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"God was in a mood today."

You know what, these are really just archival scribblings anyway, so I am going to go ahead and backdate them.

I also love how these are in completely random order. Have fun!

Private Practice, 4x02, "Short Cuts"
I read a book through most of it and it STILL felt like it took an eternity. My biggest emotional investment was annoyance that they weren't giving the transgender person the operation he/she was clearly 500% ready for. That isn't at all how I normally react to cases.

Pete and Charlotte suck. What I don't get is, did people really not notice Cooper and Violet's co-dependent relationship before now? Why is it suddenly an issue? Why do I hate everyone so much? Even Addison has lost her shine, partly for her poor decision to trade in Pete for Sam, who in turn uncomfortably and constantly reminds me of her two-timin' ways, and partly due to circumstances beyond her control. Circumstances named Amelia, outshining their awesome ex-sisters-in-law. "OK, I love it here, and I love you guys, so can you not fight?  Because it makes it really awkward for me." MY NEW FAVORITE. I dread the day when I am forced to confront that she is probably as awful as Derek thinks she is, or at least has succumbed to California Sex Fever, which causes all single doctors to immediately start hooking up with any other single doctors in the same building.

At least I got a really good laugh out of Cooper being scarred for life by walking in on naked!Pete and Violet. (NOW YOU KNOW HOW I SUFFER.) Also, why did the camera keep randomly zooming in on faces?  It was highly distracting, like watching the spy!crew on The Office.

-CSI, 11x02, "Shark Bites": No annoying girl!  Limited Langston! There were some subtle references to Sara's love for animals and nature extending to aquatic life, with phrases like "fish arebeautiful." Mostly I enjoyed Henry's existence, and would have felt some things about Wendy's departure if I had not ceased to acknowledge her for kissing Hodges last year. Generally, I spent most of the hour reading. Flanders Point was really compelling.
The Office, 7x02, "Counseling"
I am generally disenchanted by TV this season. I apologize if that casts a pall over this review.

-There is no kissing in this week's opening credits, yet they are still different. This angers me.

-I hereby claim "Painting in the Dark" as a future blog header. It seems designed for metaphorical writerly pursuits.

Pam: The unfair thing about working in sales is that your salary is almost all commission. So if you suck at sales, you make almost no money.

...I feel better.  Now, talk more about bringing CC to daycare, and other parts of your life that don't fill me with rage.

-I did really like when she asked Jim to tell her everything was going to be okay. I need her self-doubt every so often to keep me on an even keel.

-And just when I was hoping that somehow, this would all turn out okay... Pam, you lying little minx!  I don't like dishonesty.  I respect it even less than sales.

Which is a pity, because "office administrator" seemed like a wonderful compromise between her desire for advancement and my desire for her to be the receptionist forever. As long as it's administrative, we both win!  Except that this little scam of hers seems uncomfortably close to the fraud line, and whether that becomes an issue or not (I suspect not), I find the way she went about it kind of gross. Why can't we have legitimately nice things?

-Toby starred in the A plot of a whole entire episode and was his marvelous Toby self, making that my favorite part of the night. I can't believe I enjoyed a storyline with Michael more than one with Dwight and Jim OR one starring Pam. I shall require six hours of intense counseling to come back from this.

-Remember when the Deathly Hallows trailers whitewashed Hermione's blood-covered palms to make it G rated?  They should have just claimed it was beet juice and saved themselves a lot of editing time.

-I love that Ryan tells the camera guy to just "use the best one," as though this footage will ever actually be edited into something that is seen by other people. That's the optimistic spirit that'll get Woof off the ground!
Grey's Anatomy, 7x02, "Shock to the System"
Finally, one of my few TV treats!  And even this got overshadowed by itself, because I saw the promo for episode 3 first, and all the scenes I was so looking forward to this week suddenly crumbled to dust in the promise of what even more amazing things might come next.

