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Harry Potter Boom/Bust Cycle: Boom (and other fannish adventures)

After all the movie fun, I had to pull out the last couple of novels and flip through them for shippy bits. (side note: holy, these later books are pristine.  I am afraid to open them again, how are they in such nice shape?!) R/T-wise, it mostly just made me frustrated that we have to spend all of book 6 reading subtext because Harry is too thick to live, followed by remembering how mother-of-God-frustrating book 7 is most of the time.  (not that I will ever be truly annoyed after the inclusion of Tonks being pregnant in wartime, thank you)  And then I got to the end and remembered how this is the most SOULCRUSHING EVENT IN ANY FANDOM EVER.  Nothing on television compares - and Doctor Who really excels at heartbreak - but page 661 still rips my heart out.  It's like falling down a black hole.  Voice has to force-feed me the fanfic antidotes afterward, because in the face of canon I'm always positive that I will never be happy again.
*      *      *
Also I may have cracked and looked up the test screening reports for DH --not all the details, just enough to find out whether Lupin & Tonks' storyline ever gets justice - and the answer was "no, they might actually get less focus in this film than in the book or in movie 6."  %$)#*&%#!  Apparently we get one tossed off mention that they're married, and then Moody gets in the way of Tonks saying she's pregnant, and I am ALSO deprived of the thoroughly awesome moment in which Harry drives abandoning!Lupin back home.  To make up for these injustices - I'm still hoping there will be something to notice in the background - the Hermione-torturing had really better be worth it, and by "worth it," I mean surely the movie will put its habit of scene invention to good use and drum up something proper with her and Ron afterward?  I've been holding onto that hope for three years.

Otherwise I'm just going to sit here and hope they make the movies again in 50 years.  My fannishness will still be alive and well.
I finished Cold Case today.  I closed the door on it in May 2009 and I've been quite cavalier and pragmatic about its ending for a while now, but about five seconds after the credits rolled on the otherwise satisfying series finale, the stark shock of it finally hit me, Cristina Yang style.  "Cold Case got canceled."

To be honest, season 7 wasn't all that awesome.  It still feels like it ended at 6 and 7 was just the shadow of an unsolved case, living on borrowed time and waiting to be put away. It's never been the most exciting series, but this time I never even got hit with the recognition stick of "oh yeah, this show is great!"  It felt flatter and duller than usual, not as bad as Without a Trace's worst years, but somehow muted.  Some of it was due to Kat's absence at the beginning; the rest, I couldn't begin to tell you.  Category style, away!

Highlight Episodes: Read Between the Lines (14 y/o would-be rapper), Metamorphosis (CIRCUS!), Flashover (screw the plot, Vera gets a storyline!), Free Love (Vietnam vets vs. hippies) and Shattered (finale).  Winner: Metamorphosis.  I latched onto both victim and killer, in the latter case unfortunately.  I've been about 50% consistent on pegging the killer in the first five minutes, which is new, but the Big Friendly Giant I never suspected at all.  Which made it twice as depressing-slash-creepy.

And "Two Weddings" was a fun bit of quirky departure from the usual style.  Lily's green dress was fantastic.

Kat/LaPaglia Lawyer: Nope, not acknowledging it. Oh, now I know what this season was missing - significant amounts of Kat/Vera snark.

Lily/anybody: Nope, not acknowledging that either.  Nobody is allowed to have relationships on this show, apparently, because they've all been terrible since season 2.  I started shipping Scotty/Christina at some point during the finale, too, which I'd forgotten had ever even happened.

Valens Drama: Did not really need to be dragged out over an entire season, although I am embarrassed by how long it took me to figure out why they were focusing on a simple robbery so hard (actual time: not until the attack was spelled out for me), but the moment where Scotty realizes what really happened was a definite series highlight.  Will also not argue with a bruised & slightly bloody throwdown of an arrest.

Moe: Definitely got bored with that after about two episodes, but even so, the end seemed a bit...anticlimatic.

Yates: I just wanted to mention how desperately annoying she was.  Which was a shame, because the whole son-is-a-vengeful-sniper plot was really good when she wasn't talking.

Finale: I don't know how I felt in the past, but right now I think that Lily's sister is both the least annoying family member so far, and the best relationship to watch her struggle with.  The only thing that made it better was the mildly-renegade team of Scotty & Lily out to round her up.  Sometimes I think the show's ultimate point of pride is the fantastic partnership and rock-solid friendship they created between these two without ever even hinting at crossing the line.  I truly respect that.  Anyway, favorite part, definitely their tension-and-hurt filled fight, throwing accusations until they're both near tears.  Second favorite: Lily taking out her sister's abusive quasi-boyfriend with an impressive pistol whip.  Third, you know I am a sucker for guys carrying out barely-conscious women (especially if I'm in the middle of hunting down their clips from five years ago).

