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2010 Fall Watchlist

THIS POST IS GOING TO HAPPEN.  I keep trying to write it, but my ideas of what I actually want to watch keep changing by the day, and ultimately, all I really want to do is spend every waking moment of free time watching Scrubs, or otherwise wrapping myself up in the tiny pockets of its fandom I keep digging out of dusty corners and darkened basements.  I'm deliriously in love here.  It makes all current TV seem so very unnecessary... 
*shakes it off*  Must!  Focus! 

All right, I have no actual idea how many shows are going to be on my docket right now.  Officially, 14 for the fall semester.  One of them is a British mini-season I tend to store and marathon.  Two of them are SVU & Miami, which I am not known for being deeply invested in.  Which brings me down to 11 serious shows, when I was already at a lower total than ever before, which makes me go, "Hmmm, that's a lot of free time, maybe I could add some strictly-for-fun comedies to my week?"  And then things snowball, because my eyes are bigger than my headspace.

Of course, I also have no idea how I will react once the season gets under way, and everything is subject to my moody whims.  Nothing ever goes according to my initial plan, in case you haven't noticed. 

Per usual, shows listed first are what get watched live in times of conflict, usually because the other show(s) require more concentration and must be savored.  Or need to be easily skippable.  Or are shorter.  Other shows are italicized to signify their lesser importance.  

9:00 + sports delay: CSI: Miami

7:00: House vs. How I Met Your Mother
Later: The Sarah Jane Adventures
(Or I will stuff it in the Vault until December again; nobody knows!  Per usual, the scheduling for this is still fairly nebulous)

7:00: NCIS vs. Glee
8:00: Raising Hope (obligation-free viewing only, hence it will not be included in the 14-show ranked list below)

7:00: Survivor
8:00: Law & Order: SVU
[9:00: The Whole Truth?  See below.]

7:00: Community/30 Rock (obligation-free viewing only)
8:00: CSI vs. The Office vs. Grey's Anatomy
Later: Private Practice (otherwise I'm going to catch the last minute or two of GA every week, and I'd rather save GA)

7:00: Medium
8:00: CSI: NY

Other Points of Interest
-Southland returns semester 2 for its tiny pint-size season.

-SO DOES PRIMEVAL.  Dinosauuuuuuuuuuurs!  Absent since summer '09, miraculous rise from dead, etc.  Featuring an even tinier, half-pint-sized season, but still.

-The Whole Truth will probably continue to court me all year with its hot-property TV stars, now with added punch by adding Judd Hirsch as a defendant*.  I will continue to tell it to bite me, I can't deal with Maura's hair and I'm not ready to move on from Numb3rs.  Take your combined powers of awesome to the movies!  The movies need more A-level pairings! 
*I will probably buckle and watch that one.  Then all bets are off. 

-Thanks to Survivor, the only time I will ever see The Middle is in January.  But I'll be cheering it from the sidelines.  I demand it wrangle 100 episodes and a leap to syndication.

Lost Off Last Fall's Lineup
Cold Case, Numb3rs, (Ghost Whisperer - not on original list), Southland (moved to January), Bones, and then Three Rivers/Mercy never actually got on it.

State of the Networks: Fall Preview, 2010
Okay, now that that fun business is squared away, time to look around and figure out how excited I am for all these shows to come back.  I'm not gonna lie, right now the answer is "not very" and/or "none of these are as much fun as Scrubs, boo!  Also I still want Numb3rs and Ghost Whisperer to be coming back."  But, Future Self, I will try.  For you.  Since I am even less confident of the exact order than I was last year, I'm going to split it by excitement levels, too.

1. Grey's Anatomy
Look, the finale was super high stakes and I need to know everything that is happening in its wake.  The spoilers have been wonderful, but I'm more than ready to see them in action now.  The power of fast-forward means I am unable to process all of the things that are wrong with this show, and I can only remember what is fun.  And how Mer/Der and the Cristowenship may or may not have spent about a month as #1 and #2 in my daydream roster before Jordan/Perry kicked everybody out.  Plus, first up is widespread emotional fallout from trauma!  FUN.  Remember how good that made Private Practice for a while last year?

2. Glee
*quotes meme predictions*  "Ugh, is it time for this show to come back already?"  Kidding.  Although per usual I have no idea why I love this show or why and how it consumes my brain, and I've been wary of a lot of new-character and music spoilers, I really miss Mr. Schue. I'm gradually ramping up my excitement levels by reading old reviews.  And right now I'm listening to a Glee playlist that really does wonders for the enthusiasm reservoir.

