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Depression Mode: I interviewed at the library for a part-time page position of 16 hours a week that is nevertheless my dream job, but since I had less than 24 hours' notice for the interview (that I was not even expecting at all, seeing as I applied in March) and hadn't been on one in six months, it went...poorly. Which sucks, because it's not even like they asked me anything hard, I just froze up with overwhelming happy disbelief in the face of OH MY GOD, MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD IS ACTUALLY HIRING SOMEONE TO PUT BOOKS AND MOVIES BACK ON SHELVES ALL DAY!!!! It threw me that they didn't have my resume or application in front of them, and they immediately asked me to summarize my education and work experience, and all sped downhill.

I totally failed to articulate the way in which I am good at and find great satisfaction in repetitive, organization-based tasks, or mention the very relevant part of my experience where I one-woman volunteered to organize and maintain the band music library, and otherwise came off mostly idealistic and fangirly instead of competent. At one point I started talking about to-do lists and my example of "fostering a team environment" was talking about something in custodial, like, WHAT, SHUT UP RS, THIS IS NOT RELEVANT TO THE JOB DESCRIPTION STOP TALKING. The worst part is that now I'm too mortified to show my face there for weeks, and I love the tiny downtown location I've known for nearly 20 years, where you still get to have real humans check out your books.

Let's be done with that and move on to joy.

House 7x04My beloved Erin Cahill takes center stage as the patient (how does she not have her own show, or at least a supporting gig?); House and Cuddy continue to be an awkwardly adorable/delightful couple, and Chase hires a hot new female doctor who looks like both Cameron and his mom, depending on how you squint, and is too flustered to do anything right yet she's still 500 times better than Thirteen. My summaries are totally better than's.

NCIS: I've decided I'm not going to bother actually reviewing this anymore either (titles? what?), I'm just going to keep a log of all the Gibbs/Abby moments, because apparently this season has gone into crazy overdrive. I have not actually seen this episode yet -- I heard most of it while half asleep, then missed the last 15 minutes I'm sure I'll catch later** -- but the part I did pay very close attention to was Abby trapped under a table, yelping about Charlie Horse cramps in her leg. Specifically, "It's like a thousand cute little mice are pulling the flesh off my thigh with blowtorches and little tiny fondue forks."

Result: Gibbs dragging her out by one foot, hauling her up and into a chair, and massaging it away all while getting an evidence update. Particularly impressive was his ability to push her all the way across the room over to the computer while doing so. Bonus: A Caff-Pow gift plopped down before her at the end.  SECOND BONUS: We even getting a parting kiss on the head. OK, fine, this is why the show is still alive. I respect that.

**All right, it's later, and I am still too impatient to sit down and watch but boy, am I glad I bounced through it, or I would have missed Gibbs bear-hugging Abby - complete with a growl - for her suspect-pinning results. I HAS A HAPPY.
Survivor, episode 5: I was so afraid for the team switch, but instead it has resulted in MIRACLES!

* Though the Alina/Kelly B. duo has been split up, it's been advantageous for the former, and I didn't have to worry about the latter tonight; win/win.

* Naonka dissolved like a sheet of paper in the rain, instantly becoming sympathetic and ceasing to be hateful. Whoa.

* CHASE!  Separate from Brenda, whose smirking face I am rapidly disliking, it turns out he is both cute and my favorite. Mostly because after two intensely dissatisfying seasons, including a particularly upsetting episode in which Mick shivered in a tree, a tall and protective-looking guy saw fit to solve the problem of a diminutive girl shaking with cold (and crying!) by wrapping his arms around her. BRAIN, EXPLOSIONS OF DELIGHT IN MY. As a viewer, I am pleased.

And then he tells her stories about seeing rainbows to make her feel better, which apparently somehow related to knowing his recently deceased father was okay, causing him to choke up a little (I didn't quite understand the details. Squee in my head too loud), while she slumps against him like a teary-eyed little puppy.  Precious. I particularly love the fact that with this move Chase inadvertently helped spare Alina, who reminded me very much of me as she sat next to Naonka. It seems like you should move closer and offer comfort, but you're not really at the touching stage of your friendship yet (you're not even at the friend stage), but you can't really leave, either, so it's all very awkward until HEY THERE, WHITE KNIGHT!

* I turned my face away and choose to believe that Tyrone killed the chicken, because Chase killing a chicken would be detrimental to this newfound love. It's already on shaky ground for lack of attractive hair.

* Speaking of hair, Alina: it looked so thin and plain when she kept it in the tight bun, but when she leaves it loose it's much longer than I expected and looks absolutely gorgeous, thick and with a rich auburn color. She's like a mermaid.

* It's been a long time since I had wild enthusiasm and respect for a woman on this show, okay. And this season I have two!

* There were two immunity challenges again, yay!  Plinko was really fun to watch. Can't say I much approved of the water wheel idea, though.  That seemed like a combination of straight torture and unsafe flirting with death. What if people inhaled underwater?  What if somebody got sick and threw up? I'd almost rather have mud wrestling.

