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"What the blergh" shall be my new catch phrase.

I am woefully behind on The Office, but may I just say, the live episode of 30 Rock was a DELIGHT. Tina Fey, so precious; every random guest star, wonderful! (JON HAMM!  JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS, because Liz Lemon's memory has Seinfeld money! Carol existed!) Apparently people were annoyed that it wasn't funny enough; whatever, you must have this confused with a show that's usually a laugh riot. I didn't have time to think about anything except how charmed I was by the fact that this was happening at all. The theme song now has wonderful Jane-Krakowski-sung lyrics that I will never get out of my head! The ending thank-you was especially cute ("We did it!" "Well, we did it once, now we gotta do it again..."). I haven't gotten a chance to see the West Coast version yet, though I have cheated and looked up all the differences, but it's still high on my relatively short list of "watchable episodes."

How I Met Your Mother, "The Subway Wars":  Just when I'd started to give up all hope, the show turns around and comes back full-force with something like the gang on a 5-way cross-city race through New York, both ways. I would have been happy just watching their individual races, but then Marshall invents his own theme song.  Wait, that wasn't even the highlight. The highlight of rare preciousness was Barney subtly being sweet to Robin, between looking genuinely sorry for blowing her off when she needed to talk and offering a sincere ear, and tackling Ted to let her win. Though really, who needs an excuse to tackle Ted? Sometimes he just needs to go down.

Off in another part of town, Lily & Marshall remind me why I fell in love with them by deciding that while they'll be really excited whenever they do have a baby, "it's not a race" and in the meantime they're going to enjoy their remaining time with just the two of them. Not only do I approve this message, but it made me realize that I'm harboring some remorse that The Office caved so quickly to Smart Fandom's baby demands, as there are times when I wish it was still just the two of them.

The only downside in this episode was Ranjit, whom I cannot stand. You know who I liked better?  Robin's insanely cheerful new cohost. Hah!  I love her. Almost as much as I love Ted rambling on about architecture. There are worse people to sit next to on the bus, regardless of what I said five lines ago about him needing to go down. The earlier reference was just leftover resentment from seeing the rerun where they all mocked Stella's classy house in the suburbs.
-Medium, "How to Kill a Good Guy": Awww. Sometimes Ariel is about 30 years too wise beyond her age, but I very much liked the sisterly bonding in this, especially when everyone finally realized that Ariel is still part of the family, and that's still her room because she will, in fact, be coming home multiple times a year and staying there over beaks and such. That's like the first depiction of a kid going off to college rooted in reality.

As for Lee's storyline, I still don't really get why the dead hooker agreed to help Lee's brother, but it was worth it just for his line about holding on to life by thinking about his wife and daughter. Between that and Lynn having lines this week, I'm all full of warm-n-fuzzy feelings.

Grey's Anatomy, 7x04, "Can't Fight Biology"
Subtitled: April Is A Dearheart

Skipping past any C/A nonsense, my kind of episode is one that both begins and ends with April & Lexie, Mer/Der, and Cristina/Owen scenes all in a row. I love this season.  My odd, fuzzy memory has convinced me I loved the last three seasons too (it doesn't track any farther than that), but this one seems especially lovely. I have yet to delete any of the episodes because I want to keep watching everything.

Beginning: "Okay, this could be our house? I kind of need you"
Hah! Hey, feigning disinterest is a classic move while real-estate hunting, according to TV. Failure to do so gets you an apartment with crooked floors in Dowisetrepla, which is not the trendy area it sounds like. Although that's not really what's happening here, so may I just say that I fully support Owen's little-boy excitement over the possibility of living in a real live former fire station!  Oh, and I don't know where he's been hiding these newfound handyman skills that allow him to authoritatively describe knocking out walls to let in light, but that talk is kind of a turn-on. 

For the record, I approve of the building on the principle of it being old, although when people say they're house-hunting, I assume they're looking at actual houses with yards.  And since neither of them appears to be an independently wealthy squillionaire, that building looks a little huge to be a single residence, and I have to imagine it's been converted into apartments, or duplexes or whatever the fancy word is for "bigger than a regular apartment but still sharing walls." Still. For the age factor alone, I would not turn it down; it's better than a new house.

