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Wow, that stopped being epic fast.

Non-TV life is unpleasant and stressful.  Alas, my TV life is also unpleasant and stressful, as I want to punch everybody on Grey's Anatomy in the head.  It probably does not help that I have inexplicably begun a crazed quest to finish the series within the week - initially it was both series, but over a 48-hour, 7-episode period, Private Practice went from "THIS SHOW IS SO AWESOME!" to "get it away from me, I mean it, half of one more episode and I will rip Addison's hair out by the roots," so I focused on Seattle Grace instead.  Either way, I think it might be a really, really bad idea to mainline this stuff.

PP rage:
-Hey, remember that 5-hour window where I shipped Sam/Addison?  I miss it.  I want it back.  Turns out that when they randomly make out, it is scarring. More importantly, this whole mess with Maya getting married just makes me want her to stay far away. 

-AUGH, DON'T GO SO FAR THAT YOU RUN INTO PETE!  Gross.  Why did they have to cross the line?  That ship sailed, and it came back as Friendship Train.  Trains don't sail, they sink like the dead weight they are.  These two are unshippable.  They are the anti-ship!  My ideal fantasy is that yes, they hang around spying on Sam's activities and moping about Violet together, but that they actually limit their activities to eating pizza and watching bad TV.  Couch cuddling is encouraged and allowed, but there should be zero sexual compatibility there.  Pretend Pete weighs 300 pounds, if you have to.  Or that he's gay.  In my head, he might be turning a little gay.  The closeted, sexless kind of gay.

-Huh.  Cooper & Violet went on their traditional vacation together.  And we didn't see that why?  I bet it was adorable.  On second thought, I have a theory: it was for the fic writers.  No, really.  That's a big wide open plain to fill with fanciful notions of what might have happened. 

-It has been so long since I've seen a hookup on this show I did not want to describe with the word "unholy" or "devil," I can't even remember what they look like.

-Hating Addison sucks.  

-Sam is still invincible.  That's my positive.  Sam has yet to do anything wrong.

GA rage:

-Lexie continues to be terrible.  Blonde Lexie is extra terrible and makes me actually miss Izzie.  Incidentally, Izzie's shockingly understated exit was very nicely done, and she looked amazingly pretty, and was so far out of Alex's league that the way he threw her out would have been laughable if it wasn't so sad.  And gross.  Alex is so gross.

-So is Mark.  Blech.  That whole "oh, I'll just try and pretend he's a good guy/great dad" thing keeled over and died when Sloan left.

-I might hate Callie/Arizona more than I have ever hated a pairing on this show.  It's ironic because I think they keep more of their clothes on than anyone else -- but the two of them on screen makes me break out in hives, unable to speed away fast enough.  Arizona is even worse than Callie, which by rights should be impossible.

-FYI, I have begun resorting to reading recaps on this show.  Not as substitutes for episodes yet, but TWoP is so detailed that you hardly miss a thing, so when I get bored while watching I start reading ahead.  If I find that I'm going to have an issue, I just skip forward.  Sometimes I get so fed up that I switch to 100% skipping and only stop for the gold nuggets.

-Seriously, the amount of stuff I have to fast-forward has at least quadrupled from last fall.

-I like Derek as Chief.  It suits him; he is chiefly.  The only problem is that it reduces his screen time, and the screen time he does get is frequently hogged by Richard and boredom.

-I really like April running around as his personal executive assistant; er, I mean, right-hand-woman who probably spends her off-screen time being a doctor, we think.  Point is, it's really super adorable the way she runs around taking care of his stuff.  And looks at him with hero eyes for re-hiring her (I made the same face.  YOU BROUGHT APRIL BACK, SQUEE!).  She's a treasure.  I might have watched to excess the bit where she breaks down in panic and tears until he reassures her that she is a capable surgeon.  I have to think Derek would be the best boss/mentor in the world, particularly if sleeping with him was not an option on the table.

-Didn't love Time Warp.  The woman playing Young Ellis was full of arresting charisma (also, so proud of self that I knew what GRIDS was), but Ellis Grey is a raging bitch and no amount of beauty can overcome that.  Also, 1982 seemed weirdly like 1965.  As for the other flashbacks, Callie is no longer allowed to speak (there goes another third of the episode), and while Bailey's was a bit more fun, by that point I was well entrenched in my bored/angry place.

-Bailey is still love.  I'm surprised at how much (and more than Tucker) I like her handsome new ex-Mercy-West love interest.  She's cute when flustered and angry and indignant and, oh yeah, having the one and only responsible sex life in the entire hospital.

-Cristina/Owen devolved to a place I don't even want to talk about (always with the assault kissing!  and I have com-pletely lost any good will I once possessed for that episode last spring, where I gave them a pass to sleep together on screen once, because it was artsy and tasteful?  yeah, that's done now), and I stupidly did not write down whatever fleeting Mer/Der moments happened, so I can't remember them beyond the fact that I really liked the one with the fundraising breakfast.
-Oh!  I can't remember which episode it was, but that moment where Teddy came up to Owen and pleaded about missing her friend?  BAM.  I was hit with a very intense and highly uncomfortable sense of Jim/Pam/Karen, in which I was siding with the Team Karen equivalent.  Consoled self by pointing out that Teddy & Hunt are very clearly not star-crossed soulmates; she's just obnoxious.

-Jackson seems to have gotten less skin-crawlingly skeevy during his banishment to the off-screen subplot basement.  Either that or he's just improved by default as everybody else dropped like a rock, but still, I despised him so much more than any of the other orange residents last fall, that it's nice to find him tolerable.  Which is interesting, given what I'm 99% sure I know about the finale.

Suicide is Painless, though, that was the episode that finally broke through the fog, which is why I'm now paused and making a blog post.  Aside from it being one long and very uncomfortable promo for Viva La Right To Die, Owen is one of the five characters who owns the rights to carry an episode, and while normally I am highly anti-soldier-flashbacks (CSI: NY, NCIS, Bones...), these were really good. 

Even the T/O angle was highly downplayed in favor of focusing on him the effect of not being able to save a friend; now really, why can't we just let them be friends?  Sure, she celebrates a soccer victory by hopping on his back for a ride, yet I saw nothing that was not dead platonic about that.  People do that all the time.  Younger people, mostly, but it still seemed more like guy/girl buddy interaction than anything.  And remember how he was engaged?  I ask because people keep mentioning it, but nobody seems to actually process what that meant.  Why am I the only person who ever stands up for poor, wronged Beth? 

Whoa, sorry, I just had a flashback of my own to 5x06 and am experiencing a period of blinding hatred toward Dr. Hunt.  You can bury it deep and pour tears and angst all over it until you think redemption's been bought, but apparently you never quite fully get over somebody stabbing a bunch of defenseless pigs. 

Trying to focus on beginning and end of episode.  C/O work so much better in bed when one of them is asleep.

Non-sequitur: Sara Gilbert makes everything better.

I swear to God this entry was going to be about three paragraphs long when I started...I just can't seem to stop.
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