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It's official: my mom beat me to Twitter.  (though she steadfastly refuses to create a Facebook profile, so we're even.)  Anyway, in the spirit of short ideas, the rest of this post will be made up of 1-paragraph scattershot hodgepodge!

1. After 5 minutes of The Middle my immediate feelings were "NEIL FLYNN!!" followed by "oh my gosh, everything about this show except Brick is astounding!"  It's indistinguishable from all my beloved classic syndicated comedies, and the fact that it airs in primetime is sheer magic.  Snarky daughter is the best.  Well, would be the best if I had not recently decided that out of nowhere I have a new favorite actor - I cannot believe how much I love him in this role. 

2. I finally watched more than 3 minutes of Modern Family.  Just so I could say with absolute certainty that everything about it and everyone except the younger daughter makes me want to throw up.  I barely made it through alive.  And holy God, I did not think you could create a comedy less funny than Parks and Recreation, but there it is!  My Emmy rage just multiplied sixteenfold. 

3. Cougar Town is not particularly exciting, but may be okay if there is nothing better on. I laughed a few times, but only because Christa Miller is quite literally Jordan 2.0 and the glorious reappearance of her biting, dismissive snark delights my soul.  With a bonus new Meredith/Cristina buddy vibe!  Serious step-down in TV husbands, though.  Speaking of which:

4. Hi, I'm just going to live inside this video for the rest of the night.  Tomorrow will spent figuring out where in the world all these scenes came from, because I do not recognize half of them.  More treasure yet awaits! 

[edit: go BACK in time!  Interesting.  Who knew there would be stuff in years 1-3?  Oh look, flashbacks to pre-series.  Why must they be the most adorable thing ever?  Probably because I've been overdosing on all the sweetest parts of their relationship.  But to be fair, there's a ridiculous amount of heartwarming in existence.]

5.Random ER flashback!  "The Lost."  Dilly-dallying on TV Tropes reminded me of this episode, and then I found a handy 10-minute package that contains all the best parts.  I really didn't like the Africa episodes when they originally aired, but during my Epic TNT Marathon of '05, I fell completely in love with them.  And the one in which Luka nearly dies is stunningly powerful.  NO, SELF, NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR AN EPIC ABBY/LUKA TOUR.  *rips self away*

6. Back to funny.  Whoa, Dr. Horrible is so much better the second time around, two years later!  I know for a fact I felt nothing about any of the music back in '08, but suddenly I'm tempted to create playlists and loop it or something.  After watching all the bonus features on the DVD, I even want to embrace it as the little indie spirit that could, instead of the "lame Whedon boredom" I previously panned it as.  Must I give it back to the library already?
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