3. Survivor
You know who's not on the show this year?  RUSSELL.  This is like beating cancer!

4. The Office
Last year of Michael, last year of Michael, last year of Michael, last year of Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also: Jim/Pam, they might be a thing, I hope.  I heard Cecilia's in multiple episodes, that's a good start.  My contact high from "The Delivery" has officially worn off and I need new scenes to stoke the daydreams.

What happens in Mexico...also puts life back in a dying show and brings it back as a contender.

6. House
I feel strongly like this will just go ahead and blow up in my face, but I watched the season finale on TV again tonight and it was better the second time.  I'm more interested in Huddy now (watch, it'll already be falling apart). Plus, I just read that Olivia Wilde will be temporarily replaced with Amber Tamblyn.  I'm now dead and in heaven.

7. The Sarah Jane Adventures
This is like the only show that didn't disappoint me in some strong way last year.  And I was rather more excited for its return, until a spoiler about casting stopped me cold and made me start wondering if I'll have cause to fire it in the manner of Bones.  Why is it with British shows, you have to hope they die young?

8. Medium
I am completely neutral about this series, and trying to stay that way instead of dwelling on how the better, younger shows on either side fell beneath an axe.

9. How I Met Your Mother
Remember when this used to be much closer to the top?  It was down here last year, too.  I am no longer confident in its side-splittingly funny ways, but rather suspicious of its vast potential to suck and dare it to prove me wrong.  It is officially at the bottom of the comedy heap right now, including all the shows I am not reviewing, which includes 30 Rock.  30 Rock.

10. CSI: NY
This was totally #4, and the top tier, before Melina was replaced by Sela Ward.  Now I can't actually remember why I'm looking forward to it, beyond resolution to the cliffhanger.  I mean, I know how it's resolved, I'm just excited to see it.  After that?  Eh.

11. Private Practice
Yeah, still full of angry feelings over crashed ships and buried characters  Not angry enough to quit.  Just angry enough to be cynical about their ability to improve matters.

12. CSI: Miami
I dunno; I liked my long vacation and my half-assed, recap-filled catchup, but the excision of Eddie Cibrian at least restores it to season 7 quality, and therefore I am loyalty-bound to watch. Besides, this franchise is all that remains of Bruckheimer's brood.  And I want my resolution to the cliffhanger.

13. CSI (oh, gross, it has not been behind Miami since before the latter's collapse in '06)
In a much sadder tone of voice than used for Michael Scott's pending departure: last year of Catherine.  :(  But Sara's still around.  And while my excitement has drained away to exaaaactly nothing, I do miss her and Greg.

14. Law & Order: SVU
*clenches fists*  It is still not dead.  And it still has its stars.  So I am still here.  I'm actually looking forward to JLH in the premiere, which is more than I can say for anything about CSI, but I'm still putting it dead last because the thought of it generally makes me want to hang myself.

Special Inserts
2.5: Primeval - God, I miss dinosaurs.  I can't even convince myself that this show was on an unstoppable downward spiral when it ended, I want it back so bad.

3.5: Southland - Screw you by comparison, other crime shows.  This is what I really want more of.  I hate that it now lives on cable and has only managed to wring out 13 episodes in decidedly more than 13 months.

Somewhere between 4 and 6, because I am grossly excited for comedies: 

a) Community - *shrugs*  It makes me laugh.  Despite notable handicap of not having seen all of season 1 - it worked for HIMYM, okay! - I am excited about this.  BETTY WHITE.  Etc.

b) 30 Rock - Hang on a second, I'm going to go hit my head against the wall several times.  But apparently I like Liz Lemon now.  Or at least her current love interest options.  I would not be at all surprised if 30 Rock was one of the many shows I felt had three lackluster seasons and then hit its stride and improved forever (retroactively counting 4 because Wesley Snipes turned it around, with help from Julianne Moore).

c) Raising Hope - There is a very high probability that this will crash and burn.  Most FOX comedies I attempt to love do.  But I'm getting weirdly exciting to see if this one makes me smile.  [edit: ...less so since I found that two of the ABC comedies can provide fun diversions, but still.]
P.S. Attempted to watch the newly-syndicated HIMYM tonight, starting with the pilot.  Okay, between the Smurf talk and Barney randomly kissing Marshall that I was so hoping was just a horrible blooper reel segment somewhere, if I had seen this when it aired I would have immediately written this show off forever.  On the bright side, Robin is so surprisingly sweet and likable!  And...then I was reminded how she used to have a gorgeous pack of dogs that she then stupidly let Ted convince her to give away, and never got back.  Everything collapsed on itself again.  HATRED.  RAGE.  FIRE! 
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