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End-of-week roundup

This news is several days old, and yet: Dianna Agron, don't join Lea Michele in the basement of no respect. Oh, too late. "In the land of Madonna, Britney, Miley, Gossip Girl, other public figures and shows that have pushed the envelope and challenged the levels of comfort in their viewers and fans, we are not the first." Right, that's a good defense. Clearly Madonna, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Gossip Girl are all paragons of class.

Even so, Parents Television Council, stop yapping about it? When you protest things, it only reinforces the confusing notion that all of this stuff is only bad because of how it might affect children, as opposed to just GENERALLY BEING TASTELESS AND GROSS.

The Office, 7x05, "The Sting"
Hey, remember when the spoilers for this episode hit and I blew them WILDLY OUT OF PROPORTION in my rage spiral? Unless next episode plans to shatter my illusions, which it might, that was like nothing.

Granted, if I think about it too long, I will start to feel the rage creep back in about when this could possibly have taken place, 2-date wonder or no, so I'm not going to think about it until next week. Meanwhile, I really liked Jim's indignant denial that the guy slept with Pam, and their joint TH.

"Go ahead, tell them."
"Nothing happened. We went on a couple of dates, he never called me again."
"What? He never called you again? I thought you said it just fizzled."
"That's fizzling! I mean, someone has to start the fizzle."
"Yeah, I thought you started it."
"No, I liked him.  For a couple of days!  FOUR YEARS AGO. know I have a kid with you, right?"

The relevant portion of my spoiler reaction remains: my favorite thing about Pam is the idea that she's only ever been with two guys and wound up engaged to both, thus allowing me to completely respect her life choices re: romance. Now she's only batting .500, because I've decided to also (most unfairly) deduct points for the blind date Kelly forced her into.

Dwight: Go tell her we're here. You're good with receptionists.
--Jim's laugh is fake. Mine is real.

-I'm pretty sure the teaser exists only to help me imagine Jim & Pam teaching Cecelia how to ride a bike (hopefully with fewer instances of crashing into parked cars).

Jim: OK, he's not THAT good-looking. I don't understand why everybody's obsessed with this.
--Yeah, I'm going to have to side with Jim on this one. Timothy Olyphant is super extra average looking, as evidenced by the fact that I constantly forget what his face looks like two seconds after he leaves the screen.

-It it always at least somewhat entertaining when Jim & Dwight are off having adventures, but it turns out I hate this actor and he killed the entire episode for me. And it was one where Erin had practically no lines, too!

-I'm summing Andy's entire B-plot up with NO MORE SINGING. If I have to hire the father from Monty Python and the Holy Grail to come in and shut this down, so help me I will.

P.S. My favorite comment on Office Tally, courtesy of Tiffany: "Yes, no more singing. This season has been like the misbegotten spawn of Glee."
CSI, 11x05, "House of Hoarders"
The existence of seasons 10 and 11: officially justified.
I got so bored during last week's episode that I couldn't even finish (also, I am bearing a grudge against Ann-Margret for winning Elizabeth Mitchell's Emmy for a guest-starring role that wasn't even good), and then this blew me away.

*rubbing stars out of her eyes* Oh, where do I begin?? It was all just so dazzling, starting in the opening 30 seconds as we walked into the best set ever. Until we started finding dead bodies, not gonna lie, all I could think about was how much it looked like the world's most marvelous estate sale, turn me loose, turn me loose! I've seen clips from the A&E show, researched the phenomena on my own before that, and I know all the problems that surround truly compulsive hoarders, but that doesn't change what my eyes see. And what my eyes see, independent of the knowledge that there's probably an odor clinging to all of it, are: magical piles of treasure!

I'm pretty sure I do not harbor signs of being future hoarder, just a very attached pack rat. Ignore those boxes of books in my closet/under the bed. And that stack of newspapers is important; they're my weekly college paper, with articles written by and about people I knew! *cough* Yes, well, the point being, I don't save garbage, and I throw away pens that are out of ink. Mostly. Unless they're really pretty. OK,  but you can still comfortably walk through my living space, and nothing has ever died here except insects.

