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Turns out I feel pretty much the same.

Ah, what a depressing end. Er, I don't necessarily mean the ending itself was depressing, it's just that after the legendary nature of part 1, nothing could live up to it.

By the end I was just...frustrated with everyone and everything, and thinking that 90% of the problems could have been solved by Dave and Sarah just WAITING A FEW MORE WEEKS until their heads were clear and any extraneous significant others were removed from sight (that really worked under my skin and Got To Me as time wore on).

I know, I know, the whole point was about whether it was too soon to move on, but once they set a 10-week marker, I think anything under the six month mark could have had the same controversy without being quite so...head-bang inducing? Oh, I don't know. 10 weeks seemed like a promising place to pick things up at the beginning, but I quickly grew disillusioned with their super indiscreet antics. Also, Tanya is THE WORST.

Second worst: Lucy turned into such a friggin' brat that I almost couldn't bring myself to be heartwarmed by the last bit with tears and apologies and hugging. (Fortunately that's what I came on board to see, so my heart hadn't completely turned to stone yet.)

I did really enjoy the part where he wept with relief over verifying the other three were his kids, and where he looked up the photos from the day and approximate time she died and realized why the "I love you too" slipped out. That got to me.

I tried to love the end, I did, and after a few more repeats I'm sure I will - after all, I flailed a bit over (forgive me if I misquote) "I love Rita. You love Rita. When has that ever changed? Except she's gone and we're still here" - but I'm sorry to say, my initial reaction to Sarah saying she was pregnant was to pull a face and shout something like, "NO! Mother of GOD, no, there is more than enough insane blending and crossing over in this family as it is and um what the hell, who am I and did I just turn down a baby fix? That's how much this story nettles me, THAT'S HOW MUCH."

But again, as my heart is not made of stone, they did finally win me over at the very last moment, with all the kids beaming from the car and the adorable hugging and whatnot. I just wish I could have really appreciated the idea of him self-sacrificing for six weeks until everyone had to practically shove him back in Sarah's direction. For me, it would have been much more satisfying if he hadn't had it first and then screwed it up.

(oh!  You know what this reminds me of? A Song for Summer, where the first half was brilliant and then it all went to pieces and even though the ending was OK, it wasn't quite satisfying enough to make up for the rest of the second half.)

Subversive RS Cannot Resist Being Subversive: Now, Doctor Who fandom, per erychan86 's idea, you'll all be cutting some of this lovely raw material into Alt!Ten/Rose videos ASAP, yeah? Because. It seemed extraordinarily helpful that Sarah was blonde and all.

BUT, despite that long-winded grumbling, I do think it was good. Not sure it was quite enough to bump out Lost in Austen as my favorite miniseries, but it was worth seeing. It's an extremely respectable project, it had a lot of emotional power, and it deserves all the praise it has gotten and more. You should be watching it immediately so we can talk about it again. You can remind me of the other good parts.
Sorry, it's been a wildly shippy day for me. In addition to this, I devoted a couple of hours to watching the bonus features and preserving all the good bits of 10 Things I Hate About You in novelized format (why is this movie so magical that it manages to turn getting drunk at a party into something stuffed with like 82935 squeeful bits, and turn a date that involves both getting disgustingly messy and covered in paint - even in their hair! all over their hair, HORROR - into the most romantic moment ever? They even made me appreciate Prom. Prom!).

Then I bounced through Away We Go for the first time since I saw it in theaters, reminding myself of all the things that are so very wrong with it and being surprised that the number of good bits really do not make up for all the crap, but on the bright side I changed my mind about the soundtrack. It's still not something I'd listen to on my own, but woven into the movie, I really loved the music. Fewer desires to "spork my ears out," as 2009 Me charmingly put it.  ...And now, I suppose I should get back to my usual programming chains.
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