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Half Price Books Minnesota Clearance Event, held at the State Fairgrounds: WOW! That might be more media than I have ever seen for sale at one place in my life. I am pretty sure it was roughly the size of my high school library. I almost didn't get a chance to go at all, and I was completely unprepared for both the size of the event and the prices, so I do not think I brought home even half as much treasure as I should have, but...

I ran around for over 2 hours and did not even get a chance to dig half as deep as I wanted to. If Dad could have dropped me off and left me there all day, I would have spent even more time. EVERYWHERE, STUFF. It was set up in ground floor of the Grandstand and there were just tables and tables of book boxes as far as the eye could see. Also another huge section for DVDs, an even huger section for CDs, bunches of games, and of course the poor forgotten VHS tapes. And this was day 2, about three hours in, so I'm sure a metric ton had already been bought.

As promised, nothing was marked over $3, and those were mainly the desirable DVDs and games. Most of the books weren't over $2, and just about all the children's and YA books (so much YA, I was just giddy) were at 50 cents or a dollar. They might even been going for half off the clearance sticker price, because when I went up to the register, I was expecting to pay $7 plus tax for my seven items and it rang up as $3.77, what. I didn't see any special pricing signs posted, and I was so shell-shocked by that pleasant surprise that I just took my pile and ran despite Dad asking if I wanted to go back and get more.

Unlike the last (smaller) HPB clearance event I went to, I found tons of stuff that intrigued me, although I showed almost detrimental restraint and put a lot of stuff down. I definitely got overwhelmed by the disarray, since things just barely managed to sort into nonfiction/fiction/children's -- there wasn't even a semblance of alphabetical order or even much of an attempt to distinguish picture books from YA novels, and every box of NF had roughly 30 different subjects in it. I also got overwhelmed by the fact that everything was so new. How am I supposed to know what I want? I need familiar library stickers to remind me what is treasure and what merely looks pretty and alluring!  How am I supposed to know which books will fall out of print and grow obscure? 80s covers, at least, give me a hint of where I should snap things up. 2000's do nothing.

In retrospect, I honestly don't know if I culled the right things - there was this cute hardcover book from my childhood, The Great Pony Hassle, that I deemed too skinny to be worth a dollar and am naturally now kicking myself over [edit: I bought a copy a few years later], as well as nonfiction memoir The Cats of Thistle Hill that I put down at $2 because I couldn't remember how much I liked it [edit 2: bought this too!] - but whatever, this is what I came out the other side with -- 2 & 3 are hardcovers, rest paperback.

1. A Certain Slant of Light, which was on my to-buy list for some reason. Not entirely clear why, now that I've brought it home, unless I just really want the cool cover.
2. Treasured Horses Collection, an excellent hardbound compilation of a set of skinny girls-and-horses paperbacks from a series I used to own but stupidly sold off in middle school because they were more for kids under 10. Now they're back!
3. On Autumn Trails, copyright 1922, which was the only old book I could find at the event. To be honest, I bought it partly because the name inscribed on the cover was my grandmother's, and as she grew up and lived in the metro area but died 40 years ago I thought maybe through some CRAZY twist I'd found one of hers (since it's not the most common name) - but it turned out to be the wrong middle name. Still, I also bought it because it seemed like a cool bunch of wilderness-themed stories.
4. The Lottery Rose - Irene Hunt, mostly because it was one of the rare 70s paperbacks I found and I have nostalgic memories of reading it from the high school library.
5. The Hanged Man - Francesca Lia Block. MAIN TREASURE!  This was the first Block book I ever read, and back then I was disappointed that for being a supposed anorexia story it was totally confusing and weird, but it settled in my brain and I've wanted this more than the others ever since.

6. Computer game: Paws & Claws: Pet Vet. I've only been wanting one of these games since, oh, roughly 2005. NABBED IT.
7. Computer Game: Let's Ride! Horse Adventures (4 games in one). Been wanting one of these, too. And now I have four!  For a dollar.

It has been a most excellent day. And now my spending frenzy has been sufficiently and gently put to bed, so I should be able to go into hibernation until spring except I just noticed a library sale for early November in a not too far town that we love to visit anyway...

Oh, and at checkout they gave me a 15%-off-your-whole-purchase coupon good for the next week at the regular store, so there might be another trip looming on the horizon. In the book buying world, coupons cannot be wasted. Books are like food, you will always have to buy more eventually, so strike whenever there are deals even if your cupboard is currently stocked.

I tossed out a variety of less-important TV thoughts earlier in a backdated post, which I normally would not call attention to after the fact except it now occurs to me that I need to know if one of you fine people feels the same way I did and/or has discovered anything new about the mystery song in last week's CSI: NY, so if the show is relevant to you, go read that part.

