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WARNING: Scintillating Topics Ahead

Have you ever really wished that someone would make a blog post detailing the minutiae of their desk drawers?  Well, never fear, that day has come.  Because it motivated me to clean out my desk drawers, as in completely empty them and vacuum out the dust and grit, I thought I'd have fun listing their contents.  And share said list, obviously.  Duh.

I'm not sure what's sadder: the fact that I'm posting this, or the fact that most of these things went right back in the drawer, as they are all clearly necessary in my life.

Center Drawer
-Printer software CD
-Card identifying brand of printer ink. 
-Half a dozen "S" note cards & envelopes
-3 mini notebooks
-2 oversized novelty "9-11" dollar bills
-Dad's business card
-Binder clips
-Graphing calculator in need of batteries
-Pocket calculator for actual calculating
-Small packet of Lisa Frank confetti
-Lisa Frank pencil case, filled with bookmarks
-Lisa Frank 6-inch ruler
-12-inch ruler
-Portable 3-hole punch
-Foam adhesive for posters
-Movie ticket stubs
-Rainbow crayon
-Pink eraser
-3 tiny seed bead creatures (duck,  chili pepper, lizard)
-Flattened souvenir penny from 3M
-Pocket planner
-Light-up pen in own case
-Pair of USB adapters
-Purple gluestick
-Roll of electrical tape ("Huh.")

Upper Right
-First scrapbook (grades 5-12)
-Mostly empty sketchpad I used as a photo scrapbook for my first sim club farm
-2 mini hardcover horse-themed notebooks I used as fictional journals for the above
-13 loose floppy disks.  I'm almost sure they either don't work or that I've saved the data 10 times over, but I can't throw them away!
-6 childhood cassette tapes.  To get technical: Fred Penner, Reggae For Kids, the Pocahontas soundtrack, and 3 tapes of classic kids songs
-Electronic Catch Phrase
-4 photo buttons of me in dance costumes
-3 round candy tins
-Souvenir keychain from college

Middle Right
-2 school-assignment scrapbooks (The Inuit, grade 5; Queen Elizabeth I, grade 9)
-Printer driver CD-ROM
-Printer instructions.  FYI, the printer is not actually in my room anymore
-Roll of contact paper
-40 Horse Illustrated magazines

Upper Left
-Pencil box full of random photos.  And three unsharpened pencils!
-8th grade art sketchbook
-Loosely filled Trapper Keeper (contents: floppy disk, high school ID cards, couple photos of Kym, middle school artwork, the original handwritten draft of my first published fanfic, and color brochures from various horse camps)  
-Box of canceled checks & expired credit cards
-A dozen special coins - Canadian, 50-cent piece, silver/gold dollars, state quarters
-Cat's old rabies tag, dog's worn-out ID tag
-Digital voice recorder
-Photo CD
-2 mini photo albums

Middle Left
-Trapper Keeper full of looseleaf notebook paper (score!) and alumnae magazines
-7 journal notebooks
-6 random other notebooks, most of them skinny, but full of essential scribblings
-Discreet tampon carrying case.  With 2 tampons!  Useful.

There, wasn't that fun?  Fortunately, you will be spared the contents of my filing drawers, as I have no desire to find out what all the hell is wedged in there just now. 
In other news, some actual content: I don't know we all feel, but every time I see a preview for "Vampires Suck," I burst out giggling.  No matter how many times I have seen the same one.  Even if I try not to.  Its lulz cannot be resisted.

Oh, and I'm up to around episode 8 on my House catch-up now, and may I just say the following things:

-Chase.  Is my new favorite character.  Well, one of them.  Still behind Wilson.  But totally eclipsing House & Cuddy.  The Dibala episode was amazing and my love just keeps growing from there.  If only I could reject the part where House breaks up his marriage for no reason at all, and can we talk about that?

Do I need to add another couple to my list of "epically pointless TV breakups"?  There's a tad more merit here than on How I Met Your Mother or Bones, but they didn't utilize any of it with respect to Cameron's actual departure.  I bit my nails all the way through the "he's not telling her!  Augh, why do secrets have to be destructive!  This is going to be awful!  WHY MUST IT BE HEARTBREAKING," only to be pleasantly stunned by her ultimate response. 

"...she forgave him?  Really?!  No, no, I'm totally happy, I'm just...Allison supporting Robert, this is new.  And confusing.  But welcome!"  (I have been enjoying this first-name basis, too, even though I've never in my life had a harder time believing that someone's surname is not their actual name than I have with this show)  

So to have it devolve the way it did, with her departure randomly tacked on like a footnote, just...makes no sense to me.  Fortunately, it makes so little sense that I am actually incapable of retaining it as canon.  I get to keep the memory of supportive!reassuring!Cameron, and assume that she merely chose to take a job elsewhere because she'd already applied for, been offered, and accepted a super-awesome job before they announced their intention to quit.

-I already miss Cameron.  What the hell.

-Life is SO GRAND without Taub and Thirteen, or at least with minimal infusions of them.  I don't want to give it up. 

-So hw long does Lucas hang his unwelcome self around before he goes away?  Because it's been two episodes and I already want to punch his face off harder than I ever did in season 5.  This isn't even a shipping issue, I just hate his existence in every way, shape or form that much.  Other than that, the trio attending a medical conference was every bit the perfection I hoped it would be, and since that was the case with the not-actually-partying, and-therefore-super-likable teenager, "Known Unknowns" made for a good episode all around.  (80s party.  'Nuff said.)

-House/Wilson is in crazy overdrive, and I love it in every way it is possible to love a fictional idea.  Whoever decided to make them roommates is a genius.

-Why is Amber/Wilson still a thing?  Definitely not complaining; she's so much more useful in death than she was in life, but there must be a reason that this is like the 553rd wishlist item to go from my brain to the screen in the 09-10 season.  I should probably find it sad in a pathetic way that he talks to her at night, but I am finding it sad in an acceptably sympathetic and heartbreaking way.

-I've been enjoying the season quite a lot so far, which means that by this time tomorrow I should hit the January episodes and immediately begin complaining about the show's recent turn into suckitude.  Prove me wrong, show!  I dare you!
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