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Thursday Night on CBS

Survivor: If it weren't for the fun I get out of reading Television Without Pity recaps after watching the show, I think I might be tempted to walk away from the show for the rest of the season.  STOP GETTING RID OF PEOPLE I LIKE.

I watched it downstairs with my parents, as there was delicious leftover Valentine's Day cheesecake to be eaten.  Always nice to have refreshments while watching people starve.  My mom thinks it's unethical that they would let these people go for days without water (I'm sorry, "surviving on morning dew licked from leaves").  I never stopped to think about that, but it kind of is.  Anyway, formed some more opinions of this season's cast:

-Earl endeared himself to me by apologizing to the snake he machete-chopped, saying "I don't like killing animals.  Snakes are misunderstood."  Unlike most of the hicks and L.A. crazies this season, he's one of the well-educated people.  

-I'm pretty sure I didn't hear Edgardo's accent at all this week, which made me sad.

-I heard plenty of Rocky's accent, which drives me up the wall.  And I hate that gross, obnoxious tattoo on his back.

-Lisi has a hoggish, snorting laugh, so I do not like her.  I like her even less after she sounds like Callie on Grey's Anatomy when using the phrase "this game's so vicious it's delicious."  Go away now.

-I've decided that Dreamz is actually kind of an attractive guy.  Exhaustingly cheerful and peppy (well, he is a cheerleading coach), but kind of attractive.  Also, climbs trees like Ozzy the Monkey.  Sweet.

-I'm kind of liking Gary the Minnesotan more and more, against my will.  Everybody else (on the show) seems to like him, so maybe he's found a niche after all.  And he does seem pretty resourceful, with a lot of experience as far as rural living goes.

-Boo is the most accident-prone Survivor ever, and I can't wrap my head around the fact that in the real world, he's a construction worker.  I mean, honestly!  How does someone that clumsy construct buildings for a living?  I'm surprised he hasn't gotten himself killed.  Also, it's very gross to watch and I don't ever want to see that again.  It's weird, because I don't usually consider myself that squeamish about spilled blood - I mean, at least not if it comes from a flesh wound in the side or the leg or anywhere else you can't visibly see those V-word things... but when people cut their hands open, that's icky.  And I'm definitely squeamish about anything involving the eyes.

-File under "randomosity" know how they always show some of the wildlife between scenes?  Flying fox bats are the cutest things ever.

-I want to like Rita, especially after what she was saying to Anthony, but then in the end she went with the self-absorbed and arrogant jerks (Rocky, Mookie, Sylvia) instead of the smart and rational ones  (Anthony & Michelle, and Earl if he'd been there).  This frustrates & angers me.

And as for voting out Erica...they got rid of my favorite FOR THE SECOND WEEK IN A ROW.  *hisses* She was not "panicking" during the challenge, she was shouting because she was frustrated and trying to make herself heard.  Specifically, she was frustrated with your incompetence.  Much to my disappointment, I think she ended up being wrong, but still...they were only distracted for, like, five seconds.  Anyway, remember yesterday, when y'all were wandering about in a daze, until ERICA stumbled on the pineapples and provided you all with sustenance?  Grrr, I'm annoyed.  And bitter.  Mookie's the newest name on my hit list for instigating this, since I really dislike Sylvia.  Her personality type rubs me the wrong way.  I know people like her and I can't stand them.  At least Michelle shares my sentiments.  I think I like cute little Michelle, maybe she's reason to stick around a little longer.  Despite the fact that even SHE voted for Erica in the end, which makes me consider wanting to smack her.

CSI: Monster in a Box
"Better it contains a monster than belongs to Lady Heather.  I'm just sayin'." --Gibby

I like that quote.  :) 

Let me preface things by saying that the Blue Paint Killer(s) was one of the best things this show has ever done.  It was chilling, eerie, gripping every time he appeared.  Those murders have now been officially eclipsed by the Miniature Crime Scene Killer.  Here is an edge this show over CSI Miami: when Horatio has nemeses, they are your run-of-the-mill deluded bad guy.  They have a personal vendetta against him for one reason or another, and their energy is usually focused around how much they plain old hate the lieutenant.  They're rough around the edges and not particularly clever.  CSI is different.  Grissom goes out in the field to process scenes, but you're more likely to find him spending hours in the lab.  He's a scientist, not a cop.  (which I'm pretty sure is how the majority of CSI's are supposed to be, but let's ignore that for the moment) He isn't out there running people down.  Which means that when a criminal turns his attention on the good entomologist, he's never your run-of-the-mill bad guy.  He's a serial killer who plots his murders carefully, usually someone of a brilliant mind.  Knowing Grissom is behind the scenes intrigues him, that thrill of not only killing, but of subsequently matching wits with someone like himself.  There's no direct confrontation, making him that much harder to catch.  And so the killer comes out on top, time and again. 

