away*
I suspect that could have gone on much longer if the detectives from whereever hadn't shown up.

McGee's broad  grin as he gets through the front door of the club with no trouble at all, as the bouncer recognizes the author of a good book, was pretty funny.  I just didn't need to see the ladies dressed up like trampy socialities.

The only decent part of the last scene is that Tony looks cute curled up asleep on her couch. 

Next week looks good.  MORE POISON!  But good all the same. 
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