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Random backdating!

I love how in within a week, I have completely forgiven Single Father all its shortcomings and already re-imprinted it as a brilliant highlight of my year. Disappointment, what disappointment? Nah. Sheer magnificence, that. Whatever. Possibly I am applying the whole movin'-on-with-a-friend scenario really, really hard to all of my shows in which I have a triangle-shaped OTP dilemma. Of which I have a lot. CSI!  Numb3rs!  Pushing Daisies!  And that's just in the first second of thinking.

Also, these shows are easy to dispense with:

-Survivor: Jane is pretty much the greatest lady in the world. I think a team of her + Bob would be just spectacular. Less great: everyone on this tribe with a horrible grudge against Alina, which I absolutely do not understand, considering she seems pretty easy to take at face value, bright, clever and dedicated to trying her best. Whereas Benry seems especially sleazy/everything he accuses her of being, while Sash and Brenda just seem like generally spoiled smart-asses, and the less said about Naonka the better. I wish Fabio was in a better power position, because he does seem genuinely nice and reasonable, but not magnetic enough to institute any change.

And WHY, WHY DOES EVERYONE LET MARTY CONTINUE FOREVER AND THINK HE IS AN AWESOME GRAND MASTER? Ugh. I'm just going to think happily about the way Jane is a master fisher and actually set up a cardio and strength training routine to prepare for Survivor ("lifting 80 pound dogs helps"), and how she lives on an awesome-sounding ranch without fear since she's got big dogs in the yard...and a shotgun.  Hah!
-Law & Order: SVU: Can I just it actually possible to transfer legal guardianship of your kid to an unrelated person without that person knowing about it? And if so, why is it possible? Because that just seems crazy. Almost as crazy as that clumsily shoehorned OMG YOU WERE SHOT AT, PSYCH EVALUATION NOW subplot. Don't they get shot at a lot? Why was it suddenly such a big deal? But mainly, I just had a laughing fit when Olivia realized she was suddenly in charge of this kid, and all I could think was, "Haha, wow, this is not quite the boyfriend or the baby that Mariska asked for." What is with people handing their kids over to Olivia's care? Are there invisible mothering vibes radiating off her?
-Community: Very much enjoyed The Secret Trampoline Garden, especially with Apparently Not That Unexpectedly Racist Caretaker. Love the ladies having their own little group, but not so much when they are doing weird, idiotic things like boob bumps or getting pwned by Abed for failing to notice their slow morph into bitches. Also, Hilary Duff was criminally underused. I did decide I loved Abed The Robot as soon as I saw the episode synopsis stuffed into the sidebar, though.
EDIT: CSI: NY: Hide Sight, in three very brief thoughts.

a) MORGUE, STOP ALMOST KILLING SID AND JUST FINISH THE JOB. You are like the inanimate setting version of an incompetent henchman. An incompetent henchroom? Worst lair of evil ever.

b) I don't often recognize recycled villains, despite my professed annoyance with them, but the kid was incredibly recognizable as the doleful Tommy Halpert, last seen exacting murderous revenge in Vegas in the name of innocent dogs forced into the fighting ring. I loved that kid, even when his poor decision making was revealed. He's much less sympathetic here. (Sniper: *whines about how Mommy and Daddy didn't love him enough* // Dad: "Get over it.")

c) Random hug attack from frightened teenage girl!  Right, as we've established, all hug-happy young people will become Mac's surrogate children in my eyes, because otherwise the close arms-around-the-neck contact not once but twice is sort of awkward, given the lack of harm to her person and the part where he's a relative stranger. Applying AU/out-of-context filter for maximum happiness, and...ahhhh.  Look, since Jo killed off the blossoming plans to develop another romance for him (screw your backstory, give me my Aubrey! Or Peyton; would not have been fussed), I have to take the fuzzies I can get.
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