As a result, another installment in this arc made for an amazing episode.  You may or may not be aware that I am of the opinion that they should take an entire season to deal with miniature crime scenes in every episode, that's how much I love this plotline.  Okay, perhaps that would be a bit excessive, but it doesn't change the fact that I love it every time one of those things makes an appearance.

This week's MCS - poor kittyyyy!  Oh, and poor cop.  The latter's body really creeped me out.  Her eyes were so wide open and staring she looked like she'd been frightened to death.  Or possibly petrified by a giant evil basilisk.  I have to wonder about the killer's idea to post-date the murder by a full month, though.  The LVPD found the crime scene in under 24 hours.  Surely if they'd had a whole month, his plans would have been foiled entirely.   Did he know Grissom was going on sabbatical?  Anyway, it also got me wondering if the intended target was, in fact, the police officer.  She did look like the victim, and by proxy the doll.  The only thing that blows my theory is the dead cat, as one would ASSUME that when going into protective custody, one would want one's beloved pet with them.  I can't recall why she didn't...maybe I missed that part.  I only watched this ep once.  

I was not previously aware that the miniatures hadn't been leaked to the press.  Seems like that would be a safe enough detail to share, I imagine it would be hard to recreate such scenes with the same amount of precision.  Not to mention it's kind of the whole basis of the case.  I liked when Catherine asked him about it and he answered, "The media's all over [the sheriff], which means he's all over the undersheriff, who's all over Ecklie, who's blaming me for not going public with the Izzy Delancey miniature like he told me to." See, there's still hope that Ecklie will appear in an episode, or at least proof that he hasn't gone mad and run off to the jungles of Burma.  And on a side note, way to go Grissom for not bowing to Ecklie's snobbish authority.  I like how even after having gotten reprimanded, he's just like "Eh."

Sara had a great big role this week!  It's sad that I have to celebrate that.  Only one scene with Grissom (the final one), as he was busy laying out his theories with Catherine, who managed to slip a Keppler reference in there.  Grissom looks annoyed by said reference, and she has to remind him that Keppy came down on the right side. I don't know which one to agree with; they both have good points and neither's going to give an inch on what they thought of him.  Grissom just can't say anything because it's not nice to speak ill of the dead.  

Nice to see Greg again too.  Interesting that he mentions the lawsuit but says they're suing "the city" for 3.5 million.  I thought it was a personal civil suit he was up against?  He looked a lot more distressed at the end of Post Mortem.  Here he's just like "sucks to be the city, huh?"

You know who it's not nice to see?  Hodges.  The Grissom-stalking is spiraling into new levels of creepy.  His man crush was mildly unsettling at first, and over the years I've learned to try and tune out his fawning and just relish the Looks Grissom gives him (they're priceless, really), but now it's starting to become a little too stupid-gimmick for an otherwise very serious show.

We've established that the MCSK is not Lionel Dell, correct?  Or was that left open ended?  I thought they were shifting their focus to one of the foster kids, but I can't recall why.  Other than that, I honestly haven't any idea who the killer is, though I'm hoping that when we do find out (season finale, I assume) it won't be the kind of obvious that makes me smack myself upside the head.  Also, here's hoping that if the resident spoiler queen finds out, she refuses to tell us.  Even behind an additional spoiler code, no way will I be able to resist for more than 24 hours.  I couldn't resist clicking the spoiler to find out Keppler was going to die, after all.

Final thoughts: "Ernie Dell confessed and killed himself to protect someone he loved.  And that someone has murdered five people.  (pan over video tape of birthday party) Eeny, meeny, miney, moe...catch a monster by the toe."  Best.  Ending line.  Ever.  The hushed delivery was remarkable.  Poor Griss, I think over the course of a single episode he lost whatever inner peace and restoration he gained by taking a month to ponder Walden Pond.
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