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But how do I really feel?

Good rule of thumb: Whenever I am in the middle of watching something and take a break to write about my feelings up to that point, you can assume two things: one, that I am going to watch more as soon as I hit post, and two, that by the time you read the post, I am probably feeling the opposite. In other words, I just got through part 3 and...yeah, wow, we have hit a Drama Swamp. 

First, you are making it very difficult for me to ignore that whole first marriage. Some might say impossible. Some including me; fine, ugh, I guess I'll have to throw in the towel and accept it all as intended. Including the ex still being in his life, the implication that he was a largely absent father post-divorce, and her being a pregnant-at-15 tramp and having a toddler now, making them ridiculously young grandparents. And her being exceptionally dumb, in a way that wavers between sweetly naive and just massively irritating.

Second, I bonded with Rita. You're ruining it. I'm basing this 30% on the secrets and incomplete truths she told about Lucy's father, and 70% on the part where they never got married or, apparently, did any sort of official just-in-case paperwork, which always annoys me to no end. This is part of what ruined "Away We Go" for me.

Third, okay! Wow. "That is just so much less comfortable to watch." Oh, me and my optimism. For all Doctor Who's shortcomings, at least it protected me from the squick. I've winced my way through worse from him, but it was not exactly the free and clear ride I was hoping for.

Fourth, YOU GAVE AWAY THE DOG?  Ugh, kid randomly joins a church choir but can't be bothered to care about his pet? Priorities. Yours are wrong.

Fifth, ugh, so much awkwardness, all the time. It's beginning to cause me physical pain from secondhand embarrassment.

I'd be angrier if part 1 hadn't been so crazy wonderful that I'm still riding a wave of bliss. Fortunately, it was that crazy wonderful, and provided a cushiony enough barrier to buoy my spirits into part 4 with an optimistic outlook. Even if the previews did all twist my stomach. Turn it around in the 4th quarter! I believe in you! I want you to be my new favorite miniseries.
Tags: david tennant, miniseries, single father

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