* Jane is fierce and I love her to death. She and Yve should rule the world with my other favorites. THIS YEAR'S LADIES ARE THE BEST, with the notable exception of Naonka and possible exception of nutty Holly. I haven't forgotten the shoes, Holl, even if you do endearingly think you can be friends with the "kids" 15 years younger than you.

Law & Order: SVU: The Very Special "Soda Is Evil" Episode, ft. David Krumholtz
Wednesday was the best day for PC lolarity ever.

Special Lessons: Depression is a symptom of obesity. Really?  Really, we're going to say "symptom," like a thing caused solely by gaining weight, independent of social influences? That's playing pretty fast and loose with medical terms there. Also nebulous: comparing soda to hard drugs by saying, with a straight face, "I tried to get him off the cola, but he was addicted!" Lady, I sympathize that your 12-year-old son killed himself, but I have to imagine there were a jillion things besides soda making him fat, and that he was probably sad about things besides being fat. Besides, at least the soda didn't have any cholesterol or saturated fat in it. There are worse ways to consume calories.

* OK, so we're outraged that companies are trying to buy rivers, that's fun; the real question is, who is selling these rivers? If people are already allowed to own important water sources, then either the problem already exists or there is no problem.

* I love that everyone acts like these gyms and activity centers were built with blood money because they were sponsored by the Big Evil Soda Corp. I don't...really?  That's what we're choosing to get outraged about?  They are healthy options which directly counteract the effects of drinking soda which, again!  Pop is not the only thing making you fat and many people are able to drink it in moderation, just like people drink alcohol without becoming alcoholics, and yet no one is demanding we try Prohibition again. (I mean, I am, but no one listens to me.)

* In conclusion: fizzy drinks are a symbol of America and should be celebrated. Now, onto the real plot about poisonous hallucinogenic mushrooms, which actually started in the first half hour.

Actual conversation in Household RS: 
Me: Guess who's on SVU tonight???
Mom: Wait, don't tell me, let me guess.  Actor or actress?
Me: Actor.
Mom: Was he in movies?
Me: No.
Mom: That Patrick guy, the one that's on How I Met Your Mother?
Me: Neil Patrick Harris?  No, he's busy, only Glee can get him out of that by special request. It is a TV actor who was on CBS, though.
Mom: Curly Locks!
Me: BINGO.  ...I am real subtle about my favorite actors, huh?

* However, there are no actual curly locks, just a scraggly and so-bad-please-let-it-be-pasted-on beard that took me right back to his Carter-stabbin' ER days. Wow, that was painful. He's so lucky he has pretty eyes**, and that I've survived the TragiCut once before. This kept from rocking in the corner, at least for more than five minutes. You know, there's knowing he's probably going to chop off the signature math genius look ASAP, and there's being confronted with it face to face. To say nothing of the beard.  No, really, say nothing and I'll be able to forget the sight of it.

** ...really pretty eyes, so I spent the latter half of this episode off in post-season-2 AUs where Amita leaves, derailing Charlie's transformation into a socially adjusted human being and spinning him off into Crazyville. And what with the pretty eyes and a strong ability to do anguish well, I spent the very end of it in an alternate AU, blocking out the beard and using this for my own purposes, somehow.  I TRIED TO GET MYSELF OFF NUMB3RS, BUT I WAS ADDICTED TO IT.

* Occasionally I actually appreciated him as an actor, embraced the spirit of the role as a kooky science professor/bleeding heart liberal (that second part's not such a far jump, actually), and just enjoyed the sound of his voice. It'd be easier to embrace the relationship if she didn't appear to be like 18, but as previously mentioned, will take all contexts for sad eyes and tender hospital visits.

* Also, her grandma is kinda my hero. In HER day, people did not emote in public!  So common and vulgar. No, her generation raised people with the stones to cut their drug-abusin', spoiled orphan and now murderous granddaughters out of their inheritance, disown them in the hospital after recovering from a suicide attempt upon being arrested, and only stick around long enough to take back their valuable jewelry.

* In other news, I love Minka and am so very distraught she only gets on episode of being an ADA before getting fired back to Chicago, never to be seen again.

* Also Munch had some snarky lines, threw a fit about inconveniently placed ladders and open paint cans, and then had to change into a patrol cop uniform for lack of any other wear. BEST.

* Is the new setting supposed to look different? I...haven't actually noticed it yet.

In other news, I have accidentally discovered, to my very great delight, that Lady Gaga has a second passable song in the aptly-titled "Just Dance." If she wants to sing about being stupid-drunk out of her mind, eh, that puts her in the same realm as the amusingly dismissable antics of Ke$ha; I couldn't care less. You would think after my legendary hate campaign, I would have much more reserve about throwing caution to the wind like this, but once the lyrics failed to set off any warning bells I didn't even try to fight it. Nor do I feel guilty about rockin' out to it.

Except now I'm on a slippery slope and wondering if I should gave more of her things a chance. I'm thinking things like, what is actually wrong with any of them? The person, sure, but why do I hate the music again? Maybe I should let Glee take a crack at my ears with their covers after all. I have missed hearing Lea Michele blow me away...
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