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SO BEHIND!  *flails dramatically*  Too many shows!  Look at how little I've been able to watch!  When was that time where I thought I didn't have a lot on the docket and could afford to watch extra comedies for fun?  Because that was detrimental to my focus. I don't remember how to do this; looking up titles is hard!  *whines* So is checking even two reviews for any major details I might have forgotten when 90% of the episode washed out of my head immediately after viewing without notes.

-Community was dandy. Betty White! Britta! Annie! Plus, "TV [has] likable leading men.  We have you." = most astute description of this show ever.  

-30 Rock: I need Matt Damon in my life forever.  Never let him go.  Your options are him or Wesley Snipes; I'll live with either option (and only those options), but Carol is the clear winner.  I want a Carol of my own.  With a different name. I love how this show is finally mostly watchable.

Law & Order: SVU, 12x01-02, Locum/Bullseye
It is probably too late to warn you at this point, but if you were thinking about watching either of these for Henry Ian Cusick, don't. 

I'm going to need about 10 Lost episodes to wash THAT idea out of my head...and the worst part is, my mother wouldn't even let me have it until the point of no return.  She started going "I bet he's the pedophile!" five minutes into the second episode.  Unwelcome!

I have the resplendent visual imagery of a charming Scotsman looking out for adorable little girls, which incidentally lines up marvelously with a yet-uncast storyline in my Great Big Complex Fictional Universe featuring an ex teacher stigmatized from a false yet much publicized child molestation charge, and you have to spin that down into a brain-scarring place?  That's not fair, I'm weak from lack of Desmond.  His hair is still acceptably dreamy and everything.

[sidebar: haha, I love that he gets beat up on this show too]

I was also planning to simultaneously use this as an adventure in picturing HIC as the 11th Doctor, and was barreling towards happy acceptance of Erik/Olivia as a possible romantic subplot arc for the year.  So many dreams destroyed at once. Was this twist in the spoilers?  Possibly even the general episode descriptions?  I went in blind, I don't know!  The last time you hired a hot actor from Lost it was for purposes of great good!

That said, I thought both episodes were marvelous romps of adventure - not least because my mom hasn't seen this show in years, so it was fun watching her head explode after the 179th cracktastic plot twist.  No, but really, can't remember the last time I enjoyed the show this much, especially two hours in a row. 

Mackenzie spent most of the hour being a horrible brat, but I warmed up to her by the end, what with the insanity of adoptive parents making her look just like their missing daughter.  I can't believe they can just solve a 10-year-old cold case in a matter of days, but that was so fascinating on its own that I find I can't really argue with it. As for the second episode, little more heartbreaking and a lot more skeevey (you'd think I would have finally lost faith when Erik just happened to have masses of well-organized child porn "confiscated from perverts" on his computer, but no, I was willing to overlook that oddity if Benson was), but still quite a fascinating story. 

...oh, I don't remember how to write about episodes anymore; just walk away with the knowledge that this was a wonderful premiere with some kind of unsavory ending I've already blocked from memory.  Henry Ian Cusick!

P.S. Found deep irony in...what's-his-name, That Guy, being accused as the pervy videocam rapist considering his most recent turn as Sandy The Somewhat Inappropriately Hands-On Ex-Music Teacher on Glee. 

Ooh, and breaking news! Wikipedia just informed me that David Krumholtz is set to appear among the cocktail of awesome guest stars this year.  Oh, show, we might actually be something like friends if you keep this up. And don't turn him into a murderer or some other shady character. The unspoken rules of crime drama say that once you pick a side of Cops and Robbers, all your subsequent guest spots have to align with it.
Medium, 7x01, "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day"
*cradles show in arms*
Oh, baby, you're so doomed. 6 million.  6!  CSI: NY pulled over 10!  Blue Bloods IMPROVED that number (way to kick me in my special hurty place of a Numb3rs scar). Let me love you while I still can, because even though Joe's hair is still tragic and Ariel is a lost cause, Allison's cut has self-corrected so I can survive. Besides, this premiere was awesome.

*points and hops up and down*  Jack's kid!  [edit: Dylan Minnette, yeah, I'm never remembering that.] Oh, I'm so glad that Ariel's boy curse does not extend to Bridgette and that Cameron was (almost) totally innocent.  Date Bridgette!  Go ahead!  I will lift my ironclad ban on dating before the 9th grade to keep that upstanding young gentleman around.  Also, TV industry in general: please start hiring him like hot property, because he is the most adorable actor.  He's like a human puppy.

