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It's quite informal, just a little paragraph of my overall opinion of the shows on my watchlist at this point in time and maybe some explanation as to how I got there.  It's quite long, 16 in all, so I suppose a cut is in order?  Sigh.

Cold Case: One of the last few shows in which cases still outstrip characters - I like the flashback scenes, but don't care all that much about the personal lives of the detectives working the case.  I'm always really interested in finding out who the killer is each week.  It's not among my favorites - not that gripping - but good enough to keep watching.

Crossing Jordan: Besides Jill's gorgeous hair and a general love of crime shows, you know why I started watching this?  The Celtic theme song/soundtrack.  Yes.  Not kidding.  I don't watch this one very often, because GA has put out a TON of eppies this year.  I actually have no idea what the current plotlines involve... I just watch the reruns on AE whenever I remember, and though I know a lot of what has happened in show history, I have ZERO sense of chronology.  I know two things: Jordan and Woody have good chemistry.  Lily and...the not.  And it ruins my NCIS daydreams, so I try not to dwell on it.  

Grey's Anatomy: It went through a period of improved interest, and I couldn't figure out why, until it slid back into the Land of Suck, and I realized why.  I don't care if the show is as much about relationships as medicine; I'm sick of the sex.  I really am.  I'm also sick of Addison.  Even though I don't like Meredith all that much, I cannot stand Addie.  I swear I'm in no way influenced by the fact that the only other time I've seen the actress was playing a creepy transsexual on CSI.  She just annoys me.'s just wandering down boring places with Izzie and Alex and Callie...what happened to those magic episodes with all the Burke and Cristina snark-love, no nudity involved?

CSI Miami: Season-long plot arcs are a Massively Good Idea, even though I've been going crazy lately, wondering who the mole is.  Based on a very long, complicated, and exhaustive comparison of hints from spoiler articles and logic (seriously!) I have decided to place my money on Calleigh as the mole. I will not reveal my super-secret logic process.  We'll just see if I'm right a month from now.

I am in love with this show.  The characters are so much more vibrant than on the original CSI.  Sure, all the Vegas kids have dark and tragic pasts, but their Miami counterparts have interesting lives right now.  Anyway, I like their lab techs more.  And the cases are more exotic and more fun.  And I truly love the relationship storylines, even though they are all required to explode because of the speed at which they're moving.  Sigh.  X-Files still dares all shows to live up to its standard for a perfectly portrayed relationship.  It saddens me, because didn't we used to hate Chris Carter for being a mean old jerkface and not letting Mulder and Scully be together?  Yeah.  I worship golden idols in his image now.

AHEM!  Focusing on this show.  Because it's crime drama with awesome characters/actors portraying them: Khandi Alexander is amazing.  Jonathon Togo makes waves of fangirls drool, due to looking like Jake Gylenhaal, only hotter.  (And I so called the resemblance a full year before it was pointed out on the show)  And I think what makes a lot of people either love or hate the spinoff is whether you love or hate David Caruso.  I'd never seen him before this show, but I like him.  I like the head tilt, and the Sunglasses of Justice, and even The Pose.  :)  Told you I would be prone to babbling about this one.  I'm so freaking excited for the next few episodes!  Marriage squee!  Even though the bride has a 99% chance of not living to see season 5, I really don't care.  It will bring much squee.

NCIS: Holy Hell, after last night's episode I was pretty much ready to die happy.  The Gibbs/Abby moments are what fully hooked me on this show (once I'd gotten over my thrill of seeing Michael Weatherly again - it took me 3 full episodes to believe his new character was actually an obnoxious jerk, because it just seemed like Eyes Only acting).  And I got least 3 *really* good ones, the kind you're only supposed to get like once every 3 months.  The 3 eps remaining after this are seriously going to rock, too.

House: It's actually kind of exhausting keeping up with a new episode every week.  Kind of a stupid idea to let baseball and the holidays kick it off the air for like, 15 straight weeks.  FYI, it's nice if we can get, say, 2-3 new episodes every month.  Anyway, I'm annoyed with everybody on this show now. I hate Cuddy (WHAT is with hiring women that look like drag queens these days??), and I hate the Cottages, and the diseases are formulaic and and often way too graphic.  Why do I watch?  Because I love Hugh Laurie with a surly American accent.  But mainly because I've loved Wilson since his days as Peter, in the movie Swing Kids.  He's not onscreen much, but whenever he is he either has me laughing hysterically or wanting to hug his poor wounded puppy-dog self.  I'm good with either.  That being said, the end of the season looks kind of good.  Foreman might be more likable blind.  (By which I mean, fired and off the show)

Law and Order: SVU: Seriously, when is the next new episode coming?  Normally I don't care, because there are like 732 rerun episodes I've never seen that I can watch almost any time I turn on cable, but you can't just go and leave me cliff-hanging about whether or not Oliva and Elliot are still partners!!  I was always very sad about the latter getting divorced, what with those four kids depending on a stable home life and all (I LOVE father-daughter moments), but since he's been that way for a while, I am now feeling the inevitable shipper's nudge.  I still care mostly about the cases on this show, though.

Lost: This is season 2 - "First there was the Hatch, and it sucked.  Next there came the Tailaways, who sucked more.  Third, there came the shining episode that was Shannon + ample amounts of Sayid, which of course ended quite badly.  But then, there came the injured Sawyer, who had actually been worming his way into my heart ever since he first referred to Michael and Jin as friends, followed by the leaping of RS onto the Skate Train, and a brief time period where I thought the show might actually be golden again.