Middle: "You paged me to talk real estate?"
"That, and I thought you might want to observe. Our guy got caught between a car and a washing machine; you don't see that kind of crush injury every day, but -- no pressure."
I just love the way his eyes crinkle with uncertainty and a mixture of faint hope. Also, that "close to Meredith's house" is a selling point for another potential place to live.

End: "I don't care where we live. I don't.  But you do.  You love this place. And I love you."
I think I would have liked the ending more if she'd smiled at all past the original surprise. Because the words are perfect, and his reaction's perfect, but it seems so off. Like she's just resigned to going along with it for his sake, instead of actually supporting this at all. To make myself feel better, I imagine that there's a shadow of a smile about to appear before he kisses her, but really...? And I'm worried by the fact that she bought it as a surprise, because...his name's going to be on there as a joint owner at some point, right?  Because. If anyone's going to cut and run from this marriage, it will be her, and having everything in one name makes me nervous.

OR POSSIBLY I WILL JUST SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE PRETTY KISSING. It's still such a marvelous rare novelty, being able to watch this without wanting to use the word "assault" at any point. The more I watch this whole scene, the more I like it.

Derek/Meredith: Was not expecting this to come down to actual reproductive problems of a faulty-uterus nature. Fun!  I am having trouble actually digging up a lot of specific information on this particular issue, even though Friends already used it so one would imagine it was real, but no matter. Worth it for the bit in the doctor's office, Meredith snarling her way down the street afterward, and what's that?  FINAL SCENE. Sweet kissing (see, this is how it should always be, thoughtful and considerate of my eyes), reassurances and some very dreamy gazing, all of it adding up to one of my all-time favorite scenes with them. Sigh!

The Frat House:
"This isn't normal."
Hah!  Also, can we back up and talk about when, how and why Jackson and April living in the House of Wayward Surgeons now?  April makes a little more sense now, if she was sharing a place with Reed that she now can't afford and Meredith, in her new bonded-over-trauma-survival mode reached out to her, but I have no clue why Jackson's there. Or why they let this many people live in a house that apparently only has one bathroom. But since they're all single people at the moment, it does make for a really cute sibling-like atmosphere -- legitimate siblings, I mean, not the college type -- and I would like this to go on forever? Very Party-of-Five, or so I imagine based on my limited knowledge of never having seen it.

And in a comment I decided to withhold from last week...where can I find a plethora of fics in which April lives in quiet ecstasy getting to share living quarters with McDreamy?  Just because they say her crush is gone doesn't mean I have to give up and stop enjoying the idea that his mere proximity makes her happy. It's not like you need to act on crushes to enjoy them. I'm actually pretty sure that ruins the fun of them.

Lexie vs. April: OK!  Starting right now, I am inventing an AU in which Meredith, April and Lexie will be the basis for three sisters, probably not all doctors, who've actually grown up as siblings because this dynamic is too cute for words. Everything about this was unbearably precious, from April's love of Chore Wheels (!!!!!!!!!!!!  OK, she just knocked Bailey out as my second fave), to Lexie's rampant crankiness that she's being cut out of the Sisterhood, to Meredith's reveal that she sat by Lexie's side in the Psych ward while she slept, to Lexie making amends with April at the end. (on that note, how pretty are they with their shiny hair and wearing their respective shades of purple and pink. And April's so cute with her little pore-unclogging-strip-thing over her nose the whole time)

Bailey: Is, however, still my hero while threatening to Take The Chief Down with nurse solidarity if he goes near her Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic. She doesn't even have to say it with bite, she can make it a tired and exhausted offhand remark, and you still don't want to pick that fight.

Luncheon Hallway: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Jackson: May I just put my foot down to point out he's neither especially pretty nor hot? He's physically fit and not unattractive, but nothing to make noise about. He's just sort of there in the scenes, like Weber, not being particularly important. His eyes still make me think of a serial killer.

Teddy: I don't actually know what she talked about with Jackson, as she's still not allowed to talk unless it seems to be of dire importance, and this did not. I did see someone call her and Arizona The Bitch Twins, though, which I found hilarious.