1. It wasn't just the promo -- I saw the last 3 minutes, too, when my feverish anticipation couldn't take the molasses-paced agony of CSI anymore and switched early. The first thing I heard was "50% of marriages" and promptly had a heart attack, even though I knew there was going to be an initial downturn to this marriage...but I kept watching, and oh!  With something like his third or fourth qualification for the Sweeping Speeches Club (it got a new name, as they're getting less poetic lately): "That's what you should be feeling. I know because when I was there, I felt all those things, and I took it all out on you. And you were patient, and you were kind, and you stayed through it, because you loved me. You love me."  *explodes in fit of clapping* 

1.5. Although I did have a stronger-than-ever-before desire to punch Meredith when she smirked about how she'd already fixed Cristina before he got there.

2. The miscarriage confession wasn't quite as intense as I'd hoped, given that it was overshadowed by Derek's idiocy.  I rather liked her tearful insistence that just for a little while, she wanted to know that he wasn't dying, but that was more than enough on its own. It took all the punch out of the other part. I did get a hug and a kiss out of it, though; those are always useful.

3. Mentions of Dr. Burke, and how he went on and on about Cristina with their patients!  ...I shouldn't still thrill to that, especially since I was on YouTube a few weeks ago and realized to my deep dismay that I found him really unlikeable in a lot of scenes (I want my rose-colored glasses back!), but I do.

4. Really liked the C/O morning scene, and how completely prepared he was for her pending oh-my-god-we-got-married panic attack. Also found his desire to wash her hair mildly creepy, and this is coming from me, who adores her own long hair more than Rapunzel and thinks everyone should follow suit.  No, forget mildly creepy; every time I hear that, my shoulders involuntarily twitch. Playing with her hair as she wakes up, however, is allowed.

(did I forget to send up a prayer of thanks we skipped the wedding night?  HERE IS A PRAYER OF THANKS. Oh, if we could only be so lucky as to avoid those parts all the time, and just have the before and after.  I'm good with before and after.)

5. Lexipedia: still back to the ways of being adorable!  I'm also still, to my continued disgust, newly fond of Mark's attachment to her. I'm even calling him things other than McSleazy now. *head bang*

6. Meredith + Cristina may be my favorite female friendship in the history of television.

7. "I can't be in there.  And if I can't be in there, I don't know where I'm supposed to be." "You're supposed to be here. You're my wife.  You can just be here." Yeah, so it turns out, there are instances in which that word doesn't set of fireworks of squee in my head, but instead just sounds clumsy and awkward and forced. Marriages done on Post-Its and/or spur-of-the-moment whims tend to have the latter effect.
[Edit: On bright side, I just noticed a very arresting vocalist+piano melody ending this scene, which appears to be "Calling Me" by Alva Leigh and I'm falling in love. I recently found out that I was introduced to "White Horse" because of them too; I love how they attract all the pretty songs.] 

7.5. I do, however, have a certain fondness for the endearing way in which he is clumsy and never seems to know exactly what to do for her, earnestly though he tries, like a puppy growing into giant paws. He's exactly unlike Burke that respect, but much as I normally champion like personalities, I think their completely opposite perspectives are what make these two such an interesting couple for me.

8. Perkins is maintaining his neutrality like a good shrink should, but I have the sneaking suspicion I would like him more as a person independent of both Teddy and his current job description.

9. NEXT EPISODE LOOKS AWESOME, IN CASE YOU DIDN'T REGISTER THAT.  C/O, Derek/Cristina interaction both direct and indirect, and all the little birdies keep saying Amelia's going to be stuffed in here too. I don't even know how it can live up to my royal expectations.

Medium, 7x02: Nice to see you for a minute, Lynne!  And confirm that you and Lee are soulmates, if at least part of Allison's visions were right, which I choose to believe they were. Props for both making Buster Bluth a serial killer and gruesomely killing him in jail off screen.  Also, epic hilarity in watching Joe's gobsmacked face grappling with how to explain the dream 7-year-old Marie had about people having sex, although I thought they might be pushing the envelope a bit with her dialogue. 

I know this is super-short, but I loved it. I don't know if it's good or just good by comparison, but Medium is like #5 in my Anticipation Queue right now.
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