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Shipping Meme, part 2

Day 07 - The most heartbreaking scene?
Now and quite possibly forever, the problem that will never be solved: Doctor Who and the aptly-named synonym for all that is heartbreaking, Doomsday. It will in fact always be worse than Journey's End (don't even think about linking it, Self, we do not have time to double the torture), even though technically there's more hope left here, because there is no physical contact to make things marginally better.  Can't even watch it without channeling my despair into punching the wall.

*punches wall*

Day 08 - The pairing with the most baggage?
[Edit: Changing this because there is just WAY too much Shondaland on the meme, and not enough crime representation.  Ergo: CSI: Miami, Horatio/Yelina.  Their baggage prevents them from actually being a couple, but it's the most ardent non-canon thing I ship.  Stupid baggage. Just because she's his sister in law and her husband got himself embroiled in drugs and died about 17 times before one actually stuck...  She might, of course, simply have a legitimate reason for wanting to stay away, since everyone he dates has a tendency to, um, get murdered.  We're up to 3 now, and I still think mother-of-his-random-child Julia's days are numbered.

Sorry, it's been a very long time since I thought of Horatio in human terms, and the power of snark still overrides any ability to take this question seriously.  I just wanted a better answer than Mer/Der here.] 

Day 09 - The most believable relationship?
Joe/Allison, Medium.  Aside from the fact that this family has a severely disproportionate number of hospital visits, murder targets and insane psychic visions happening to them, everyone pays attention to how very well they underscore being parents in their 40's with 3 kids.  At least half of their scenes take place in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.  It's domesticity on crack.

Day 10 - Why aren’t these two married in real life?
I tend not to think that about actors at all.  David Tennant and Billie Piper being the possible exception, of course.

Day 11 - What is your dream pairing?
You know what was my actual dream come true?  Amy Adams opposite Patrick Dempsey in that beautiful gem "Enchanted."  I still don't even understand how that perfection EXISTS.  Lee Pace/Amy Adams beats it, but Lee had a distracting British accent and they were kinda pushed to the background of "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day."

(I am also going to ship Gwen/Andy until my dying day on Torchwood; I don't care if she and Rhys have TEN babies.  *is stubborn and will not budge*)

Day 12 - Who had the best wedding?
Numb3rs: Charlie & Amita.  Even though it got shortchanged by CBS's jackholery (new word) and turned into a quick no-frills affair with a minimal guest list and nobody strictly from the bride's side, there were lovely sentiments as officiated by Larry, and there was much romantic gazing and generally everything I always hope to see from wedding moments.  The culmination of an entire series of perfection.  (well, the 4 seasons of perfection to which I paid attention)  Looking back, it seems silly that I ever worried it wouldn't happen.  Also, I continue to hate myself for not saying anything about the series finale in an official capacity, but ONE DAY.  ONE DAY I WILL GET THERE. 

Day 13 - What is your favorite television pairing?
... I was going to give an automatic answer, but instead I'm tying it between Charlie/Amita, Jim/Pam and Ned/Chuck (Pushing Daisies).  If Jim & Pam weren't so preternaturally perfect for all my daydreams, I might even say that, despite it being off my screen for six months, C/A still give me a greater thrill as a viewer.
Tags: doctor who, medium, memes: recurring, numb3rs, shipping

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