Then the Tailaways become more and more prominent (prominently annoying!), and Locke and Jack got even more annoying in the Hatch, and Sawyer and Charlie both went evil, and that was that.  The show is struggling again.  It's almost season finale time, and I don't really care what secrets will be divulged.  When I don't want to know Lostology, something is out of whack.  But they've stripped me of my hope for cute Charlie/Claire scenes, thereby rendering the latter utterly useless and boring, as well as one of my favorite pastimes (listening to Shannon translate French, and doing it faster than her), and I haven't seen one of those freaking awesome polar bears all year.  Polar bears were like the biggest reason I got hooked on this show.

CSI: NY: If you had asked me anytime in the past year, I would have yawned and told you that this was an incredibly boring spin-off.  But in the last two episodes, they have infused the characters with life and emotion and made me love them.  (well, not the creepy old pathologist.  Maybe not Lindsey.  But Mac, Stella, and Danny for sure)  All of a sudden, I'm interested.  Prior to this, only four episodes interested me - and two of them were crossovers with Miami.  If you're interested, the others were the poisoned wedding dress and the police horse with the bullet in his neck.  That's a 33% increase over last month!

Survivor: I have friends who are die-hard Survivor fans.  They watch religiously, place their bets for the winner during the first episode, buy the buffs and, not so much.  I find it really hard to get into reality shows, what with their constantly changing casts.  I know it's a necessary component, but it takes me a while to care about individuals in a group of random unknown people.  So I usually don't start watching until we're a few weeks in.  I think there were about a dozen left when I started in, because I was having fun reading the TWoP recaps.  It's fairly amusing to watch the challenges after you have a feel for all the people.  Like I, for example, am having fun hating Psycho Shane and Pathetic Aras by turns...laughing at Courtney...rooting for Terry, and also Cirie, because she's so fricking awesome flying under the radar and making everybody love her...and wondering how Danielle has lasted this long when she's so average. Nothing memorable at all.

CSI: It's been a dry year.  Dull cases, except for "Gum Drops" which shines above the rest...made worse by the serious GSR drought (that's Grissom-Sara romance), which is made even WORSE by the slamming of the door on the YoBling (that's Catherine/, I don't know the origins of the handle) possibility due to Mr. Brown getting hitched.  I continue to anticipate the crumbling of the marriage.  But not as much as I crave some GSR resolution.  Seriously, is it time yet???  I'm already starting to wonder what I ever saw in the relationship anywya.  It's fading from my daydreams, being replaced with images of Greg/Sara.  Yet ANOTHER possibility that they floated last season but have dried up this year.  God!  No wonder there are so many sparks flying in Miami; they stole them all from Nevada.

Without a Trace: It's been a dry year here, too, although the boring Jack drama finally ended.  That was crippling the show for me.  Speaking of crippled, how's Old Man Martin doing?  Finally in therapy, I guess.  Shucks.  I kind of liked seeing him weak and defeated.  Easier to cuddle.  The cases are getting better.  I really like when they investigate kids/teens/young adults, as opposed to boring middle-aged men, and such.  It's not as good as it used to be though.  When the reruns pop up on TNT, I'm in awe of how much better they are.  It's like That 70's Show, you don't notice how badly it's sliding until you turn on UPN at 5:00.

The OC: I have a love/hate relationship with this show, mostly hate.  Because I hate sex.  And it's always happening on this show.  It didn't happen for the first few episodes, when I fell in love with the characters, which is too bad because I got hooked, and then it got gross.  In fact, it got so bad and so gross that I dumped it for nearly the entirety of season 2.  I had the room in my schedule to give it another chance for season 3, and it was good again!  Nobody was having sex.  The storylines were about scams, not sex.  It was awesome - oh, and then there was JOHNNY HARPER, who made me swoon with every scene he was in.  It rocked my socks off for over half a season!

But this show is never good for more than half a season, as it then began to systematically re-ruin all the characters it had been in the process of returned, raging rampant, along with the drugs and alcohol that had been so refreshingly absent, and then Johnny died, only to be replaced with The Return of Every Most Hated Guest Star in Existence, and all the good couples broke up; even the Golden One is on the rocks (Kandy)...I don't give a crap how the season ends.  Unless Marissa dies a violent and fiery death.  Would that be possible?

ER: Oh...I don't actually watch ER on NBC, if I can possibly help it.  I don't like season 12.  I don't like ANYTHING about season 12.  Nope, not even the Luby baby, due to the fact that when I started watching summer reruns, Luka was with Sam and when I tuned in to TNT reruns, Abby was with Carter.  I'm kind of attached to those relationships.  (though I was attached to Carter/Kem first...I ship both!  Alternate universes, people)

So I just like to pretend that ER ended with "Carter Est Amoureux" and choose to ignore the fact that it's been renewed to stay on the air at least until I graduate from college.  Mornings with TNT, 9-11 AM, are my friends.  I particularly love seasons 7-9.  Those are the true classics, for me.  The one that holds the most special place in my heart is "Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain," because it was the first summer rerun I watched, the one that really hooked me on the show, and also because it guest stars Amy Jo Johnson.  I don't really like the other part of the episode, with the mother in the ambulance and all...   

Reba: Everyone hates the WB so much that it finally collapsed - I never understood why; it's chock full of family friendly programming.  The only reason I didn't watch it was because I didn't know about the good shows until I was already hooked on crappier ones.  But while it's still airing Reba, I continue to love it.  Hilarious, one of the few comedies I watch and the only one I specifically track for new's sweet humor.  Slapstick instead of raunchiness.  How refreshing.

Numb3rs: The longer and more out of control Charlie Epps' hair gets, the more I love him.  Curly-haired adorable mathematician...and lately I find I even like Don.  Mind, I still mostly just love to watch Charlie work and don't care what the case is, but it's been getting better.  I'm into it.  I just hope they keep it in its Friday slot, because any other night I would have ethical dilemmas over which show to watch.

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