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"This is a crap day."

[sidebar: There's another backdated post leading up to this one.  Aren't I thoughtful, spamming only minimally?]

Apparently I should have made the request that all favorite characters/ships come out safe on the other side of this finale instead.

DELL?  Seriously?  Dell?  You killed Dell?  (clearly that spoiler I met a few days ago was wrong)  Not Maya or Violet or Charlotte or Naomi or William or creepy Fife, but Dell?  Why would you do that?  I...I wish I had an appropriate OMGWTF GIF to put here.  I am glad I watched the Grey's finale first, so at least I had the chance to experience tragedy without lasting consequences.  This wasn't even good tragedy; it was all surgery-based and merely punished parents.  Single parents (Dink doesn't count), meaning nobody to lean on.  There's no emotional payoff in killing a 7-year-old's father; that's just depressing and makes you feel empty.  Pete and Violet have their own kid; I don't need them to have an excuse to hold one even if the little girl is miles cuter than a baby boy.

Good tragedy is when you kill a 7-year-old's mother and leave her father to pick up the pieces.  Hypothetical example, good tragedy is when you kill unborn babies and Dell walks around wearing faces of remorse despite it not being his fault, and Maya's sham marriage falls apart in the absence of anything to hold it together, sending her home to Mommy and Daddy where she belongs.  Good tragedy is not one horrible, I-want-to-throw-things-at-walls-and-windows speech from a doomed father to his little girl about being lucky that she'll have all the bad things over with at once.  Not even if he's holding back tears**.  Not even if her response is to be incapable of processing that and merely resume the conversation about what her pet guinea pig likes to eat, so heartbreakingly innocent that you need to...throw things at walls.   

**Maybe a little.

I'm having trouble actually processing that this happened, it's so stupid.  (This is 100% Maya's fault.  Yep.  Maya's.  I've got so many choice words and awful names to hurl her way, you don't even want to know.  HOW IS SHE NOT DEAD.  Why was this idiotic pregnancy storyline even cooked up in the first place?  Where I can I direct my real-life rage?)

Oh!  Taking out a favorite character wasn't enough; all my ships are lost at sea too.  Rather than breaking up forever, Cooper and Charlotte got re-engaged (BARF).  And Addison channeled Teddy "It's okay to choose" Altman and nobly sent Pete off to reconnect with Violet (NO THANKS).  So that she could go off and get naked for Sam, without warning, burning a scarring image into my brain that no amount of bleach will ever get rid of (DOUBLE BARF). 

Also William went off to die, and I'm not saying I ship that, but it is the far less gross option than the other guy I so far cannot even bring myself to mention, so unlikable is he.  You know, the last time I saw this sort of 100% ship destruction was the season 5 finale of Lost.  It would be a lot easier on me if Sam/Addison/Pete/Violet would become the new interchangeable love square.  Spoiler alert, it probably can't.

I was so happy with Pete/Addison.  I don't know how or why; my moods fluctuate rapidly and apparently change in an instant, but I was.  They clicked for me.  They clicked like Pete/Violet did, and P/V might still have had a chance up until the trial, but that was ugly and nasty and burned every bridge.  You have that in your history.  I can't make up with that.  Was brutal and horrible and burned every last vestige of good will I might have been able to conjure up for them.  Not on top of the year of absenteeism and rejection.  Six months and I would have still taken it.  Not 12. 

Stupid Addison and her stupid fear of happiness.  This part is her fault.  He moved on.  You can coparent and get along just fine without being in love.  Pay attention, that's me totally advocating for a platonic relationship despite sharing a kid.  I couldn't do that for Sam/Naomi for, like, 2.5 years.  Besides, I swear, a surrogate family is literally the only way I will ever fully get over the end of Derek And Addison.  Her and Sam?  That's just awkward. But if the next time she saw Derek, she had found happiness and was a very loving stepmom, I would stop being broken inside.

Dell's still dead, though.  This show sucks.

Although I hear Amelia's signed on as a full-time cast member next year.  I'd be less scared if there were more male doctors available than Sheldon, but still, that's an uptick.  When she's not stupidly convincing people that living is best at all costs, even if you're miserable and alone for the next 30 years, she's fantastic.

Oh, hey, random note -- remember that time when they accidentally switched the embryos around, one died in utero, and then the crazy blonde lady walked off with the baby that was not biologically hers, but nobody stopped her or called the cops or anything?  Whatever happened to that?  Don't you think that's the kind of thing we should be following up on?
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