Meanwhile, less relevant to you but more exciting to me:

Grey's Anatomy, 7x03, "Superfreak"

Sorry, just had to drop off some of the crudely fashioned excess before I can attempt to be coherent about this roughly...I'm gonna say 93% perfect episode. There's maybe one minute spread between two couples at the end that made me want to hurl, and anything featuring the Callie/Arizona/Teddy trio of suck couldn't get out of my sight fast enough, but the remaining 93% was SO EXCELLENT. This is that feeling I have been waiting and waiting to get, where TV knocks you off your feet in a stunning display of wish-catering and happy-making. Nobody's really brought it to the table this season, UNTIL NOW.

Codependent Twisted Sisters: I love how RIGHT OFF THE BAT, I have heart attacks of joy as Cristina comes rapping on the bedroom door to crawl into bed with Meredith (and Derek) because she can't sleep alone anymore. I particularly love that although Cristina then hesitates upon seeing the latter, Mer's just like, "Oh, he's asleep, get in." How is this real. And then McDreamy wakes up in the morning, reaches over for Meredith only to find Cristina's hand, verifies there are twice as many women in the bed as there were last night, and then just gives up and goes back to sleep. MARVELOUS.

Even more fun, best non-adulterous conversation ever:
"My wife is sleeping in your bed."
"Yes, she is."
(oh, fine.  "With Meredith.  She's sleeping with Meredith; I'm on the other side of the bed.")

Yes, yes, this!  This is all I have ever wanted out of the dynamic in this foursome. For the guys to candidly admit that there is a weird and disturbing yet inseparable bond between the women that they as mere husbands will never quite obtain. Owen seems adorably disbelieving of this fact. But Derek's looking out for her, so I'm back in my happy place.

Owen/Cristina: Sometimes, you build up spoilers/previews in your head until reality can't match up. Other times, reality: improvin' stuff all over the place. "Would you love me if I wasn't a surgeon?" And then, so much better than Meredith's whiny, Izzie-saving response, "I would love you if you were a plumber. But would you love you if you weren't a surgeon?" By the way, I love that they use 95% of their time in on-call beds just to cuddle.

Plus Cristina admitted that she can't sleep when he's not there. Remember last year, when the Glee writers had a pipeline to my brain and were constantly hacking the Impossible Daydream/Wishlist file?  This year it's the Grey's crew.

Hair kiss!

Bonus final scene: How was her day? Well, Cristina thinks she could be very happy being a plumber. Ah, well.

And that was the very last frame of the episode. Not one second more.

Derek/Cristina: I love the idea of them so much, yet they rarely have interaction at all, much less to this degree of intensity, with phrases like "Now we're family, and that means I worry about you." Everything about them in this episode, love! And while he doesn't seem to be much better than Owen at breaking through with her, I loved him taking her through a repeat of the surgery, complete with live visual aids.

Derek/Amelia: If you are at all acquainted with my Private Practice posts, you know that I love Amelia (not Amy, except to Derek) with everything I have and then some, and that she's presently the one bright spot on that show. The fact that we crammed her into this festival of all that is good and wonderful blows my mind. ("I brought him a brain tumor!" See how smiley and wonderful she is?  No, apparently the internet hates her. Suck it, internet. You're the same people whining that Alex has been shoved to the background, so forgive me if I find your judgment slightly off.)

I'm still not really clear why Derek developed a lifelong hate feud with her -- given the way he treated Addison post-affair, you understand my doubts about his ability to discern a lady's inherent awesomeness -- and aside from the newfound revelation that she's a loose little bed-hopper*,  I still find her the most refreshingly blunt, bright-eyed thing.
* [I figured. I'd made my peace with it and accepted its inevitable screen time as an unpleasant facet of her life I don't need to think about, kind of like the time Owen Hunt went all psycho-stabbity on some defenseless pigs.]

ANYWAY. Despite not agreeing with him at all, I found his constant irritable brushoffs amusing, and very much loved the tone with which he warned her not to talk about shooting people in this hospital, along with his ability to finally shut her up by informing her that Cristina Yang saved his life, he owes her everything, get the hell out. And my reward for all this is the most wonderful insta-bonding breakthrough, with not only a verbal illustration of what happened the night their father was killed, but this moment. SUCH PRETTY PEOPLE.

"I was holding you so tight that you couldn't budge. I put one hand over your mouth so that you wouldn't scream, and wrapped the other one around you and just held on for dear life. Prayed to God that you'd be quiet and wouldn't say anything. You were so little. I think that's what I've always wanted, all these years, was just for you to stay little. ... How am I supposed to call you up and tell you that I've been shot? I can't tell you about my pain. I don't want you to know that pain exists "

+ Her first scene with Mark was cute too. Bear hugs FTW!  Fully clothed hugs. Fully clothed hugs and pointed mentions that she will always be Derek's 12-year-old sister (even if she is now totally hot and knows it).

A very large part of me wants her to spend a day hanging out with Meredith. I bet they could have almost as much fun as she and Addie do.

P.S. Wait, what?? I just found out she's the Alice from last year's Sci Fi miniseries. Okay, I might have to get over my hatred of Andrew Lee Potts (the Hatter) long enough to watch that.

