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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I finally got around to watching it! (nice job following orders to punitively boycott that, by the way.  *eyeballs record-setting ticket sales*)  It's my least favorite book and the movie couldn't do a whole lot to elevate that, so I don't have a ton to say, but I feel remiss without jotting down a few thoughts:

* Quidditch!  I'd forgotten there was Quidditch in this film.  Suppose they needed one last shot of it before moving on to Harry Potter and the Soulcrushing Finale.  I'm just impressed they worked in Luna's lion hat.

* Generally great scenes: The Unbreakable Vow, any other time Bellatrix appeared, the cursed necklace, Sectumsempra, Dumbledore's death

* It figures that my favorite part of the film is one that's not even in the book, but I very much enjoyed everything about Christmas & Bellatrix's attack on the Burrow (minus the part where the house goes up in flames).  Movie!Remus/Tonks are not really the same as book!Remus/Tonks for me, but for daydream purposes, nice to have two versions of their story.  I love the dramatic effect of Tonks' declaration at the end of the book, but I am certainly not going to argue with the alternate version of "hey, we'll just be in the background, randomly being a couple and together for the holidays and such."  Angst-free is the way to be!  Especially when Tonks continues to have approximately two minutes of screen time and half her lines consist of "Sweetheart?" and "The first night of the cycle's always the worst."  WELCOME.

* To make that even better, then they get to showcase their awesome parallel wand work and go dashing off to protect Harry and Ginny, which, Lupin/Tonks/Harry/Ginny is the happiest foursome my brain can possibly conceive. 

* In between those two things are several instances of Harry and Ginny being adorably bashful and awkward, AWW.  Also a fun moment in the cornfield in which he jumps in front of her.  Yay, defensive/protective gestures!  It is probably embarrassing how many times I rewatched scene 17, in other words.

* Their one actual kiss was sweet, but entirely too short.  I don't think I've ever said that about a kissing scene before, but I am VERY VERY FOND OF THEM and I expect film to indulge me much more than the page, since romance was a bit of a weak spot there, especially for them.

* Ron/Hermione + hospital sickbed of handholding.  YAY.  ...this movie seems infinitely shippy.  If the book is this shippy, and it must be because most of these scenes are different but still have similar counterparts, how is it still my least favorite?  Eh.

* I have no idea why everybody was so mad about cutting Dumbledore's funeral, because the memorial scene they stuck in its place was incredibly moving and beautifully cinematic.  With bonus tears-n-comfort Harry/Ginny! 

* Do you like how I didn't note anything negative?  I've decided to have a positive day.

I don't know how I feel overall.  It didn't really pick up until the second half, and even then only scattered things piqued my interest, but I suppose I don't have any specific complaints.  As far as movies in general go, it's a good watch.  I still do not regret my refusal to see it in theaters (you promised me November and then you kicked it to summer!  PUNISHMENT), but I think I should probably go see the last two, if only because the giant screen is the only way to guarantee my interest.  With a DVD I kept pausing and wandering away, wondering if it was over yet.

Of course, having finally watched the DH trailer...yeah, I'll be there.  Oh, you epic finale, you.

Lesson of the Day: Never feed your dog baby carrots right out of the bag.  Otherwise she will develop an obsession with them, and every time you open the fridge to grab a handful, she will whine and beg incessantly for her share.
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