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Halfway through 3x20

There should be a word for when you are incapable of choosing whom you love.  A really good, solid adjective to describe Addison's approach to men, which in turn could then be appropriated by me to describe how I am incapable of pinning down a good, solid ship on this series.  No, I swear, it is almost as bad as Lost.  There is nothing to hold onto.  Every time you think you have one, bam!  One of the parties involved screws it up, and no matter how hard you cling, eventually their behavior will turn you off it.

Sam/Addison?  Nope.  Not a thing.  Sam/Vanessa, that's a thing.  An exotic and gorgeous-looking thing; I really like her and wish she could hang around permanently, usurp Charlotte, etc. But then sometimes when ship #4 kicks in, that leaves Addison hung out to dry, which drives me back to this...and then the cycle repeats itself.  But really, not on board, and kinda grossed out.

Sam/Naomi?  Well, she checked out and took a trip to Crazytown with Violet, and frankly I'm not sure how she is still alive, because it seems like she's had the kind of year that makes you want to fall into freezing water and not bother trying to save yourself.  I don't even think of her as a viable character anymore.

Pete/Addison?  I'm kind of okay with letting that be a thing!  Apparently I only reject things when I forced to witness them in their gross early mating stages.  After it evolves (back) into comfortable cuddling and couch snuggling and oh yes, ADORABLE FAMILY/BABYTIMES...come on.  They'd even have a cat.  A cat and a baby.  How great is that?  I swear, say the word, just tell me he actually loves her and I will go stepmother-ship all over this thing.  

Pete/Violet?  Parents.  That's my thing, right?  But I can't do it because she's LOCO.  Except that Pete, still inexplicably the good guy in all this, really seems like all he wants out of life is a woman to complete the family picture.  That sounds shallow.  More like, he keeps trying to make it work, he keeps putting everything into relationships and women keep fleeing the scene.  So part of me just wants her to come back.  It's hampered by the part of me that no longer feels anything spark-like about them.

Cooper/Violet?  I COULD STILL GO BACK.  That can still be my solution to the Pete/Violet problem!

I think Pete/Addison is winning this war, but she's kind of ruining it by proving the "once a cheater, always a cheater" adage for what I think is the 500th time in her tenure as an existing character.  Sigh.  I'd like to believe some kind of spectacular season-2-finale-style scene could make Pete/Violet magic happen again, but I'm not seeing how.  Also I'd rather it happen with Addison.

Um, in other news, Amelia Shepherd is delightful.  I want her to be age-inappropriate best buddies with Addie for the rest of the series, and not think any farther than that because otherwise it will just make me sad that they are no longer related by marriage and then I'll want to go shoot McDreamy or something.  And we can't have that because I made my peace with it, I did (I spent all of yesterday flailing about him and Meredith did I not?), but I cannot reconcile the broken marriage and the new pretend marriage as relationships that exist in the same universe and timeline.

Tags: private practice, shipping
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