Arizona: Unfortunately, it turns out I have to give her grudging respect for hating Mark. Like, unapologetically, actively disliking Mark. Good girl! Hey, Callie, did you ever stop to think that maybe there's a reason all your girlfriends dislike him?  Although I am not a lesbian, it grosses me out a lot to hear you should laugh it off and consider it no big deal to hang out with a manwhore who stares at your boobs, because underneath it he's a good guy.  Seriously?  What exactly does one have to do to be a bad guy? 

Having Alex convince her to give him a chance was the most bemusing part of all this. Well, if McSleazy Junior thinks he's a good guy, I just cannot imagine a more ringing endorsement!  Ugh, Callie, how is your hatefulness so uninterrupted. I don't think there's ever been a single moment I respected or sympathized with her since the day she showed up. Even McSleazy manages to earn moments of temporary reprieve here and there.  In conclusion, I am full of anger that one is not allowed to disapprove of people over their behavior and general personality, and find it ridiculous that they're acting like she's being the irrational, unreasonable one.

Huntington's Patient"It totally makes you think I'm a slut until I tell you I have Huntington's disease."
Nah, ask Thirteen -- the diagnosis of Huntington's has no bearing whatsoever on my opinion of your sluttiness. Total slut, Megan!  Er, Diane Farr.  Or whatever the character's name is; I'm just thrilled over another pin in my Ex-Numb3rs-Cast Guest Star Map.  Brilliant seeing her again!  Favorite patient of the season, loved everything about her scenes, and might possibly be choosing to embrace this as a possible theory for why we never saw or heard from Megan again after she went off to help women in D.C.

Worm Patient: AUGH, FREAK, HOW DID YOU ESCAPE FROM YOUR NICELY SEQUESTERED MORGUE ROLE ON CSI: MIAMI TO RUIN MY BLISSFUL NEW GREY'S LIFE.  *cough* Uh, I have general issues with this actor, and therefore can appreciate exactly nothing about this storyline except a) the way Bailey very gently offered to let Cristina scrub in, only if she wanted to, and b) "You don't find something you love that much and let it go."

Cancer Dancer: Was fine, but would have been much better if they'd hired someone much cuter. There's no shortage of pretty boys from So You Think Can Dance who can actually take your breath away with their leaps and spins. Surely one of them can act.

Crazy Laundromat Crashing Lady: Spooky! I really enjoyed all the patient storylines, but between setting a battleground for Lexie/April over her treatment, and the eerily childlike way in which she confessed her murderous intent to the doctors under the mistaken assumption that they're required to keep ALL her secrets broke my heart a little. Whatever, yes, I identified with her too. I kind of wanted them to make an I-won't-tell-if-you-won't pact. Nobody actually died, right? Don't lie to the police if they ask, but don't go out of your way to tell on her? It was probably just a temporary snap. She probably won't do it again? I'm sorry, I like her broken-down little face. As noted several times before, I would make a terrible law enforcement agent. My world goes morally gray at the most inconvenient times.

Conclusion: Four episodes in is as far as I had spoilers, and 6-8 is usually about the maximum for how long this show can ever sustain itself before it drops off a quality cliff, so I don't know what's happening next but I hope things keep rolling out at this level a bit longer.

I usually find it hard to watch The Amazing Race, so boring! (except when there are animals), but I want to because based on the 1.5 eps I've seen, I really like a ton of the teams this year, unlike last season in which they were all unpleasant. My particular favorites?  Nat and Kat, because those were the names my best friend and I used for several years of our sim horse club. Spectacular coincidence! There's even a Stephanie on top of that. The only people I want to see eliminated ASAP are the tattooed freaks, which means they will probably come in third. As for tonight's elimination: NO! *sob* THEY WERE EXTREMELY CHARMING, HARMONIZING GENTLEMEN.
STILL have not had time to see Single Father.  Yet AGAIN missed out on CSI: NY live (actually, this time I fell asleep about 15 minutes in. I was exhausted, sure, but I think that Says Some Things). Sarah Jane Adventures is clearly Vault fodder. And Glee is usually my weekend treat, but I haven't gotten around to that yet because I also missed Private Practice and CSI in addition to The Office on Thursday. I think Glee has a bye coming up, though, so I can afford to push it off. Stupid survey piecework taking up all my time, and my inability to stop talking about everything I watch while simultaneously refusing to cut the routine chore stuff...
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