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Am I freakin' Puerto Rican or Dominican?

This post has grown and grown and grown over the last 48 hours.  Let the jumble begin!

1. At last!  A spoiler makes me angry enough to react to it:
Q: Many fans of The Office are concerned that Pam dated Timothy Olyphant’s character post-Roy and pre-Jim. Is this the case? Is Jim just finding out about it now?
Ausiello: Yes to all of the above! According to executive producer Paul Lieberstein, Pam dated Olyphant while Jim was with Karen. “Everyone in the office makes a big deal of it, and we get into Jim’s jealousy a little bit,” he says. “It bothers him a little.”

Um, I'm sorry, what?  NO.  I was totally cool with this storyline when I figured he was her first, pre-Roy boyfriend.  Wasn't thrilled, because I always thought it was cool that she'd only had two boyfriends and wound up engaged to both, but at least another high school boyfriend was still logical.  But what the everloving hell.  The whole beauty of season 3 is that Pam was single for like the first and only time in her life. It's the only time she can be single, as she had to be single, because to fondly quote myself, before it could work with Jim "she needed to find herself first."  (yeah, it's also the only time I ship her with Toby.  But that is irrelevant AU)

It was good that way. Remember when she let Kelly drag her on a blind date, and it was terrible, and you were so glad that never happened again?  Also, when the hell did she have time to date someone between getting over Roy, relapsing with Roy, and admitting to herself she was in love with Jim?  Did she also try to get over Jim in that same timespan?  Because I'd like to believe that she was capable of being single for like nine months without needing to throw herself into a rebound relationship.  [Edit: Any reasons you have to the contrary probably involve Assertive Pam and will only rile up my season 5 rage.] If this makes no probably makes no sense; I can't even get the thoughts out into words anymore, they just whirl around in my brain like angry bees.

I know, I know, I am working myself into a froth over something that will probably end up being minor and brief, but the thing is, you can never trust The Office.  Sometimes you blow spoilers out of proportion, other times David Wallace gets fired or Pam is never the receptionist again.  Unless the word "dating" is a misleading phrase, I don't care how brief it was - there was no room for this in season 3 and I cannot imagine there is enough jealous!Jim in the world to make up for this affront.

Should probably go to MTT and let them cool me down with reason and logic, but I'd rather just stew in self-righteous rage sans outside opinion.
2. Watched Made of Honor.  There's a lot of unsavory language and at least one one scene I had to skip entirely, thus ensuring that this will neither be wholeheartedly recommended nor ever watched in full again, but...Patrick Dempsey cuddles and babytalks multiple fluffy dogs.  You know the one thing Enchanted lacks?  Patrick Dempsey kissing fluffy dogs. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, dead of adorable.  *brain jumps to GA* How come Meredith only had a dog when they weren't dating?  Screw babies, I want to throw a new dog into the mix at the Halfway House for Wayward Surgeons.

3. That reminds me:

-Of all the merry GA spoilers that have come my way, my favorite is the news that Jesse and April are, for some reason, also going to be living at the Grey residence.  What?  Why?  What?  Are Derek and Meredith still living there?  If so, how is it not awkward for April to be living there, even if she's supposedly over her crush?  DON'T CARE.  NEWS OF AWESOME.  (you know who else got over her crush?  Rachel Berry.  You know when I stopped loving Will/Rachel interaction?  NEVER)  ...oh, gross, is Jesse/April going to be a thing since everyone else is paired off?  No one's ever loved her; Jesse is not the place the start!  I will redact my "news of awesome" statement.

-Also, less than a week until reporters are allowed to tell us who's getting married!  PLEASE BE CALZONA.  Only awful things come of legal marriages on Grey's, and since C/A can't be legal in WA, it's win/win no matter which side you're on.  Besides, it can't be Cristina/Owen, right?  Because that seems incredibly stupid on so many levels and I cannot find a way that makes sense.  Plus, what with the marriage curse, there are no circumstances under which I even want that to be true.

Come to think of it, I have yet to hear any spoiler news from GA that makes me legitimately angry.  What's up with that?  What aren't they telling me?
4. New favorite: "My Musical" is the greatest episode of Scrubs ever.  I wasn't totally thrilled with the songs other than "Guy Love" when it first aired (mind, when it first aired I was also not especially crazy about the show and only tuned in for that duet), but now I can't stop singing all of them except that one crass JD song that shall not be named.  It helps that my knowledge of musicals has since expanded, and now I can recognize most of the major numbers these songs are based on.  It doesn't quite beat That 70's Show as far as musical-episodes-of-comedy go, but it comes pretty close.  And on top of the music, the dance numbers are truly impressive. 

For those who want to watch the uninterrupted soundtrack with minimal link clicking: the full compilation of musical numbers, part 1 and part 2 (warning: visual quality, terrible).  But as of tonight, my newest favorites beyond "Guy Love" and "The Rant Song"...

It's just so very epic!  I love the giant parade march, and all the layered parts thrown in, a la my beloved "One Day More."  Carla's voice is especially pretty.

Second favorite, gradually becoming first favorite. Friends for-e-e-e-ver!  And then I physically cannot listen to the second song without tearing up a little.  The piano transition is haunting, I love her crystal clear voice, and the soft group chorus is just so achingly pretty.  And that is the second time Dr. Cox takes a seat on the bed full of seriousness and no trace of mockery or sarcasm, and I am weak for that (which reminds me: finally saw the episode where JD's dad dies.  OW.  Apparently the only thing hurtier than mourning John Ritter on 8 Simple Rules is having to let him go from a second TV family).

5. While I'm on that topic, SCRUBS FANDOM!  Where are you?  Where were you?  Did you randomly disappear one day, perhaps abducted by aliens, and that is why I'm having such a devil of a time digging up old material on LJ?  I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of two hours on YouTube last night trying to find clips from the episode last night, where JD goes on a road trip in Kelso's RV; that part's not important, what's important is that Jordan's wheeled off for neonatal surgery and all my insides exploded at the completely sincere "I love you" beforehand.  Dr. Cox should not be capable of eliciting squee.  Naturally, when YouTube failed I tried to poke the blogosphere into talking about it, and still, nothing.  I WANT TO SEE THIS MASTERPIECE AGAIN.  Or at least confirm that my ears weren't playing tricks on me. 

[edit: oh!  found full episode to stream.  Am content.  Would still be more content if people would talk about this ship, a lot, ideally in picspams like this, and bonus lots-more-individual-scenes this.  How do two such generally caustic people inspire so much joy?]

My frustrated wanderings did produce the last Dr. Cox/JD scene though, which was half adorable and half hysterically giggle-worthy. I didn't even know that existed until last night. 
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