The Freaky Friday twist was so much fun.  You thought it was fun in the Lindsay Lohan movie, it was, but this was so much better.  Both actresses must have had a blast swapping lines and personalities.  Patricia Arquette played a petulant 12-year-old especially well.  Not that I didn't get a kick out of Joe flailing backward as Allison forgets that kissing is a Do Not when you're temporarily trapped in your daughter's body.

The late night DuBois screechfest in the hallway wasn't bad either.

Lone negative: it turns out that Medium really needs to NOT HAVE THEME SONGS FOR EPISODES, because I didn't think it was possible, but even "King of Anything" can be ruined when a few bars are repeated over and over between various scene.

...dear lord, I really have forgotten how to review things.  I'm switching to list format if matters fail to improve.  Bottom line, I missed the family more than I thought.  We're on much more positive terms than we were a few weeks ago while writing up my fall preview.
CSI, 11x01, "Shock Waves"
"Hey, this is already better than all of last year."

Then Kacey showed up and immediately began to annoy the everliving crap out of me.  Vegas, stop hiring women under 35. Just stop.  It has never gone well for you. Kacey is no exception.  I don't even know what her accent is but I want her to stop talking, immediately.  As Nick interaction goes, this is mildly less revolting than Riley would have been, but not by much. It's such a huge failing that I don't even have time to be annoyed at being forced to learn what a Justin Bieber's voice sounds like.

Aside from that, I love that we just continue to whale on Nick.  Getting shot, getting caught in a bomb shock wave, bring it on. I'm still not clear why he was being snubbed at the officer's funeral, given that the guy was just doing his job and I cannot work out how Nick is at all at fault, but if it gets him temporarily deafened and half blown up I'll roll with it.  ESPECIALLY if it then later gives me a teary moment of reminisicence with Catherine over Warrick.  This show DOES still have a heart! 

Meanwhile, I did not miss Langston for a moment while he was laid up on the sidelines, but I did spend a lot of time taking in Sara's panic run and mentally replacing him with Grissom.  Then that just made me long for Grissom's quiet, scientific approach to everything, because for all his education Ray still has too much of the action hero streak that permeates Miami and New York. I miss the true scientist.  I don't know how to feel anymore!  A lot of things broke last year, and the patchy summer catchup did nothing to give me a fresh start. 

Plus I was really quite invested in the book I was reading during commercials, so much so that at various points near the end I stopped paying strict attention in order to better focus on the lives of aspiring exotic animal trainers in school at EATM. I don't think I missed too much.  Bieber's an evil child, right?  Like I needed CSI to tell me that.

Oh!  Nearly forgot, Sara decked somebody in the midst of a near riot and it was pretty much the best thing ever.  Meanwhile, Sara with a bandaged hand, slumped in front of her locker...oh, that rang some fun and familiar lab-explosion-ep bells. So did the part where Greg almost got blown up again (ah, if only he'd had her with him, my life could have been complete) Are you sure this title isn't WHUMP? 

How I Met Your Mother, 6x01, "Big Days" 
Apparently people liked it.
I wasn't particularly moved by much and I've got residual cartoon steam curling out of my ears over the ending, because that's how I roll.  Thoughts!

+ Ted's hair is fluffier than ever, and I'm digging it.  Robin got likable all of a sudden, whoa, what?  And I am...bored with Marshall and Lily? That's never happened before; it's weird, I blame Jason Segel's string of movies making me view him as an unpleasant human being.  Marshall's still cute as the dickens in the season 1 reruns I occasionally watch, but he seems to morph into a more stereotypical, crass guy every year. I suddenly understand why people call for divorce out of sheer unhappiness with their partner.  (That's never happened before either.)

+ Barney: Robin, seriously, I love you, but it's like you've got squiggly cartoon odor lines coming off you.
(I think it's pretty obvious which part of that sentence made me flail)

+ "You sundressed up," and the rest of the plethora of appreciative comments Barney sent in Robin's direction both before and after realizing it was her.  Remember that question on the ship meme about the pairing that needs to happen now?  It stumped me then, but IT'S THIS ONE.  RIGHT HERE.

