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CSI Showdown: 09-10

The real reason I will never quit any of these shows is because I love this game. And I will play this game forever, even in years where I have maybe skipped half the episodes. I can still judge!

C/V Rules:
1. Choose 2 or 3 similar shows, or seasons within a show
2. Grab a list of each one's episode titles for the season, and pair them up by week (If seasons do not have an equal number of episodes, either combine 2-part finales or skip the penultimate episode - make sure you rank finales against one another)
3. Bold the winning title and offer a brief line of commentary explaining your choice
4. Tally the winning competitions and crown a champion at the end!
Structure: CSI vs. CSI: Miami vs. CSI: New York

Week 1: Family Affair vs. Out of Time vs. Epilogue
I know.  I know.  This is the grossest choice ever, but Miami was not only deeply impressive (I'm still thinking about it), it even won the Most Improved From Spoilers award.  I promise this won't become a habit.

Week 2: Ghost Town vs. Hostile Takeover vs. Blacklist
This is how CSI redeems itself.

Week 3: Working Stiffs vs. Bolt Action vs. Lat/Long
I wondered when NY was going to come play...the other two didn't bring much to the party anyway, although WS has improved in retrospect.  I guess its style grows on you.

Week 4: Coup de Grace vs. In Plane Sight vs. Dead Reckoning
*cannot remember what any of these were about* I'm going to give the award to Without a Trace by way of Enrique Murciano on the first show.

Week 5: Bloodsport vs. Bad Seed vs. Battle Scars
Huh.  These were all of average quality, but a high average.  Really hard to separate them. I'm...rewarding CSI: NY for the guest actress.

Week 6: Death and the Maiden vs. Dude, Where's My Groom? vs. It Happened to Me
NY was neither boring nor gross.

Week 7: The Lost Girls vs. Bone Voyage vs. Hammer Down  
Crossover trilogy, point: Vegas.

Week 8: Lover's Lanes vs. Point of Impact vs. Cuckoo's Nest
I love it when there is no contest. Season highlight FTW.

Week 9: Appendicitement vs. Kill Clause vs. Manhattanhenge
Vegas really tried this time, but New York still laughed it out of town.  It says something that this was the #2 seed for CSI, while NY's ep had so much internal competition it could only clear 5th, and it's still an easy victory in this contest.

Week 10: Better off Dead vs. Count Me Out vs. Death House
This time it was Miami who tried, bringing in a near-fatal explosion and Natalia's first interesting storyline. New York just sat back and laughed even harder.

Week 11: Sin City Blue vs. Delko For the Defense vs. Second Chances
Miami's revenge!  Because the others were rather dull, and elf costumes make up for nothing.

Week 12: Long Ball vs. Show Stopper vs.  Criminal Justice
*falls asleep*  NY is now in charge of default wins, though.  I'll pretend the downfall of their ADA was more interesting than it was; other people liked it.

Week 13: Internal Combustion vs. Die By the Sword vs. Flag on the Play
BUT I HATE THEM ALL SO MUCH.  CSI feels like it needs some points?

Week 14: Unshockable vs. In the Wind vs. Sanguine Love
Yeah, see, this is where "Delko being awesome" makes things tricky for me. Beautiful cinematography on NY or no.

Week 15: Neverland vs. L.A. vs. The Formula
Damn it, Delko!  Stop single-handedly improving Miami's score!

Week 16: TPS vs. Miami, We Have a Problem vs. Uncertainty Rules
NY takes it on story value. Also CSI is disqualified, given that I won't even do more than spell out the initials of the title.

Week 17: Irradiator vs. Getting Axed vs. Pot of Gold
No contest, because apparently Irradiator just sinks farther and farther with the passage of time.  Also, Mac + Random Pretty Brunette take all.

Week 18: Field Mice vs. Dishonor vs. Rest in Peace, Marina Garito       
I extrapolated a lot from the spin-offs, but there is no denying how surprisingly well-done the lab rat episodes always are, even in the The Year That Was Crap.

Week 19: World's End vs. Spring Breakdown vs.  Redemptio
Vegas is back, baby.

Week 20: Take My Life, Please! vs. Backfire vs. Tales from the Undercard
This was the only week where Miami was always going to win, but the fact that it wins against such pathetic offerings almost makes the victory hollow.  Best of season vs. worst is always sad.

Week 21: Lost & Found vs. Meltdown vs. Unusual Suspects
OH!  Oh, this is cruel and unusual, complete with the fact that 2 out of 3 featured amazing kid interaction, but Flack spent more time with his than Nick did.  NY also featured Random Pretty Brunette, now known as Aubrey.

Week 22: Doctor Who vs. Mommie Deadest vs. Point of View
Just another week where NY took a bat and metaphorically beat the competition to death.

Week 23: Meat Jekyll vs. Time Bomb/All Fall Down vs. Vacation Getaway
I have to credit Miami for putting up a very strong fight, but I just cannot fault anyone who is willing to give me half an episode of family time.

NY: 12
Vegas: 6
Miami: 5

Hah, yeah, that looks about right. Also, that's two years in a row that NY took home top honors, but the first year where I was not at all surprised.
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