...I'm just saying that I really got how every object the woman saved had a certain memory attached to it, and that the objects were ways of safeguarding those memories. (Don't ordinary people think that, too? I know everything I own has a specific history of when and where I got it, including why it's still here.) Plus, she was a librarian! Instead of thinking that reflects poorly on librarians, I just think it makes her more likable as a character.

In other words, this plot all on its own would have been enough to make it a winner, but then it was a total focus on Sara.  Sara, being her amazing, wonderful, empathetic self, so gentle while interacting with Mrs. Santiago, and so stubborn while defending her against Nick's preconceived prejudice almost to the point of self-blindness, but OH, I was so glad her instincts were not wrong. And when she tied it all in at the end, bringing up the fact that her mother was schizophrenic and how she'd stabbed her father in the heart while he slept, which we have not heard about in YEARS? *skippity flailing*

And then Renee Walker, er the very pretty Annie Wersching, was the psychiatrist assigned to the case. Happy days! For a while I suspected she might have done it - her features can get quite cold and sharp. Glad that wasn't the case. I like her character much better here than on 24.

But really, what made this episode so marvelous was that it was just Team Nick/Sara/Greg all the way. Literally, for the first 10 minutes it was all them, and even for the rest of the episode -- Catherine wasn't even there, I don't recall seeing Hodges, and Langston was there, I'm sure, but felt like background noise. I was even able to imagine many of his lines being said by Grissom without altering a thing, so it was almost like living in the old days.

The undercurrent of tension between Nick & Sara was just the icing on this already-iced cake. I love that Greg comments on it (he's a good listener, Sara!), and that at one point she's frustrated to the point of tears in her eyes. Better yet, her walking out on Langston mid-sentence (which in this context, I rather imagine she would also have done to Grissom) made me laugh -- how often have I wanted people to do that?

But wait, there's MORE ICING, such as a concluding scene in which the two make up and talk about Grissom. Specifically, Nick cleaning out the office, and running across a special blue marble which Grissom gave to him with, "If life ever gets crazy, roll with it." Which Sara knows, because he gave her the same one. :P Awwww, can you feel the warm-n-fuzzies yet?

*happy, contented sigh*

Other Thoughts
* Loved Sara's "follow the North Star" as she shines her flashlight on the ceiling so Greg can find her.

* I was a little bit sorry that even though we heard mewing, there were no shots of Sara helping kitties into kennels or anything

* Dave: You didn't clear a path for the body!
  Nick: You kidding me? You're Super Dave.

* Actual quote, mid-episode:  "AW, COME ON. Sara can't be wrong! I do not want her to be wrong!  Make Alisa a crazy maniac!"  (wish: granted)

* Finding a scorpion with babies: nasty! And yet, intriguingly gruesome.

* The way they kept turning up skeleton after skeleton made my day. Non-gross bodies FTW!  Plus, it's almost Halloween. That added a nice element of 'haunted house.'

* I love that there was a randomly loaded rifle lying around, which Greg accidentally knocked over and caused to go off. Watching everybody hit the floor, priceless. Now I just need to imagine alternate endings in which the gun aims a little to the left and wings somebody.

* Nick: What is it about this woman that has you so blind?
  Sara: What is it about this case that has you acting like such an ass right now?

* Greg: Is it wrong this place is starting to feel like home?
This episode's dialogue is on fire.

* The extra walking through the background during the last office conversation really bothers me. I noticed her right away, because of her pretty long brown hair, and then I couldn't stop noticing how she randomly walks up and down the hallway three times before they're done.

Conclusion: OK, that is the best episode since season 9...I really thought we were past the days of adding episodes to the All Time Favorite list, but to my extraordinary delight, we have a newcomer!

Next week: Walking with Dinosaurs is a crime scene. AWESOME. ANIMATRONIC DINOS, AWAY!
Grey's Anatomy, 7x05, "Almost Grown"
Nothing gross happened in this episode (epic rarity!), and yet it was so boring.

-It was weird to watch the residents running around as attendings; out of all of them, I think the only one I believe is Meredith. It was kinda fun to see her both as a competent teacher and a skilled surgeon. And maybe a little fun to watch her whine to a deeply unsympathetic Derek about thinking she didn't need to practice (side note: why does Jackson win all the motor skill contests ever?)

