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Okay this I was not spoiled for

Um, regarding the penultimate episode of CSI: Miami: 


I!  Don't!  Even!  What!  STETLER.  HUH?  COME AGAIN NOW?  I flatly refuse to accept this.  Stetler has not been packed off to jail after years upon years of secretly stealing evidence because he doesn't get paid enough. "All those years, trying to pin something on one of us - you were the dirty one."  NO. 

You know what, at least when this franchise threw Cooper in jail, or revealed Marty Pino as the special kind of serial killer who also sells drugs made from human organs, they were relatively minor characters with maybe a couple of years tenure.  Stetler has been here from almost the beginning!  He is our adorable nemesis!  He - oh, I'm just all melodramatically broken up inside. 

Not cool, show.  You have so many terrible characters to get rid of.  So many of them.  Three of them are even brand new and easy to suspect; I was totally gunning for Walter.  Why do you keep stealing the last vestiges of humanity for shock value?

Was it just so that you can plug any previous season's plotholes/unexplained questions with "Stetler did it"?  Because that's pretty lame.

I am going back to season 3 and completely embracing Yelina/Stetler just for the hell of it.  

Now I'm trying to remember which season it was that I played the wardrobe commentary game full of Horatio/Stetler implications, because I'm embracing that too*. Lightly, not with fic or anything, just for kicks.  I still don't think Horatio is in the best mental place for putting both his ex-partner and his best frenemy in handcuffs on the same day. 

(seriously, I am trying to channel season 3 Horatio, and as much resentment as there was there I still don't think he would have wished it to turn out this way.  From this perspective, I want to believe that rather than contempt or disdain, there is a fair amount of pity.  Mildly condescending.  Still tempered with anger for Rebecca**, but a lot of general sadness for how far he's fallen.  I used to write fic about this.  I wonder if I could do it again?  Probably not.  Sigh. Maybe somebody else wrote about his reaction?  Nope, only the slashers.  Double sigh.)

*[edit: found it!  First instance, 10/27/07.  This is why I still have a Xanga blog, much easier to search from Google.]

**Unfortunately the whole responsible-for-murder thing takes a lot of wind out of my sails as far as drumming up compassion.

I'm so depressed.
On another note, was there ever even one reference to Horatio & Rebecca having had a past relationship?  Was there any reaction on his part whatsoever to even imply it?  There should have been something when he arrived on the scene of flaming wreckage.  Her body was still recognizable and everything.  I could have sworn they dated for at least a few months; I don't care if it was 5 years ago, that should elicit at least a small twinge.

I am still not over my outrage that they brought Rebecca back just to kill her.  Had enough of that nonsense with NCIS!  Cannot even be consoled by my pre-planned sound bite, but here it is:

For years and years, the poll on CSI Files has been "Why can't the CSIs get dates?" and the #1 answer has been, "It probably has something to do with the fact that every time Horatio Caine has sex with a woman, she dies."  Privately, I have always been a little bit smug that this statement is not 100% true.

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