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Single Father

It figures that despite anticipating it for weeks, it would take me another month to get around to actually watching it. Having just finished part 1, I really only have the one image handy to express my feelings, but it's still pretty apt.

I would have run straight to part 2, but I definitely need a few hours to decompress from how, what's the word, PERFECTLY TAILORED TO MY DREAMS this is. My few issues thus far are minor, and meanwhile, it's doing that thing Glee used to do, where it not only brings everything I expected and/or hoped for based on the summary, but throws in some extra delightful goodies I didn't even consider. Posting now to preserve the immediate joy.

While tempted to compose a rhyming poem, all the creative space in my brain is currently devoted to "SQUEE!", so, let's just go with listy format.

1. I always worry, whenever David Tennant is up for a new role, whether he'll have something disappointing about his hair or character name. No worries today! While I almost miss the sideburns a little, it took me about two seconds to realize we're going with "Dave" in this case (Dave Tyler, even, are you kidding me?) and more importantly, hair-wise, the gel-enforced spikes are gone!!

2. The children are all adorable, as is his interaction with them. So far, the title is living up to its awesome promise.

3. There is a dog!  They got a dog!  A cute little Jack Russell, one of the few small breeds on my list of acceptable dogs!

4. What's this, there is even stepfather/stepdaughter angst thrown into the fatherhood mix? Pipeline to my brain, pipeline to my brain! The last scene right before Lucy storms out on him broke my heart in 27 different and equally wonderful ways.

5. Soccer. Yeah, that happened, albeit briefly.

6. To be honest, I was a little worried about my plans to embrace the plot after they made me spend a day with Rita and completely fall in love with her*. I was trying to figure out why she appealed to me so much when someone mentioned she had also worked with him in Casanova. Oh!  The short hair was throwing me off, but hey, it's the woman from the heartbreaking love story at the heart of that movie/miniseries/whatever. Nice to see that finally happen in some capacity.

* 7. That changed during the last scene. I was gearing up my complaints until I realized someone had decided to be merciful and take this slow [edit: well...slow-ish.]. Prayers, answered!  In that case, we'll need to watch this part several more times. Because this whole segment is a-maaaa-zing, to clumsily quote Kelly Kapoor's delivery.  You might remember how I am a fan of tears in my fiction. Just a little.

8. Did I mention how relatively modest this is so far?  Much like with general fiction, my suspicions remain on High Alert, waiting for the point at which things go south, screw me over and tick me off, but for now...cautiously optimistic.
[edit: oh hi, end of part 2. Well. That's just so much less comfortable.]

9. Circling back to the beginning, was not expecting them to a) take us back to the day before Rita died, and b) make us live through her death not once but twice, first for shock value and then, apparently, for extra gut punching once we were emotionally invested enough to make it hurt.

10. Watching him fall apart when he first heard the news, and the subsequent scenes with the kids...oh, this is cinematic masterpiece. Regardless of whether or not it is actually cinema.

11. "My love died today at two minutes past two." As short and simple as that is, it's so powerful that I think it is my favorite scene.

12. Basically, this is like everything that was wonderful about "Recovery," but without the upsetting brain damage and subsequent personality altering aspect. Oh, geeze, it is such a rare thing when something not only sounds amazing, but lives up to both the public hype and the hype you make up in your head. At least for 25% of it. Please deliver, remaining parts!

+ Here is a picspam to help you relive some of the best scenes.

Minor Issues
-Is the fact that he was divorced before Rita significant in any meaningful way? Because otherwise I'm rejecting that fact*. On that note, why was the scene in the locker room there? Just because it's British TV and they can? And you wonder why I had a heart attack when the FCC restrictions were declared null and void.

(* oh, whoops -- I take it the blonde girl is his daughter from said first marriage? Right. OK, that's...tricky to work around. Two deaths are probably a bit much for one story. Let's say wife #1 was an Enchanted-style mother who just walked out one day and never contacted them again.)

-WHOA, HEY, WAIT, nobody told me the best friend was not single. That puts a damper on things. I am not in a mood for dampers unless they resonate in emotionally acceptable ways, so I am just going to conclude that guy living with her is her cousin. Totally her cousin. In conclusion, cousin. Also, they do not share a bed or have any un-cousinly interaction whatsoever; what are you talking about?
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