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More backdated episode thoughts.

Hey, you know what today is? That's right, it's Charlie & Amita's original and perfect arboretum wedding date before the show got canceled and Cambridge came a-knockin' and everything was thrown together overnight in March. You wouldn't think I'd be annoyed that they got married faster, and yet now that it is October 9th, I find that I am. 

Favorite part of Community this week: the amazing miniature model of the oil spill, which is now on my Wishlist of Impossible Things. Least favorite part: girls fighting while covered in slimy substances. Why does this keep happening? Who enjoys this?  It's gross. I hate seeing people splattered with grime. On another note, I'm watching for one more week because I want to see the live 30 Rock episode afterward, and then I'm dropping the 7:00 comedies until summer. Not because I'm not enjoying Community*, but because I can't enjoy it in the middle of all my other stuff when I feel compelled to keep up. I need it to exist solely as a fun, surprise distraction when I have no other pressures, or I will swiftly find reasons to resent it (*30 Rock is because I'm not enjoying it. It is terrible without Wesley or Carol. Liz Lemon cannot outweigh all that is sucky by herself).

CSI, 11x03, "Blood Moon"
Not only is that title classier than "Vampires vs. Werewolves," it helps you forget the knee-jerk reaction of THESE THINGS ARE STUPID STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM that the promo triggers, and also lends some weight to the fact that this was a scary episode, and loathe though I am to admit it, the best of the season.

Good Cath/Vartann stuff if you can get past the nauseating, eyeball-scarring teaser (I can't. The ship is dead to me), some humor, and most importantly, heartbreakingly terrifying motives. Not only was it one of the most unsettling corpses I've seen on crime drama in a while, it was the most awful murder I've seen in months. At one point I had to look away because it made me so sick to my stomach. I never have to look away.

And of course, the twin pieces de resistances: Nick as the new Bugman, literally (heartwarming!), and adorable Nick/Sara banter with GSR implications. "Grissom, is that you? Gil??" Also, Nick's adorably wounded reaction that Grissom would not appreciate being called that by him. "Really? After all these years?"

Detraction: Bad Hair Nicky, after a gloriously long period of hibernation, has returned. Damn it.

Random aside: can I just say, if we're choosing generic sides, then always werewolves. At least they're normal people with heartbeats, and are only monsters one night a month. You can thank Lupin for making them sympathetic, which no vampire is ever really able to do. Not even Broody Mick St. John.

Medium 7x03, Means and Ends: For the record, if we spent the entire season in summer 2010 and Ariel never went off to college, I would not be detrimentally opposed. While I've seen all I ever want to see of Lee's brother, I really liked this episode and thought all the mysteries were equally compelling, but mostly Ariel's weird experience with a dead girl calling her and impersonating a future roommate. So this ghost can not only manipulate a cell phone, but post on Craigslist? Most talented supernatural being ever.

(also, Bridgette is awesome: "This is my favorite part: where you say something so dumb that no one knows what to say. I’m going to miss this.”" Though, I don't know, I don't think Ariel's idea of buying a car and driving to college instead of flying was really that bad - the only flaw I see is if freshman aren't allowed to have cars on campus).

Bonus: Lynn, in what may be the easiest and briefest guest-starring role ever, with just a couple of half-asleep scenes in bed.
CSI: NY catchup: Unfriendly Chat & Damned If You Do, not in that order
God, this show is dull without Stella. There isn't even time for a spiral on this; it's a sheer cliff-dropping nosedive.

Cannot.  Stand. Jo. I have been reduced to speculating upon improbable dream scenarios in which she could possibly overcome my hatred for her.  For example, if she could rescue and/or cuddle a loose kitty on the street or at a crime scene which she then adopts? That would get her a pass.  I can see it now, if she held a kitten up to her face and waved its little paw at someone, I would respect that.  Or, um, if she could come within an inch of dying and Mac was there to save her life? I could handle that too.  Maybe if something happened to one of her kids, or she connected with a kid on a case. That last one is the most likely, so let's hope for that.

I do not recall a single character ever managing to destroy a whole show from the inside before. Congrats, Danville. You know, I'm getting the sense that I would not even hate her as a character if she was played by someone else. She should be operating in that neutral Langston zone, but Sela Ward's plastic surgery face precludes it. There's not even a thing wrong with the cases at this point; it's all her!

Show is broken and we are as done as it is possible for one of my shows and I to be, which is to say I have lost all enchantment with it and yet, in the absence of a fireball o' rage and with enough time to spare for live viewings, I will continue to watch. Maybe sometimes bring up fun stuff like when Flack gaily sits on the curb in his shirtsleeves and chats up the surrounding air while Danny gripes underground about mysteriously being the only lone rogue cop up to his knees in sewer crap. Or how much I enjoy that Danny & Lindsay seem to be getting a ton of scenes together, even in field work.

The best thing about last week was the music, both the victim's main song (this, minus the voices, but I might be able to deal with them just to hear the full underlying instrumental) and Lindsay's evidence-processing montage song that somehow THE INTERNET CANNOT IDENTIFY, even though everyone wants to know -- "You, you saw right through / that's, that's when I knew..." Both decidedly more techno than my tastes usually allow, and yet, they enchant my ears. Maybe that's what season 7 has going for it. It's going to fill Glee's role as my #1 televisual provider of songs.

(okay, also I enjoyed the last five minutes, like the Lucy-who-is-never-going-near-a-computer mention.  A mention that most certainly did not include her being in preschool already, ugh, stop speed-aging your children, CSI-verse. Also when Mac yelled at Adam and Danny and Hawkes mocked the hell out of him, although tragically, he not only didn't die but his 3-day suspension was not even served on screen. And the very last scene, only because I am recording it in my head as a Mac/Stella moment, in which they ultra-coincidentally get paired up on Fake Chat Roulette and next each other out of it)

Starting next week: RS attempts to break ties for real and stop "reviewing" any show that is not Grey's Anatomy, Glee or The Office, or an episode of something else that is either so lame or so awesome that it demands paragraphs of chatter, or at least one excited/hatey burst of a paragraph.  Think I can do it?  No, me neither. But it would be nice if I didn't hate myself for the irrelevance I still feel compelled to tap out.
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