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Epic again!

[Point of note: I've been power-blazing through Grey's Anatomy like it's a speed-watching competition.  Backdated posts full of crazy, disorganized babbling here and here.  Thought it was important to not backdate this one in case I have to spazz after the finale & require comfort; don't want it to come from nowhere.]

Apparently all my feelings are on time delay.  Any time I finish a post and watch a new episode, chances are I am immediately going to feel the opposite.  Because 6x19?  WOW.  Way to give me everything including a horrible, horrible brain-bleach-requiring moment towards the end without warning

"Sympathy for the Parents"
"...You're scared of me?" "I don't want to be."  I've developed a new reactionary sound - it's not "squee," it's more like..."fffffffffffleeeeeeeeeeeee!" It does not actually mean "flee," it's actually more of a synonym for squee/glee, that happens to come out as a hissing sound from biting my lip to contain the joy, before it escapes anyway as "eeeh!"  And the point is, that scene made it happen.  ...we've already discussed how the threat of injury/violence is a Thing, particularly when it is accidental.

+ Derek and Meredith would make pretty babies.  They even said so.  HI THERE, new favorite bedroom scene.  Well, either the opening or closing one: "I don't want you to be alone.  If anything should happen to me, I don't want you to be alone."  Speculative-semi-spoilery white text: if that is somehow foreshadowing, I'll punch somebody's face in.

+ Meredith meeting Alex in the bathroom so he can be a girl for her!  HEE.  Actually, everything about Alex's brother was surprisingly ace.  That is like the first time in ever that a sucky character has successfully pulled off a great episode.

+  April having a blatant schoolgirl crush on McDreamy, this is my favorite day!  She is the most adorable creature.  Don't tell her, but I'd ship that.  I'll generally ship him with any adult female. For shorthand I refer to this idea as Derek/his harem.  (For the record, my brain does not deal in filthy, torrid "I dusted your desk with my bum" sorts of details; it doesn't even cover kissing half the time.  Puppy-love crushes are therefore ideal material)

-I wish someone could remove the portion of my brain on which is imprinted Mark/Teddy.  I always think that putting horrible people together is better than squandering nice people on them, but in practice, sometimes that's hard to remember.

The next couple of episodes?  Also epic!  Especially the episode where Cristina Yang sacrificed heart surgery to spend time with the heart surgery patient's 9-year-old daughter instead, bonding over her own past experience with death and heartbreak.  Which was amazing on its own, but then about halfway through I thought maybe it would be kind of excellent if she could have a sobbing breakdown in someone's arms at the end.  AND THEN SHE DID.  I would have taken Meredith, even, but the fact that she made her get Owen instead made me the happiest little viewer in the world.

Tears are my reward for putting up with all the naked crap from everybody, okay?

And really, all was wonderful until Meredith suddenly went back to being a sucky human being, planting doubts and ruining things.  Why would you do that, Mer?  I liked you.  All year long.  It was unprecedented.  And now this.  Causing fights, like it wasn't heartbreaking enough for me when you decided to become guarded and snarly towards Owen instead of embracing him into the damn fold (I NEED THERE TO BE A FAB FOUR AT ALL TIMES).  Meanwhile Teddy just will not leave and it's all become most aggravating.

You're not entirely off the hook either, Owen. I don't know what happened in the elevator because I got the hell out of there before it settled as canon, but if you kissed her, Meredith is almost justified. 
Okay.  Finale time (possibly after sleep and/or up to 20 hours to decompress first; possibly not).  It originally aired as a 2-hour thing, right?  I still don't know exactly what I'm dreading, but I'm just going to throw it out there that I am fiercely protective of five characters - Bailey, Cristina, Owen, Derek, and by proxy Meredith - and three ships if you count Bailey/Ben, so if they don't all come out the other side intact, I might be upset. 

(Just sneaked over to YouTube to see the original promo.  Wow, that doesn't look upsetting at allHOLD ME.
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