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Last night I watched "10 Things I Hate About You," which I have always meant to see but somehow never seen even a minute of before, after spotting a shiny new scratch-free 10th anniversary edition DVD at the library.  It has a disappointingly high amount of gross 'humor,' which made me angry and is singlehandedly keeping it from a top rating, but on the other hand, ahhhhhh! 

Heath Ledger/Julia Stiles is officially my beyond-perfection screen pairing of the 90s. I imagined it might be this way based on how much I love both of them individually, but then a) they both have exceedingly perfect hair (her especially, geeze, that is like a princess), and b) Kat/Patrick is, how do you say, practically perfect in every way? SO MUCH LOVE. I've got a real short list of movie couples that own my heart, and they just rocketed to the top of it. Picspams! I need picspams, stat. I will only be able to rewatch scenes so many times before Friday.

I rather liked eveyone else in the film too, aside from not understanding why the guidance counselor had to exist, particularly Bianca** and the puppy eyes sported by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it's just...those two. My stars! Instantly more invigorating than just about everyone across the TV landscape right now. I feel like everyone else in the world has seen this, so clearly you should hop in and start a nostalgia-fueled commentfest of reminiscence.

**3rd Rock from the Sun! I thought she seemed familiar. Well, chalk one up for my love of actors playing love interests in two completely different things.
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