+ I don't want to rain on parades, but don't you think it would be a little a) obviously manipulative from TPTB and b) super unlike Barney or Robin to get married in a church?  I mean, marrying them off at all seems unlikely; a church wedding just seems wildly crazy.  (MAYBE IF I SCORN, IT WILL COME TRUE)

- Rachel "Cindy" Bilson is no longer my favorite of Ted's exes, or in fact worthy of comment. *flicks out of sight*

What do I do with this show?  Do I ditch it?  Do I give it live treatment and try to savor House, assuming that postponing the latter won't cause me to fall behind on it?  Do I put [HIMYM] in the Vault for marathon sessions?  I'm afraid to miss out, but I also have zero interest in next week's adventures.  I really thought the love would kick back in with a new season, but it didn't.  I can't even blame my mood, because for everybody else I'm like, "Yeah, great showing!"  This, flat.

(I think I'm just ready for it to be like Scrubs, where chronology is as unimportant as tuning in every week; I want it to keep producing new base material, but I also can't wait for the day it retires to syndication full time and I can just flip it on for comfort viewing.  I'm starting to go back to my 2005-2006 stance, in which the notion of giving one's full attention to a half hour comedy was ludicrous.)

I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND MY REVIEWING VOICE, HAVE I.  *frustrated table kick*  Do I have to evaluate a new watch versus write-about list?  I'm sorry that half of this post is just stream-of-consciousness crazy, but I spend all day editing things or thinking about how to edit things I have been putting off; I don't even remember how to think in non-mystery-shopping terms anymore.
To-watch docket: CSI: NY (I did watch the teaser; too content tumbling those extra gold nuggets around in my brain to move on yet), Grey's, PP, Glee, The Office.  You know, just all the good stuff.  *head explodes*  Still!  I think Future Me will appreciate having a full review catalog again, even if they are wimpy offerings like the ones above.


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Sep. 26th, 2010 09:53 am (UTC)
Oooh out of these I have watched SVU (it is a strange world indeed when you watch/review 30 Rock before me!! Haha!) and I have to say this will be the last time I ever watch SVU (probably). I need to drop shows and needed to be blown away by the first couple of eps to be convinced to keep it.

I don't know who that guy was but I was tempted to ship him with Olivia (because I think she needs some love) but didn't quite trust him .... but was horrified to find out just how sick and twisted he really was. Horrified I tell ye!
Sep. 27th, 2010 05:20 pm (UTC)
30 Rock: it probably helps that I can just flip on the TV and have nothing else to watch at that time...although it's still bizarre that I watch it at all, true.

I don't know why Olivia can't have nice things. And by nice things, I mean a relationship over multiple episodes with an attractive and non-creepy guy lacking in ulterior motives. Is it so much to ask?
Sep. 26th, 2010 04:11 pm (UTC)
That wedding in HIMYM is leaving me so puzzled, because it's somewhere where the mother is invited too, so I don't see it as Barney and Robin's wedding (and I don't see them married either before Ted or in a church) I doubt Cindy would stay close enough to Ted to have him in the wedding party (or even Marshall/Lily), let alone marry in a church, so I'm a bit stumped at whose wedding it'd be. It'd have to be someone close to Ted and Marshall who also knows the mother. Not sure how they're going to do that. Unless the mother is someone's date, and that would make it awkward.

Edited at 2010-09-26 04:16 pm (UTC)
Sep. 27th, 2010 05:25 pm (UTC)
Whoops, forgot that I had to factor the mother timeline into the clues. That does put the kibosh on some things...at this point, I think I'm just going to assume it's someone we haven't even met who'll be popping up somewhere later in the season. Don't make me work for clues, TPTB! You write, I'll wait.
Sep. 27th, 2010 12:48 am (UTC)
So this has little to do with your post but I need your tv guruness. I am writing some CSI NY fic but I only watched occasionally after 'Pay Up'. Since the franchise is infamous for dropping story lines, what I need to know is, did the Dunbrook Arc ever finish with a trial, or was it just all the kidnappers died 'resisting arrest' the end. It seemed like epilogue dealt more with the bar shooting than Jess's death so it wasn't a true two parter.
Sep. 27th, 2010 05:29 pm (UTC)
Alas, I am not the person to ask about plot. My very first reaction to your question was, in fact, "Dunbrook was involved in Pay Up?" I took a stab at digging up the info anyway, but nothing jumped out at me. I'm inclined to say it was dropped; all that trails through my wispy memory is that we found out the final spray of bullets at the bar was completely unrelated to Angell being shot.
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