And finally, I love the calm, optimistic ending, and the promise that Miss Lily Scott might finally have a chance at complete, content familial peace.  At least, that's how I choose to interpret it.  This show's always been good at having conclusive finales, and this was a nice note on which to close - no cliffhangers and no talk of endings.  The team will keep doing what it does, chasing cases off the screen, and it can continue this way into eternity or as long as your little heart desires.  That's nice.

*surveys above*  THAT'S all I have to say about an entire season? It wasn't that bad...oh, this is terrible.  Never let me do this again.  That's not satisfying at all, and yet I can't think of a way to add much else. 

I'm still in a little bit of shock that it's really gone for good this time.  Shock is an unavoidable side effect of any cancellation, but still.

Disturbing Moment of the Day: For the record, the wrongbad things I ship on Glee are merely subversive daydreams.  They are not meant to be taken seriously.  Ever. Ever!  I know this because a random link click just informed me there is somehow a canon teacher/student relationship on the presumably horrid "Pretty Little Liars," and my immediate reaction was a very vocal "WHAT?  GROSS. NO.  EW."  I'm also going to assume that teacher is younger than 30, so, yeah.  Glee?  Jokes.  I am in no way going to stop talking about or pushing any of them, but I want to make my official stance very clear before the new season begins.

Voice: And then you started looking up pictures of the teacher in question.
RS: FALSE. ...false-ish. I hit YouTube, just to make sure it was a salacious rather than an emotional angle.  It sure looks like it is, therefore it's irrelevant.
Voice: How many videos did you need to watch to determine this?
RS: They're mesmerizing, okay, it is like all the incredibly terrible Will/Rachel fic just got filmed.  (ABC Family is SO not living up to its name here.)  Besides, neither of them are pretty enough to warrant a squick override, don't worry.  Although I do find it amusing that even the dialogue is practically word for word and if you inserted your own context --

...I don't like where this is going.  MUST STOP.  (oh, hell, did one of those videos just tell me he was an English teacher?  STOP IT.  We have the much better, noticeably legal Never Been Kissed for this)

Although, one of the clips showed the last few minutes of the season finale, and the mystery angle did seem kind of intriguing, like a teenage Harper's Island only with more stalking than death... No, no, I am not watching this.  I cleaned house of all trashy dramas with teenagers after O.C., and the last time I let one from ABC Family in it was the worst mistake of my life.  Maybe I the awful-looking books.  *shudder*  OR!  I could just read the summary of the 8-book series on Wikipedia to find out who A is.  Yeah, that's better.  Curiosity sated, and we will never speak of this again.
Voice: Really good that you wrote all this out, then.  Super relevant.
RS: I already deleted it from yesterday's post and that didn't work.  I can't get it out of my head until it's published somewhere.
Random ironies pulled from old LJ posts: Private Practice, season 2
I do appreciate that all the kids who have sex too young on this show end up pregnant, though.  So there's...kind of a disapproving message, if you squint. 
Part of me suddenly hopes that Maya gets married at 18 and lives to see her 75th wedding anniversary, just to show her mother up. 
Universe, not everything I say off the cuff is meant to be taken as a legitimate wish. 

On a completely unrelated note, 12 days until How I Met Your Mother hits local syndication 10x a week!  Episodes I've never seen, two or three seasons' worth of episodes I haven't seen since they aired and/or haven't read the reviews for in so long that it's almost like I haven't seen them... CAN'T WAIT.
Finally: And the couple getting married on Grey's Anatomy is:

"It's totally C/O, isn't it?"
*clicks cut and waits for page to load*  No, no, no, no...

"%(&(*$&(*$#$#!"  *headdesk*  Make it work and I will love you forever, it's just that I understandably do not trust you, given the atrocious track record of happiness.  Particularly when bound by vows.  Cristina is a rare and precious treasure on this show; she has yet to make a wrong turn relationship-wise, so I'm in no mood to have her start now.  Surely you recognize that and will keep it going, right?  I'm not saying you can't have angst; you can totally have angst, they're an awesome angst couple -- I'm just saying, my heart is fragile and a lot of ships went down with my shows last spring; I don't have a lot to look forward to every week and this is one of my better shots.

Make it work and I will love you forever.
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