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My television will live in the 00's forever.

Oh for the love of pete, why am I suddenly so in love with Scrubs.  It is becoming the distinct highlight of my weekday, 11:00 PM, when I get to curl up with a pair of cozy reruns.  I love everybody, but have a particularly sparkly-eyed devotion to Dr. Cox that makes it seem very long ago and very far away when Turk/Carla was my #1 reason for watching this show.

Often, this leads to me wandering over to YouTube to seek more hidden treasures from that mythical place known as "season 8," which I've always assumed was a mutation similar to season 9, but for all intents and purposes is really just a hidden swath of regular episodes that are apparently not included in my station's syndication package.

Among the many things I did not know, the Janitor gets married!  FUN.  Also one of the sweetest things I have ever seen, who knew. But the real highlight of "My Soul in Fire" is when the thing I have been shipping all year with increasing fervor hits a new highlight of adorable.  "I'm sick of pretending that we don't like each other.  It is distinctly not fun anymore; would you like to know why?  Because a) we're over 12, and b) we do actually like each other.  In fact - brace yourself - we love each other."  Yeah, I am just going to keep talking about Jordan/Perry until someone talks back.  Why did I miss out on this fandom?  Oh, shut up, I know why.  I defend my decision to spend 9 years willfully ignoring this show.  But now it's all over and done with and out of the public eye, so I can love it unabashedly.

Meanwhile, last night's feature #1 was an episode I actually hadn't seen (Colin Farrell was in it.  Yes, he inspires that swooning reaction in me too), and #2 was "My No Good Reason," which I always think is a boring one when I see the nanny nonsense, until I realize it's also one with Jordan on bed rest (by turns hilarious - "But, when will I have time to kill myself?" - and terribly sweet), and then I realize it's Laverne's last episode of being alive and ambulatory, the end of which never fails to rip my heart out.  It's kinda in the Hall of Fame as far as "devastating moments in fandom" go.

I spent the afternoon watching more episodes online because I decided I just couldn't wait until next week for the season 4 arcs to continue.  Caught another new one, where I learned this wonderful fact that once upon a time Carla went on a date Cox.  Which apparently ended without going anywhere, but still, JOY! They've been my wayward ship since approximately forever, not very seriously, but they have snappy chemistry and I adore their friendship and the idea of him wanting her (isn't there somewhere in season 1 where they mention that?), so hearing that it actually happened just blew my mind.  

WHY DON'T I HAVE LOTS MORE POSTS ABOUT THIS SHOW?  *pokes grumpily at tags*  I want to read more about it, and you'd be surprised how often I am my own best resource.  Which is the only reason I am posting this rambling bit of confusion.

Sidebar: lately I've also been seeing an hour of Friends before Scrubs.  Monica is my hero, all the time.  Ross/Rachel is still the worst.  I'm feeling weird pangs of missing Joey, which I saw once and found unspeakably terrible.

I really don't understand why I am falling in love with old sitcoms left and right while rejecting everything new and also feeling a big pile of "meh" towards, like, 90% of my returning shows.  I want Numb3rs back.  I want Ghost Whisperer to be marching forward.  I'm grossly interested in what 30 Rock will be doing in a few weeks.  But when it comes to my own shows, it's like...why?  Even my few darlings like Sarah Jane Adventures and Glee and The Jim/Pam Show have put me so on edge with their spoilers that I'm afraid of what they're going to look like when they come back.  Syndicated late night: the safe choice!
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