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In other news:

I. I had a magnificent garage sale find this weekend - Applejack!  That's the fifth My Little Pony of the summer, by far a record.  25 cents.  Of course, mine doesn't look anywhere near as nice as that picture, but so what?

II. I finished "House."

  • The Odd Couple: Or, Adventures In Platonic Life Partnerhood.  AWESOME.  I am frankly not ready to give this up after only a year.  This alone would make the season worth watching.
    • Bonus: Sasha Alexander as 3B.  Whom I did not realize until the last five minutes of her first episode even WAS her, because despite the fact that I knew she was guest-starring and that Rizzoli & Isles is splashing up everywhere lately, thanks to her weird blondeish-brown hair I 100% thought I was watching Wendy Makkena.
  • Cynthia Watros!  I am not actually sure how I feel about Sam, or Wilson/Sam (that's not true.  I feel pending badness), but she makes everything better.
  • Giving an episode to Wilson.  Even better, giving an episode to Cuddy.  Win!
  • Giant movie posters, complete with invented critical reviews, of Wilson in "Feral Pleasure."  At first I thought the secondhand embarrassment would surely kill me, but once we passed the movie and went on with the posters, I was howling.
  • The season premiere is still my favorite episode (I even liked Alvie).  Other candidates for fave episode are The Tyrant and Black Hole, the latter in a rare case of "because I liked the patient and the case so much!" I just have to...completely block the ending/diagnosis out.  Oh!  And the one with the blogger, because Laura Prepon is awesome.  And Knight Fall, just because King Miles was Dave the Awesome And Tragically Underused CSI: Miami Tech.  And possibly now is when I should mention that "Known Unknowns" was, in fact, as good as I thought it would be the second I read the spoiler about the three of them attending a medical conference
  • Dumping Foreteen
  • Chase/Cameron in the first few episodes.  After that fell apart, the show seemed weirdly determined to refuse to allow me the pretense that Cameron was still happily married to Chase offscreen.  What's even weirder, though, is that I was somehow still able to tune any and all references to divorce out as white noise and keep right on pretendin'.
Until Cameron showed up.  And slept with Chase.  And bam!  Like magic, I was over them.  It may have helped that some competent writers revisited not only all the reasons they were a terrible couple, but also succinctly summarized how and why their breakup was stupid and lame and contrived.  At least they can admit when they've done something foolish.  Anyway, it rationalized all my hatred for seasons 3 and 4, retroactively removed my season 5 support, and was otherwise a relief.  I don't even miss Cameron anymore. 
Voice: Wow, and after those three whole days you spent moping, too.
  • Cuddy/Lucas, ever, ever, ever ever ever, oh, except for the very end when I was annoyed on principle with her breaking off an engagement after one day for no reason.  Why do medical shows hate marriage so much?  At least crime shows treat weddings like a fairy tale love story. 
  • Worst episode: I nominate the one about open marriage, where everything made me so angry I had to stop watching after about 10 minutes and go on the recap alone.  Runner-up: The Choice.  FYI, super weird that the March episodes were amazing while 2 of the last 4 episodes were losers.
  • House completely destroying the value of an amazing old book by putting a lame and unnecessary inscription in it. You know what, House, that is what cards are for.  Normally I love inscriptions, but I only love them when they're as old as the book.
  • Chase/Cameron's random-ass divorce.  Also Chase's haircut, which may have helped me get over both them and him.
Was not aware that Huddy would be confined to the final 3 minutes of the season.  I'd been waiting with increasing desperation and a touch of disappointment.  Also, I'm not really sure how I feel about it, because I tend to squeak and throw protective covers over my eyes whenever they start kissing.  It's never pretty (why always with the inappropriate kissing, medical dramas?  Again, crime shows: they believe in relative chasteness.  Except for Danny/Lindsay, that one time). 

I would like to like it, though the season 7 preview that just popped up burned my eyes in a Grey's Anatomy way, but after 6 seasons I don't think I can let go and believe House is capable of sincere and positive human emotions like love.  (loneliness, yes.  capable of forming needy attachment that resembles love, sure.  But not 2-way-street reciprocal love anchored in anything emotional).  Although the handhold was a start.

Because I was good and didn't take notes, I've already forgotten a lot of things I liked and therefore neither list above is as long as I'd like, but here's the fun part: there were very few times during this marathon where I felt like House was a chore, and when I did get bored, it usually went away within two episodes.  House feeling like a chore was the whole reason I put it in the Vault and was never tempted to watch it for more than a solid year, so that's good news. 

I don't really know whether season 6 was better or worse than other years.  It might have been better?  But I couldn't tell you why. House has always been a stagnant show for me, lacking a year that stands out, not really getting worse, but also not a show that seems to get better every year.  I like to look at the past with rose-colored glasses, but even so, I think I liked a greater percentage of episodes this year than last year.  I'm actually a little excited for the upcoming season. That's different.

III. And with that, I am officially caught up on TV for the 09-10 season, just a few short weeks away from the opening of 2010-11!  Well, technically I haven't opened Cold Case, but think I might go ahead and keep that in the Vault for a special occasion, because I don't feel like marathoning it, or admitting that it's over and/or that I abandoned it a year earlier.  I'm also writing off the canceled '09 medical shows unless I get desperate, because I would really love to have an actual bit of summer vacation from TV before fall.  I'm caught up with all the returning shows and am chock full of spoilers to boot.  Okay, I'm not caught up with Bones, but I haven't heard anything sufficiently positive so it's officially been fired from Network RS.

IV. Time to start rounding up fall premiere dates and plotting out my viewing schedule!  This is exciting. It's my version of back-to-school shopping.
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