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Death And All His Friends

HOLY. CRAP.  I had at least 18 small heart attacks along the way from the stress, was at various times screaming silently into my fist and or creating long strings of cuss words in the language of keyboard smash, followed by collapsing in relief, because THAT WAS AMAZING. Best part, everything I thought I was spoiled for was wrong. 

-Derek didn't die.  (Oh, Ausiello, you and your misleading headlines about a new guy in Mer's life always get me)

-Bailey didn't die (what? people seemed to be having a freakout fest as though someone universally popular had been killed off, and then they were talking about her scenes being seriously Emmy-worthy, and a death scene seemed to explain them both.  Also, it made me feel better, because I could handle that.  It would suck hard, but if a major character was going to die, I'd rather save my other four favorites)

-My brain cannot be trusted, as due to a brief glimpse at the photo on the TWoP homepage + my wishful thinking, I thought Jackson was the one who went all crazy and turned a gun on the OR.  I'd been waiting diligently to find out what set him off!  No, I was not aware of any casting decisions until now.  I also did not know they were going on a full-out shooting spree.

-Derek didn't die!  Hey, look, this was a big thing for me.  Fear of this shaped my entire viewing perception.

Not to mention, that is almost more tragedy than my little brain can handle.  You can't pour on multiple gunshots and improvisational surgery and hostage-like situations (notice how all of those are plural) and then top them all off with a miscarriage!  This is like letting a hyperactive child loose at a sundae station.  It's both crazy and wonderful.

+ I still love April, bunches, and my favorite scene that nobody else is going to mention was her wandering into Derek's office in shock.  HELLO, BONUS NON-INJURY MOMENT!  More from my special Gibbs/Abby line of half paternal quasi-shipping, but I quite like that line.

+ I got everything I could possibly have wanted from my central 'ships.  Daydream playground will be more than happy mulling over those until the premiere.

+ I can't believe they pulled off such a massacre while only actually killing two important people.  I kinda liked those people; they were in the middle tier and not among the many names specifically on my hit list, but it was so well done between the jaw-dropping shock value and the heart-wrenching saga that I'll allow it.  Especially since they threw in a fun unrequited love thing at the end, and now I'm pretty sure Reed & Charlie's ghosts are going to hang out in the haunted hospital for a while.

+ Remind me again how Chandra Wilson didn't get an Emmy nomination?  Because I'm reasonably certain she was way more amazing in two episodes than Mariska Hargitay was all year.  You see how I didn't go vindictive on an unknown cable actress, and instead rolled over on one of my own whom I actually enjoy watching, but acknowledge is inferior?  That means I'm right.

+ The only thing I found a waste of time (besides Callie/Arizona, barf; though will acknowledge that I liked AZ curled up around a little girl, "there's only children here") was Richard's long, long, long confrontation with him at the end.  After three minutes of going nowhere I gave up on it.  If you were building up to that all hour, the payoff failed spectacularly. 

+ Mandy Moore's inexplicable appearance wound up being delightful

+ The women were so AWESOME in this!  All those guys laid out on operating tables while the women worked very hard to save their lives.  I may have muffled a snicker or two when Owen had exactly zero success as the hero, not that this at all lessened my appreciation there, because that was worth it just to hear very un-Cristina-like whimpers and sobs under the threat of a gun.

+ Though it also works for me when Derek is putting women in rooms and telling them to stay put.

Okay, initial outburst of feelings done; may be back later with more comprehensive thoughts, but probably not.  Busy being overwhelmed/blown away by how freaking amazing this was.  Hands down best finale of 2010, the best finale of the series to date, and for sure in the top 10 episodes of the series.  Maybe top 5 if I can count it & Sanctuary as one.

*walks off, feeling dazzled*
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