APRIL!: Hey, you know how I have loved her more than anything since the moment she set foot in the hospital?  28 year old virgin always waiting for someone special = I now love her five times as much. And when, after a moment of public humiliation that made me want to punch everybody, (including Cristina) in the head, she rallies back at the bar and smacks them all down one after another with their own neuroses and insecurities and general problems?  SO MY VERY FAVORITE.  Meanwhile, I have no idea why she's suddenly friends with Meredith, or trying to be, but I love that too. Meredith still cannot stand on her own, so the more supportive people you surround her with to prop up her importance, the better.

I am steadfastly ignoring the part where the virginity reveal means she will have to sleep with somebody nauseating like Jackson soon, probably before Christmas, because only Bailey is allowed to be picky and choosy in that department.

Lexie: Lexie Grey, my precious, charming, precocious little inappropriately-reacting doctor!  Having her and April being wonderful at the same time is like living on a diet of pizza and chocolate with no adverse health effects. I cannot get over how INTOXICATING it is to have my girl back.

Perkins: I am now pretty sure I love him, don't let him leave? I'd love and respect him more if he'd pry Teddy's claws off of him and find some other reason to exist full-time at Seattle Grace, but on the other hand, I could probably find a way to ignore her and soak up his existence the same way I cope with Will/Emma on Glee. Oh, here's a way.

"Making some lousy choices, Altman. You deserve a little more."

The Patients: Were actually both rather interesting, even if I can't talk about the one because I will flare red and stutter like April did (at least that one had a cute ending).  Mr. HPV, on the other hand? Gruesomely intriguing. I didn't even have to look away, which is becoming a rarity on this show. See, if you just keep blood and body fluids out of it, I have no problems. The worst part was the spider. Of course I gasped, but at that point I was bracing myself for an arterial spurt as Bailey snapped off a finger, so having a harmless spider was a giant relief.

Random Leftover Parts
+ Very much liked all the attendings discussing Cristina at Perkins' meeting

+ "She has that look on her face because the last time someone walked into this hospital looking for Dr. Shepherd without an appointment shot him."

+ "I have to get away from Shepherd for like, ten minutes. He's like the KGB, he's everywhere!"

+ I will always respect Cristina for waiting until she was 19 and picking a TA. See, I even approve her pre-series love life.

+ Hey, McSleazy? Your temporary visa to the Land of RS Accepting You just expired. Bye now.

Conclusion: I've watched this episode twice and I keep randomly bouncing through it to pick up scattered moments here and there the way I used to do with Glee. It's just so good. Did I accidentally skip a ton of stuff and then forget about it? I know I definitely forgot that Arizona was in this episode. That was an unpleasant jolt.

Private Practice 4x03, "Playing God": Huh, that seemed strangely less horrible than usual.Amelia's still a bright ray of sunshine*, but in surprising news...Pete/Violet isn't nauseating me as much (Not gonna lie, the "Get your own wife!" teasing endeared me to them a lot), Sam and Addison are almost bearable as a couple when they keep their clothes on, Naomi is snarky in all the best ways (PWN ADDISON, PWN HER NOW), and mostly I just love the whole rogue Pete/Gibby House Clinic For Immigrants.

*First and only time I have not agreed with her:
Amelia: I get that you're emotional about this, but the guy made a mistake, does that mean he deserves to die?
Cooper: Isn't the question whether we have to go out of our way to help him live?
Me: Point, Cooper. Amelia, all you did was wreck a car and kill yourself. The man in question KILLED DELL.  And almost killed a heavily pregnant teenager, which would have been a lesser tragedy, but still. Bigger deal than your screwey teenage antics.

And then there were the flashbacks. Oh, show, much as I love that blissful time, the way to insert a Sam/Addison segment in my heart is not by throwing Mr. & Mrs. Bennett in all their glory days back in my face. It's just going to make me resent them harder. Especially if I feel like you might be -- oh, okay, DEFINITELY ARE -- using the flashbacks to imply some sort of groundwork for their current relationship and/or discuss how that day set the stage for Sam one day just walking out on Naomi (screw you). Please reassure me that this is nothing more than bonus scenes of the fantastic friend chemistry that existed up until the end of 3x07? If you think about it, I should really be relishing scenes where it's all platonic again...

Side notes:
+ Charlotte and Cooper are forbidden from interacting on my screen, per usual
+ Addison looked exceptionally pretty in this one.
+ Cooper/Violet buddyship moments!  You know, in order to stop fretting about this, I might just have to think of him as the Gay Best Friend in all their scenes, so that he's never been an option.
+ What I should concentrate on, right now, is screwing context and the memory of the whole latter half of season 3, and just appreciate Pete wrapping Violet in a hug from behind, complete with cheek kiss. Right?
+ Naomi/Addison. That used to be a thing of beauty. I miss it.
+ Don't even try to ruin flashback!Sam/Naomi, because I will outright ignore the Signs of Impending Doom and just love them as-is.
+ By the time I finished this, I had remembered why Private Practice once shared equal footing with Grey's Anatomy.  MIRACLES.
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