-How was the mother of that kid not letting him have plastic surgery immediately? How risky could it possibly have been? How was she not seeing the massive potential for hideous teasing?

-Lexipedia is so very precious. I especially loved her gleaming eyes and "I was born for this."

-It was mostly just weird to watch all the attendings pitch their crazy, fanciful notions (though not as weird as it was to watch them all stare with juvenile and thinly disguised HATEY HATRED when they didn't win, like, seriously, aren't you the mature adults?). Bailey clearly should have won, both for her actual plan and for her no-nonsense presentation, but after Owen so convincingly used the shooting and name-checked Percy as a reason for trauma training, I was pretty enchanted. His rationale didn't make a whole lot of sense, when you think about it, but his pitch is just that good. Suck it, jealous attendings.

-I did rather like Derek's, though, just as a shippy viewer. "She has her mother's talent. She has her mother's looks. What if she has her mother's disease? Ellis was young when it started. Every time Meredith forgets her keys or asks what day of the week it is..."

-With bonus ending moment in which Meredith does, in fact, forget the keys in her hand. Cue Derek's Face of Worry. *pats* (on another note, why do the pair of them look so unusually lovely, classy and mature in that moment? Is it just the really sharp coats distracting me?)

-April is like some enchanting creature out of a storybook. Sometimes I want to poke her to see if she's real, because surely something this precious cannot possibly exist.

-Obvious Episode Highlight: Owen being the first person to coax a smile out of Cristina all day, with suggestions to go out into the back alley, where she can knock the living crap out of him. Followed by cheek kisses and "I knew you were in there somewhere. End of this day, good or bad, we're gonna go home together."

OTP of Adorable
Private Practice, 4x05, "In or Out"
My thoughts can pretty much be summed up like so:

a) Shut up, Amelia, or we will quickly stop being friends


c) Do Charlotte and Cooper ever, ever, ever start off an episode doing something besides screwing? Maybe the whole upcoming storyline will put a stop to this.

d) GROSSEST. NEWBORN. EVER. TV, the whole pregnancy/baby thing was so last year. I'm over it. You needn't keep trying to dissuade me.

e) I really liked the ex-con, and supported Violet's efforts to get him out on parole and help him get on his feet afterward, even when she got overly pushy. Even though I was also worried he might go out and murder somebody else just to make sure he got to stay in prison.

f) Pete and Violet butt heads every single week. Why did they even get married? Why can't I just wash the last 2/3rd of season 3 out of my head so I could appreciate this stupid couple?

g) I find it really hard to take Addison going on and on about how Sam is perfect and without flaws, when wasn't it just last week that she was bemoaning the entire state of their relationship because he didn't want any more kids and she at least wanted the option?

h) Besides that, he has some other pretty evident flaws, like how he wakes up one morning and walks out on his wife upon deciding he can't do it anymore. That seems like a pretty big/worrisome thing, his ability to dissolve commitment without warning.

i) This show is so terrible. Why am I still watching.
Medium, "Talk to the Hand": The Mr. Bill dream just made my list of favorite opening dream sequences ever. The skin graft was too obvious to be enjoyable, and as always the use of theme music drove me insane, but mostly what I liked was the fact that Allison is in and out of hospitals so much that now a boiling-water burn bad enough to require a skin graft is so par for the course that it doesn't even merit seeing what really happened, nor is it a plot point, it's just the vehicle to introduce the plot. As for Bridgette's plot, oh boy, watching adolescent girls play soccer took me back. Those were the days! I'm starting to love it when she has side plots now. She's just fabulous at everything.
CSI: NY: Very much enjoyed flashback!glasses!Danny, but I hate this show too much for words now? I barely paid attention to this, and it took 3 tries before I made it through the previous episode without falling asleep - this show is just such a giant energy suck, every episode feels like an 8-hour ordeal. Flack, in particular, is dead to me until he washes that crap out of his hair. I am astoundingly disinterested, season 1 style, in anything he has to say. Tell you what, if anything spectacular ever happens, we'll talk about it again. Otherwise, it is off the blog. This threat would probably be more meaningful if I hadn't accidentally kicked it off the blog for 9 months last year.
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